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How can you grasp after the wind. ?

Updated on January 12, 2011

have fun, you deserve it!

There are always two sides of a coin, as much as there are always two sides of a story – the bad and the good, though we like to further classify it – breaking down to whatever is in-between (the not-so-good or the not-so-bad), depending on individual preference.  But it’s always either bad or good on a personal level (that’s my guess).  The ‘not-so-good or not-so-bad’ stuff are mere references to the satisfaction level a person has on specific subject/s or experience/s, and this is where the grey area come in.  Now, the bible says ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ – but don’t stop there or you miss the point.  If you do, it may seem like life if just a cycle of seasons.  Worse – you may feel as if its a ‘re-cycle’ of events going on for ages, then it become pointless.  Someone said that “life is like a pencil, it has to be pointed otherwise it will be useless” – good point.  Yet we are 6-billion-plus inhabitants in this wonderful planet and I’d say that there could be 6-B-plus definitions of the word ‘life’ considering just one factor per person.  That is a staggering figure!  The good thing is, you may wish to define life the way that suits your taste –that’s a privilege that only homo sapiens have!  But also there lies the problem.  I do not wish to solve nor untangle the issue because I can’t.  I am only using my unique privilege to voice out my small unpopular opinion, and perhaps you can take a peek of how I perceive life could be, after all – who am I but a speck of dust that can be easily blown by the wind of change?.

So here’s my story – I think all of us are in a constant pursuit for relevance.  What we do, when and where, why we do what we do is in direct reference to this pursuit.  But in order to find meaning to all these activities, we need a clearer picture of the underlying reason/s behind what we do. This is not easy to find.  The down-turn here is – that as a person, I have a mind-set as if “I am more important, I do business better, I have a better opinion, I am more valuable, I am smarter, I look better, and the list goes on” with all the adjectives you can think of, dotted with the word - “I”. I am not alone with this am I?  This is one root cause of the problem of significance.  That inherent need to be wanted, loved, cherished, respected, or even flattered – is a legitimate need; that is why nobody is dispensable, we need each other to fulfil that need.  On the other-hand, we co-exist in a world of cut-throat competition where the fittest can only survive!  If we are a community of significant people, where have we missed?  How far have missed the mark?

Seasons come and go, and each one has a mark that is a necessary part of the cycle. Life shouldn’t be a ‘cycle’ of ups and down as if we are caged in a time machine where there seem nothing we can do about but fill the piece of puzzle to fit in.  Life is much more than that.  The good news is – there is something we can do!  We can re-define life the best way imaginable, we can ride through the storms along the way, we even can immortalize our own meaning!  Here’s how I see it:

1)      Let go.  That is right; learn to let go about things that we always crave for.  Prominence, fame, riches, earthly spoils, even your right – you name it (that we commonly desire).  Of course this is swimming against the tide.  We are taught to be independent, to be competitive, to believe on ourselves, to be self-sufficient, self-motivated, to climb the corporate ladder and earn your place in the sun, etc.  After all those years spent weaning us into this mould, we find ourselves biting or even killing each other just to reassert our place under the sun - when its not even necessary because it has been guaranteed by our Maker. You have a place under the sun.  Why crave for something you already have? You just need to let it go.

2)      Let others.  The world does not evolve around you, why pretend as if it is?  Look at the world in the eyes of others – you may see it differently.  Put high esteem for others, the least should be as high as you want yourself in.  You have your personal bias too; put that aside and leave room for mistakes - for it will surely come – sooner or later. Forgive – no strings attached, just do it.  Each of us is like a beacon of light, we flicker and we falter.  That ‘light’ in us is something innate; built-in just for you by our Maker.  But in order for that beacon to flicker, it has to be enhanced by other people’s lives – pretty much like a coal that glow and grow warmer with other coals burning together.  Often, that same ‘glow’ is smothered by insensitivity. Cruelty around us led us to become seclusive and defensive because that is what we were trained to do.  By allowing others into our lives – we open ourselves bare to abuse in so many forms so we avoid that altogether. Finding a balance between letting others ‘touch’ our lives and preserving your integrity is tricky but by all means do not close the door.  You don’t want a door slammed on you, don’t you?

3)      Let God.  This is the hardest part because we love our own domain or at least we want to believe we have one.  Even if you do, ‘Someone’ higher is still in control, so stop mapping your own destiny, you’re not the Master.  Relinquishing control over our lives could be the last thing we do.  But it would do yourself much favour if you just learn to.  For sure, there are pockets of resistance within you along the way as you learn to let God man the controls, but rest assured He knew what He is doing.  Is there a better way to define life other than allowing the Author give its meaning Himself?  If there is, I’d like to know!  Meantime, I’d rather rest upon knowing that all my cares are taken cared of by allowing God to pilot my boat especially in uncertain waters.  I may get scared of the tide every now and then but that doesn’t change the fact that I knew the best Pilot is manning the wheel.  With that I wear a grin and look at life differently, most of the time.  You see I’m still learning too!.

Here below is a comment from the Preacher:

Then I looked on all the works that my hands had done And on the labor in which I had toiled; And indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind. There was no profit under the sun. Ecclesiastes 2:11

Here’s another preacher giving another comment but stressing the same point:

“It seems that time is passing so fast; birthdays come faster and even the holiday season comes sooner every year.  But in reality, time is set at a fixed and constant rate and does not change. So I am not getting older faster than I used to, and holidays do not come sooner than they used to, but rather, time is passing at a constant speed. Why does time seem to be passing too fast? The author of the book of Ecclesiastes had come to the point in his life in which he understood just how little time we really have. In the first chapter, the author identifies himself as David's son, the king of Jerusalem. He also calls himself the Preacher and he spends twelve chapters preaching on the meaning of life—the
meaningless of life. His main point centres on how much time we spend on things that are "vanity." The word vanity means emptiness, unsatisfactory, and vapour. Too often, the things we chase after in life are done in vain, and end in emptiness. How many of us look back on things we chased in life and see the worthlessness of the time wasted and the end result? How many of us would love the chance to go back and do certain things over again? Let us go forward with a new mind, set on the things that matter. Today, take time to stop, slow down and find the real meaning in your life. Our Saviour was born to give the only gift that matters. A gift that is not bought, earned or laboured for; it is totally free.  Jesus has given the gift of everlasting life to all who believe in Him. In this gift, however, there is so much more than just what awaits us in eternity. Our gift starts today. Jesus promised that He would not leave us alone. He has given us His Holy Spirit who lives within us; and because of Him, we have love, joy and peace. Take the time to worship and praise Him for all that He has given you.”  (Excerpt from Rev. Russ’ message)

There you go, you’ve heard it from renowned preachers and to that I can only say ‘amen’.  To say otherwise will be a gross disservice to my fellowmen.  To support and encourage those who are wanting is the goal of this piece I wrote.  In so doing, I am learning the very things I am discussing.  Just like most, I still have to find more meaning of my existence and though I knew the basics, my learning shall go on – that is what it needs to be, that is what direction I should go.  Until the day I will be called yonder, this gift of learning will move on to greater heights and meaning.  I may never be able to define life but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the zest of it.  With this frame of mind – I continue to wear a wide grin and welcome each day with open heart and open arms!  Why can’t you?


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