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Gospel Music Is The Most Neglected Weapon In The Christian Arsenal

Updated on June 9, 2015

Music, the Stuff of the Spirit


You may have notice that there are three main topics that I discuss in many of my articles; they are sex, money, and music. The reason in simple, these are three of the main reasons many Christian lose sight of Christ. Mostly in the past I concentrated on the negative and satanic side of music, now I would like to take a look at the other side of music, the positive and glorious side and the original purpose for the creation of this fine art and the first amazing musical instrument.

Music existed long before man was created and was a major player in the fall of creation. The first musical instrument was not some man-made guitar of drum set manufactured by man. The first musical instrument was a living being, a walking, talking, thinking, and God worshiping musical instrument. This walking talking musical instrument was created by the Lord to be the most beautiful of all His creations:

“In Eden, the garden of God, thou has been every precious stone thy covering, ruby, topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, emerald, and carbuncle, and gold. The workmanship of thy tabrets, produced has been prepared…

This musical instrument was designed to lead the angels in the worship of Jehovah God. This musical instrument was studded with all kinds of precious gemstones, and perfectly reflected the light of God his maker. This walking instrument was not the source of that light, but the reflector of the light that created him. This instrument’s name WAS Lucifer! Did you notice the care that the Lord [Jesus Christ] took in creating this musical instrument? This instrument was to sing the praises of its maker throughout the entire created universe. Can you imagine the beautiful singing voice he must have had? Couple that beautiful singing voice with the pipes [pipe organ] built into his sides to produce the accommament to his voice must have been something to behold! When it was time for the angel to come together for praise and worship of Jehovah, they didn’t have to wonder where the piano player or the guitar was, it was all there in one beautiful brightly lit diamond studded package.

Do you see how important the praise and worship service is to the Lord? His praise and worship musical instrument was the most beautiful thing he had created. God loved His musical instrument just as any true musician loves his or her instrument, that doesn't began to compare to that of God’s. We can see that God truly loves His music!

How many of you Christians listen to gospel music on Sunday, and have been touched in your very being, even brought to tears, either tears of joy or of repents? For it to cause tears to flow it must have touched something deep inside that the words of the preacher couldn’t reach, because I never see anyone crying and weeping when listing to the preacher. So the worship service ads something to the experience that the preacher alone can’t produce. This something that the worship music does is to soften the soil of the harden heart. It prepares the soul to welcome the entrance of the Lord.

If this is true, why are there so many Christians that only hear this soul opening music on Sunday morning? After Sunday morning worship we leave the temple feeling good and close to our maker. Then comes Monday morning and we forget all about the hart felt experience of the day before. Now our cares are of how to make a living which we can’t get out of. So as the week moves on we realize that feeling we had on Sunday is gone, life becomes a bore again. Sunday roles back around and we go to the temple and get a fix which produce the same result as before. Monday comes and we repeat the same process that we did the weak before, the feeling of closeness to God fades.

The thing that made us feel so close to God on Sunday morning was the music that opens the hart up to God, this most important part we neglected throughout the rest of the week. Music touches something inside of us that words alone can’t reach that’s why God placed so much emphasis His musical instrument and praise and worship music. I never feel as close to God as when I’m singing praises to Him. Remember David, when he approached God with singing and praising, he sing and dance in rapture before the Lord so deep that he danced clean out of his close, he’s standing there butt naked before the Lord and the world.

Some body called out to go and get David and put a robe on him because he’s got the royal booty exposed to the whole world! What was David during to make him lose sight of this would? He was singing praises to the Lord! That’s the power of gospel music! The power of singing praises to the Lord is that while we are singing praises we are not caught up in this world, the mind is focused on the lord. We are not caught up in stuff like, that so and so left a comment on my website that I didn’t like so I’ll get even with him, amen!

Com-on now, you know that that’s a part of this hub world. But we can’t take that attitude before the Lord in prayer. What the music does is to clear the mind of all those things that distract out attention from pure worship of the Lord. That’s why we feel so close to God on Sunday morning and He feel so distant the rest of the week. The different is in our approach to Him, the Sunday morning approach is the correct one, to live the Sunday morning experience on a daily basis we must approach God the way we do on Sundays, come to Him singing praises to His name.

Once the Christian discovers the power of this weapon his whole Christian walk with God takes on new life. Now if and when you try this first time you may want to turn off the music because not working for you. This is to be expected, because that walking, talking musical instrument [Satan] will do anything to keep you from going through with your plan because he knows the power of that music getting down into your soul. Remember he [Lucifer] is the world’s greatest musician, he knows the power of song. When you first make the attempt to listen to gospel music on Monday morning he’s going to do everything he can to stop you. Satan knows that just as music has the power to get into his disciples, and cause them to commit some of the most horrible crimes it can also lift the soul to new heights in service to the Lord, and cause that one to be a more powerful soldier for the Lord, and a bigger danger to his camp. If what I’m saying is true, and I know it is, than I think it would worth your while to look into this further.

You must give it time to work, if Satan keeps telling you to turn off that music because it’s not for you tell him to get behind you and continue with the experiment. It may take a couple of weeks before the music starts to get down in the soul. Once it get into your soul you will be praising God even in your sleep, you wake up during night singing praises to the Lord, now a true love affair is developing between you and the Lord. A true love affair! I really feel sorry for the Christian who never experience this relationship except on Sunday mornings. Music goes deep into the negative, and it goes deeper into the positive when used in service to the Lord.

There are different styles of gospel music, as for me I love gospel soul music, when I say gospel soul it don’t just mean black artist. It means that the singer reached down into his or her soul to get the message across. Many of my favorite soul singers are white, like Tina Marie and Elton John, so don’t get caught up in the words gospel soul. One of my favorite gospel singers is a young man by the name of Smokie Norful, this, I think, is one of the most talented and anointed gospel artists of our times. He has many songs that I love to listen to, songs that lift my soul heavenward. One of his songs that goes right into my soul is a song that describe my situation perfectly is call “Still I say thank you” it tells how good have been even to someone like me, and how even in the mist of all my mess He bless me and answered my prayers, take a listen:

Now you may not feel anything when you first hear this song, but if you give it time to get into your soul you began to truly feel and see just how merciful and loving God has been to you, therefore you must sing His praises. I’ve started a gospel soul radio station, you may not find this type of gospel music to be to your taste, then find one to your liking and give it time sink in and it will greatly enhance you relationship with the Lord. My station:


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