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Grace ( Unmerited Favor)

Updated on January 30, 2011

Unmerited Favor

GRACE. What a common name, so I thought when I was a super young girl. A lot of my classmates are named "Grace." When I grew a little older, i thought Grace is such a sweet, common name. More grace's came along in my life. During meal time, my teacher would enjoin us to say "grace." In ballet school, I would hear moms saying, "she dances with so much "grace." When moving to another company, you have to have a "graceful exit." Women want to grow old "gracefully." Grace became so vague and common that to me it didn't mean or represent anything signicant, but only that which I perceived to be sweet, fragile or poignant -----  at least, thats what I thought.

Thank God for the Gospel of Grace. It was my husband who slowly introduced me to it, through his fave preacher, Joseph Prince, who leads a big church in Singapore (New Creation Church). It was through him, and definitely through the Holy Sprit, that I learned what Grace actually meant...what it is, "Who it is" and how indispensible it is to me, today.

Grace is more than just a name. As a matter of fact it is more than undeserved favor. It even goes beyond being "empowered" by the Holy Sprit. Grace is all that and more. Grace is Jesus Christ living in me.

We have undeserved favor because of what Jesus Christ has done on the cross, that while we are all sinners, we become blameless before the Father. What we deserve as sinners, Christ bore for us -- suffering and eventually the shedding of His precious blood on the cross of Calvary. That, to me, is the divine picture of Grace.

My past, present and future sins have ALL BEEN NAILED TO THE CROSS. "It is done!" and Jesus did it for me. He did it for my husband. He did it for my children. He did it for all of us, that we might be saved.

His nail-pierced hands, His broken & bruised, wounded body, His blood shed on that tree.




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    • Cellebrate! profile image

      Cellebrate! 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      thanks so, so much kenneth avery. i am truly humbled by your following. You are blessed!

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Greetings In Jesus Loving Name, Cellebrate! LOVED this hub. So sincere, warm, and truthful. I voted up, useful, awesome, beautiful and interesting. I too listen to Joseph Prince, a truly-knowledgeable man of God. And I agree with the reality of God's unmerited grace. Grace is NOT an idea, or theory, but a REALITY! Praise God. I am now a fan of yours. Sincerely, and God bless YOU, Kenneth Avery, from a small town in northwest Alabama, Hamilton, a town that reminds you of Mayberry on the old Andy Griffith Show, but I Love it.

    • Cellebrate! profile image

      Cellebrate! 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Ed77burns, thanks so much!appreciate it

    • profile image

      ed77burns 6 years ago

      Great work!!!