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Great Gifts For Easy Going Lokeans

Updated on January 9, 2016
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

Everyone could use a little Loki in their life. Get it?
Everyone could use a little Loki in their life. Get it?

Or Anyone Else Who Loves Him

This Hub was originally going to revolve around just two books, very good books for those who are curious, though whether or not you like them will depend on your taste. But I like to balance mirth with more solemn subjects, so I included the other goodies to keep things light yet respectful. If you want to call me a comic book Lokean for that, be my guest.

But I bet I know why some of my readers landed here. You were hoping for the same thing I was in the books. Fun, fun, fun and secrets for being rid of responsibility, right? And that’s just humans being human. We like the softer, easier way. And although Loki understands that, and He certainly is a laid back God at times, I’ve got that say that there is no easy out in either book. And I learned the meaning of the word pear-shaped in spades. Odd as He didn’t just show up with the books, but that is Loki for you. He likes to help you help yourself. And at times you will wish He didn’t, but it’s why He’s known as The Closer.

And before you plunk your hard-earned cash down, yes, there is a lot of personal experience in both books. Which you need with Loki and should appreciate from others unless you want to just read texts you can get online for free. Personally, as Loki thoughtfully arranged a two week vacation for me by deep-sixing my old computer after I snickered over the idea He could, it gave me time time think, and frankly, although I love and respect all holy books and writings, it is all (hopefully) Divinely inspired.

Until God/dess has a website or hotline we mere mortals have to feel our way along. That said? This is indeed Big God Magic as one of the writers says, so please be prepared. I am including some silly Marvel Yule gifts to lighten the load here as these books both can get heavy. Not bad, sometimes it can be a good thing, but I’d like to remind readers that any text (including what you are reading right now) should be taken as a friendly guideline.

Loki speaks quite loudly for Himself, as do the other Gods. Keep in mind I am a Wiccan first, Lokean second, and certainly not Heathen. So Heathen readers can feel free to roll their eyes at my cautions.

As always, all writing and photography are my original work. If you quote an article or use a photo on the Interwebs, credit where credit is due and a link back are appreciated. Any videos or other media herein are included for educational and informational purposes only. If you hold the copyright and wish for a link and credit, or to have something removed, please let me know.

The devotional is on the left and the poetry on the right.
The devotional is on the left and the poetry on the right.

Feeding the Flame: A Devotional to Loki and His Family

Before we get into the book itself, I’d like to give you a little advice. If you strongly feel called to offer your own blood or other body modifications as suggested in this book, please make sure it is something Loki or your chosen Divinity wants in the first place. Some people will be told yes, some no, and it is no better or ‘right’ an offering than any other. (Just like being married to Him is no better or worse than any other relationship.) Then educate yourself. Don’t just talk to one Facebook friend, or watch one video. Find yourself a mentor who knows what they are doing and can guide you safety through the process.

And obviously, those on blood thinners or with certain conditions should omit these types of offerings all together. Loki wants you healthy and happy. Not in the ICU, my dears.

That said, I did get this book for the first chapter on Loki and I agree with the sentiments many of the writers hold. Loki isn’t a God who let’s us get away with much. Yes, He can make us laugh, but service to Him does take dedication, and yes, He can certainly shake things up in our lives. But I would like to point one thing out.

A lot of the things He gets the blame for, well, sometimes things do break or go wrong on their own. Example, I knew my four and a half year old computer had been showing signs of slowing down. The fan was iffy, and it didn’t take an expert to figure out it might break. I had plenty of time and warnings to start researching new machines.

Instead I ignored the signs and Loki turned it into one of those life lessons mine is so fond of. Speaking of lessons, if you don’t need or want to hear about what a fine lover He is, you may either want to skip some chapters or skip both books if you are hurt by the very idea. Yes, Loki is great at sex magic, but as I don’t need the details myself I understand.

