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Good, The Bringer of Life?

Updated on January 14, 2015



Does Good Exist?

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What is Good?

If you didn't know this is the sequel to my Evil hub. And as you probably know it is based around good. You see us as people in general believe that there is Good, Evil and what ever is in between but what I believe in is only the in between bits.

Life has a funny way that makes Good-the state of being healthy or in a satisfactory condition/something that is an advantage or help to a person or situation, you see in a way we are all good or are we all evil? That is a question that I will be exploring later.

For now I will say what is good but a figment of our imagination?


What Is Good But a Reflection?

Good is nothing but the opposite of evil right? No good is the opinion that what someone does is the best thing that people do or can do. We decide and agree what is good by our standards, you see we, as people, usually assume that being good is doing the right thing but then you must ask, what is the right thing to us other than a reflection of our true beliefs.

Evil Is Good And We Are Evil

We Are All Evil and Good

We are all evil and good or are we? Yes, we are. We as people make mistakes and also have really good days where we are just better people, however does this mean that we are all evil because of mistakes we do? Well sort of, well not really. We are all evil due to all of our mistakes, like bulling another kid when you were five, then when you were eleven you accidentally were racist and now when your 24 and you pick fights with people when your drunk.

But I will go on to the video to the right. It is by J from SuperCarlinBrothers argues that the Sith from Star Wars are not all evil and that their order is actually not that evil at all and that we are all Sith and that they are not actually that bad. Now I know that this may not seem tied in but if you think about it good and evil are nothing more than opinions. Take Hitler, we believe that he was wrong but he and many others thought/think otherwise.

Do You?

Opinions on Good People

Can a person be good? Or are we just people? You see people are all good in different ways, it's just not everyone can see it. Do we have the right to say if someone is a good person or not, surely the only person that we can huge is ourselves and if we were good people then wouldn't we always find ways to improve ourselves?

You see life changes us and the delicious that we make can impact our future by giving us out own personal opinions so that we can continue with our lives. If we were to be good people then how do we make the right decision? What do we do when we get discouraged? Well the most inspirational answer would be that to make the right decisions we have to just sit our eyes and jump, to get back up when we have been discouraged and to continue to work at what we believe in.

Are Laws Good?

Can the law necessary be good or even right? Or are we just doing what we're told? Because if you go to the heart of a written law then you will find that it is just what one person thinks is a good idea that was then agreed upon. The people who agreed about it in most countries have been voted for by the public, so they must be good right? Wrong. People are susceptible to orphans and advertising so if anyone can organize a good campaign then anyone can vote to decide what we have to do, is that bad? Maybe.


Good Life

Can life be good? Well I suppose that all life is good and that no death should be celebrated. However does that mean that all life is to be celebrated? However that is not the question I aim to answer in this hub, the question that I aim to answer is this, what is good?

My answer is probably the ability to do what you truly believe in so at heart was is good other than living your life the way that you really want to live it.


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