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Angels and Demons - good vs evil - Part II

Updated on February 20, 2014

Following Gods Commands

Today's churches are mostly seen as a safe haven from wrong doings being done by many people, at times its not easy to feel that way, when wrong deeds are also done behind its walls
Today's churches are mostly seen as a safe haven from wrong doings being done by many people, at times its not easy to feel that way, when wrong deeds are also done behind its walls

This hub answers the Question Asked by Dmop below

"How do you know the difference between good and evil?", Asked by fellow hubber dmop.

Or Human Intelligent Designs

The role of the Architect is like the scientist, using an analytical skill, tooling mechanisms and more to prove his designs will stand the test of time, but are they all for the greater good of humanity, pondering minds wanna know
The role of the Architect is like the scientist, using an analytical skill, tooling mechanisms and more to prove his designs will stand the test of time, but are they all for the greater good of humanity, pondering minds wanna know

Books on world religions

Science was once perceived as Evil by the Church - History

Back in ancient times the Roman Catholic Church, and early eastern European divisions of Christianity, had made an all out war against that of any attempt to prove, that there was another way of explaining how the universe came into being.

This situation of an intense human conditioned ordeal of church vs free will, was eventually lead by the protestant reformation, and the split between that of the western original form of Christianity. (during the mid 16th century) according to wikipedia.

Long before the subject of science ever got its actual defining victorious acclaim, name and definition, there were differing groups of people, who had to work their own thoughts up, mostly in hiding, and under heavy scrutiny in many European countries, due to the fact that there was much opposition, against self discovery back then.

The popular belief system of that time was Christianity, which appeared to wage war upon any who went against the likes of the church in differing ways throughout history. This all out battle between scientific findings & religious belief lasted until the age of reason, and enlightenment when science became accepted worldwide. (beginning towards the end of the 17th century - 18th century)

Well known titles such as Alchemist, Wizardry, Sorcery, Witch Craft and that of the Occult was very commonly used terms during the Dark Ages and many 1000's of years ago. (between the 5th to 15th centuries AD) These titles were used to label those people who went in their own self made directions in life, and mostly that of experimental, mystics, and the shaman types.

For those groups of people who've strayed away from the actual faith practices of the church, and were one time or another condemned for their differing personal beliefs & practices in which they chose to partake in, they were also given the label of the evil doer, who was said to have bad intentions altogether by religious leaders of that age in time.

This was generally done by the religious leaders of such faiths, who were opposed to human self expression of curiosity, scientific observations of any kind, and many people back than were actually captured, and burned at the stake during what they once called witch trials or after witch hunts (lasting the period of time of 1480 to 1750), & I wrote about such in a hub called "Jesus sacrificed himself for all humanity to rid us of sin & prepare us for Heaven".

Stand for what you believe in

Only the righteous know

Unrighteous acts were all done in the name of their God at the time and so it was perceived by others as being justifiable, and was done to create an awareness and resistance to any temptation to defy their belief by others trying to follow suit. This defensive stance on their part was a form of protection from losing their religious faith entirely, but today is seen as an act of desperation & faulty thinking.

The many scientific counter claims through out the years, opposing such religious claims as the world being flat, was done by thinking out, by providing analytical and real experimental data collections, that finally revealed the truth behind such false biblical claims of ancient times.

This was done countless times throughout history by many scientist, by stating such facts as the world being round & also the the sun being the center of our universe (rather than the earth, as the old testament stated), scientific minds behind such proof were Copernicus, Galileo, and even the claims of Sir Isacc Newton with his bold claims, of gravity being the cause for the constellations pulling towards one another (gravitational pull & the theory of relative motion), such as the earth, moon and the sun's relative relations to one another. Many of their scientific works were originally censored by the churches monarchy & leaders, until many years later after their deaths, and was reprinted in their credit for scientific discoveries. Newton was in support of the church with his own Christian faith, by stating gravity was Gods creation in his works.

The world will never forget 911

Deductive Reasoning of world leaders placing the Evil blame

The reason for such upheavals caused in recent times such as the war on Iraq & many countless others, were due to the fact that humans will always be curious, and will tend to defy what's been somewhat force feed to them, and therefore we use our free will to think freely at times leading many of us in our own directions, and by experimentation with our human nature as well as that of the elements outside of us, the creatures, and all non-living things for that matter.

Faulty intelligence (finger pointing) always seems to be the leading cause of any forms of misdirection, whether it be intentional to justify any preconceived notions of a depicted justifiable act of any kind, or by rare chanced occasion. Inevitably the outcome of such an action taken, is seen as a necessary evil in any event, by the vast majority of the masses of people worldwide, or at least that's the major consensus being projected upon that of the ruled masses of people, by their current day rulers or world leaders (Example: Iraq War initiated by George W. Bush).

