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We wash our hands in blood

Updated on June 19, 2014

Revolutionize our free world

Can we continue in this free world as people created by God, or will we concede to the evil that spreads to all who does not care? Don't just listen to yourself think, listen to your neighbors on this place called earth. I mean to feel each others hurt, and see the pain from the destruction of the careless beings walking this earth. Humans, humans are being taken over by their "own" personal wants and needs, and materialistic ideas. I have seen gains for ones self, not even for family anymore! Whats happening to us, are we so much more advanced that we don't have time for our simple humanships to each other. I see family seperating itself into another category, and its everything but family and what it originally means. Can we stop and revolutionize our free world before we doom ourselves before Gods ultimate plan?

I grew up just like everyone else learning, developing, and just simply living. We all have our stories, and I think we should all take the time out to listen to each other. There wouldn't be so much misunderstanding in our world, and which we create. Our potential as humans, our evolution has risen to heights unmatched. The only problem is that it hasn't always been great, especially for our generation and fearful for generations to come. I ask people sometimes, if the situation permits about what they think about as far as the world, how they were brought up. Mostly it had always been interesting for me and the persons I have asked. People really get excited when asked about things we secretly or unconsciously think about, just waiting for the moment to tell the next person. Maybe that's how our ideas turn into invents of today. So if we have that power and we honest what we can offer to each other, we can bring more good, more day to life.

I have came up in school from K-12, into college seeking or wondering if others have thought about life the way I have. Its hard to find someone willing and when you do find them its an amazing sensation. I believe that we can achieve greater levels of happiness. It is possible, because we live it out in our minds everyday. We have driven our ideas out into reality, and advanced our world , and at what cost? Risking our souls, happiness, family, ours bonds in each other. We see ourselves very different from each other, and I think that because of that our wholeness as one is broken. The realization of animals together existing, but understanding each other, the cycle of life. Maybe they understand it better than we do, even if we are the top species, we just can't seem to figure it out. Mother nature also seem to grasp that our world is full of life, and grows constantly. Our mindsets or blind spots is blocking our human experiences, and breaking our bonds to each other, nature, the animals. Our lives together hopefully will achieve that great evolution. We have the potential, because we have proof as of the present as we see it, so now lets live it. Help us as a human , animal, and nature race assemble together.

History repeats itself, because we choose to leave it on repeat.


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    • BJ McC profile image

      Brendon J McClaughry 4 years ago from Austin Texas

      We will.