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Five Things I Love About Music

Updated on March 23, 2011

This is the 2nd day of the gratitude challenge I started. I chose to talk about what I love about music first because it;s something that is all around me. And I'm sure it is all around you as well. It can be everywhere. literally. And I guess that is my first thing I am grateful for. It's can be anywhere.

1. It can be anywhere!

No matter what instrument, toy, or sound maker you have, you can make music.  It's a flow of a certain type of emotion that can be evoked with anything.  I've seen people make some awesome music with the weirdest things on Youtube.  It can make you feel so much better when you are not feeling so great.  Just a simple song can do so much.  

2. There is so much of it!

Countless songs, albums, EP's, LP's, demo's you name it.  It's all over.  In the physical world and on the internet.  Especially the internet.  Artists all over are exploding in popularity because they are able to capture their audiences emotion so well on a grand scale.

3. Old music can always be remixed into new music

You've seen it happen a lot.  In fact I'm listening to a remake of the "Time of Your Life" from Dirty Dancing right now.  And loving it.  Things can always be done to music to give a new feel, but have a familiar flow.

4. You can actually feel it

You know what I mean.  During that climax of your favorite song.  When you feel that chill go up for arms and spine.  When you feel the hairs stand all over your body.  When you feel tingling at the back of your neck.  Then BOOM! It happens. The best part of the song.

5. Anyone can make music

Anyone can make music! Good music too!  But not anyone can just understand the flow of music right away.  That's what is special about great music.  It's music by people who have found the flow.  


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