Now the guilty by association theme has also been used, to place faulty blame on an entire group of people who may have all been innocent, because there's truly not enough evidence in all cases to identify who's the evil doer, unfortunately for them a guilty verdict has been the case either way.

World Leaders have major influence on what or whom the masses percieves to be Evil


You can't blame people for being what god created us to be, and that is, some pretty highly active, investigative creatures on the planet earth, whom dare to try almost anything to prove our existence on the globe, while also striving to out prove one another, and so assuming that we're the most important beings of all other creations, as well. (Evil - is of a natural human condition) also stated somewhere in wikipedia.

Many scientist have felt this way, worldly philosophers, politicians, many atheist scholars, and many even religious people also feel, that god made us somehow superior to all of creation as well. This is where the whole good vs evil concept comes into play, and where science has made an attempt to disprove religion, and vice versa, in proving what is or what isn't the known actuality within our many differing views of reality.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @ Africanus, I also meant to say above, my hub dealt with the issues & struggles between science & the original Christian church as well as their well established doctrine the old testament (Original Bible), because today & in the past religion has decides for the most part what's right and wrong, who's good and bad and for all of their followers as well as for all of humanity, and to deny that is being utterly unrealistic, no matter your view point. To say the least their were many filthy hands that tampered with the bible in ancient times, so go figure.

      World religions have many followers worldwide, and quite frankly prior to their establishments upon the world stage and humanity, there was no such thing as a moral good or moral bad. Religions established those definitions, and hence the reason for all the years of global conquest, turmoils, and conflict between all walks of life who was in the path of such rapidly growing forms of human consciousness, the Roman empire was responsible for a great deal of the globes conquest, and they were practicing Catholicism most of the way, thus the term the Roman Empire & Roman Catholic Church.

      How about the Crusades, and All the other global conquests, that were performed by people of European decent, and in the name of God, and Christ, to somehow purify the lands of many impure souls, as they had stated many countless times. My point is justifiable in every way, and I don't think your getting what I'm putting out here, but to no avail, opinions are opinions.

      Thanks for sharing with me though, I truly appreciate your insightful comment, and will repay the courtesy soon.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Dear Africanus, I fully understand your position, but this hub is merely illustrating the issue between religious perspective vs the original European views on god and church, everything has changed a great deal since the inception of Christianity, and what you've stated here, even if its all factual, which I must say appears as such.

      Your points fall short due to the fact that my hub addresses inherent issues of a biblical nature, as well as a nature and approach from that of the global leader or politician placing blame or suggesting who's evil by use of dictation.

      I don't see your argument here, but its acceptable either way, maybe it would apply toward a differing topic I guess. I like the info non the less in how you've depicted such historical details to prove your point, but opposing the truth I pointed here, really isn't being done with your argument If I do say so myself.

    • Africanus profile image

      Africanus 5 years ago from London

      In seeking to determine the differences between the absolutes of Good and Evil, I believe that we might be setting ourselves up to fail. This question has led to the establishment of a whole new branch of Philosophy - Moral Philosophy - and is debated at least once a year in every Philosophy Faculty in every university in the world. Without this question, Philosophy does not exist, and even after more than a millenium, no one has found the answer.

      'One man's meat is another man's poison,' and one man's Good is another man's Evil. Religion has nothing to do with the question. Let us not forget that when the Pilgrim Fathers observed Native Americans perishing from epidemics imported from Europe, they interpreted this as the will of God, and as a positive signal that God was on their side against the Native Americans, a 'pernicious people' and ' a people who knew not God.' The Pilgrims had emigrated from England to escape Religious Persecution, but this was their signal to begin their campaign against the Wampanoag tribe of New England, and to gain an advantage against the French Spanish Swedish and Dutch, who were also trying to gain a foothold on the land.

      This is how it all began - as the struggle of Good people against Bad.

    • poetvix profile image

      poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      This was highly interesting. I agree science and religion are at odds but I do not see where that has to be the case. Science often seeks to better the human condition as does religion. In my mind, the problem comes in when one tries to do just as you say, label the other as inherently evil and therefore automatically overrule anything of value said. Both sides have and will continue to make mistakes but the greatest mistake, I think, is excluding one altogether in the name of the other.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thank you for showing up here on my hub and for reading as well as commenting.

    • Loladusk profile image

      Loladusk 5 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC Canada

      Thank you very much, I enjoyed reading this.