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Grace Means More Than Favor It's God's ability

Updated on September 7, 2017

God's Plan and Purpose

It's been awhile since I've written a hub. Although I've been in personal training with Daddy/God, Jesus and Holy Spirit since then. I've learned and have grown a lot in my believing and knowing and receiving and having a personal relationship with God the Father; and have enjoyed with my whole heart, mind and soul developing and coming into Son-ship!

It started with a deeper understanding of Grace. I always thought that Grace was the unmerited, unearned FAVOR of God. Like, I get blessed just because God showing me favor on my job, or in a program at church or when I make friends with a cool person who can help me to move further in life in a positive way; or get promoted over others. You know and say, "Favor ain't Fair!." And that's true but the deeper meaning of Grace goes back to God original plan to save the world from Sin and to establish His covenant/plan for mankind to have what He intended for us to have when he created Adam. Through Revelation of His will, ways, and word. Revelation I heard a preacher say and believe is nothing more than God's concepts, ideas and way given to man so man can be and know how to function as God in the earth.

When I started to seek God about Grace and about Faith and about Revelation; I really was taken on a journey with God Himself teaching me and showing me things I never knew before and it has change my life for the better. I have come to realize more than ever that every word in the Bible is TRUTH and Alive and God works through His Word with me and show me Himself, and who I AM in Him, What I Can Do and What I Have in HIM! AWESOME!

It do take discipline in worship, prayer, studying, and practicing what you learn.


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