Overall, I’d say take both texts with a grain of salt. There’s an obvious anti-Wiccan slant in the devotional, so that can give you a good idea of what to expect. But as I am Wiccan I can assure you Loki has never pushed me away from what makes me happy. Nor would He do it to you, unless He felt you were being harmed in some way.

The Devotinal

Feeding the Flame: A Devotional to Loki and His Family
Feeding the Flame: A Devotional to Loki and His Family

A fairly good all around book I’d suggest using as a springboard instead of a how-to. It can get grim at times, and focuses a little too much on the Lokasenna and gets mired down in grief at times, but there are some highlights. Some of the included writers are very practical and fairly open to other viewpoints and I’d suggest the book for that reason. Bad spots? Grim, and an insistence on doing things a certain way. We will not go into the disagreement Loki and I had over Him insisting He wanted me to use my spirit rattle for Him as well, never mind what the book said.


Trickster, My Beloved

Trickster, My Beloved: Poems for Laufey's Son
Trickster, My Beloved: Poems for Laufey's Son

A lot of the content is erotic or touches on Loki or Sigyn’s suffering, so please be aware of that. That said? Some of the poems are beautiful and touching, and might even be used as a sort of devotional book. What I liked is that Siygn gets Her due, which is Her right, as does the rest of His family.

What didn’t I like? Loki may be profoundly sexual with some folks, but having read the legitimate qualms of those who consider Him an uncle or dad, well... I’d still say it is worth a read and just skip that bit. I’m fairly sure it will tempt a few new people to follow Him, but keep in mind that as the song says, there’s got be a morning after.

In plain English, you have to stick around for the rough times to enjoy the good ones, but relationships tend to work like that. The best ones do, at any rate, and the poetry reflects that.


Loki Works With All People

Loki Mug

He gloms onto the strangest things.
He gloms onto the strangest things.

Loving My Loki Mug

Isn’t he a handsome fellow? Before we get down to brass tacks, no, I wouldn’t drink from this mug. You could, but mine had a little warning sticker about not being food safe and it seems a tad delicate for heavy use. That said? I adore this mug. It is wonderfully well-made and I love his expression. That slight smile that let’s you wonder what it is he knows that you don’t.

I’d say this Loki is sort of a blend of evil, older comic book Loki and Tom Hiddleston’s version. And from folks I’ve talked to, this mug does have endless uses. Ring holder, planter (I’d stick to faux plants), coin holder, anything you’d like.

Thor Loki Marvel Molded 16 oz. Mug
Thor Loki Marvel Molded 16 oz. Mug

So I can protect my readers, I do have to mention the sticker saying it wasn't considered food safe. But the bottom of the mug tells you not to microwave. Go figure. To stay on the safe side you could slip a food safe liner inside and use a straw.


Handsome Fellah, isn't He?

I did this just for fun around Yule when I opened the bank, and well, he certainly is photogenic.
I did this just for fun around Yule when I opened the bank, and well, he certainly is photogenic.

Got Marvel Loki Bank?

I can’t say enough good things about this bank. First off, the details are flat out amazing. There are details like the vein in his hand and the facial details that are amazing and I really didn’t expect from a bank more than likely made for kids. Or collectors. Or Loki’s Army.

But seriously, this bank is huge, yes, the dimensions are right, but he just is much larger that my tiny math phobic mind expected. Not much bigger I guess than other themed banks, but if they ever make a full character out of this bank I’ll be body checking folks to get one.

Again, you definitely get a film themes here. He wasn’t the first Loki to have black hair, but the horns and armour reminded me strongly of the film version, though old Loki is definitely there in the smug yet calcuating expression. And yeah, this is the same exact Hiddles pose all over the Interwebs.

A great find for any Loki fan or open-minded Lokean, it fits in quite well with the looser living room altar.

DC Loki Bust Bank Novelty
DC Loki Bust Bank Novelty

I don't often go in for fan gear. I've been in so many fandoms, I've been there, done that. But this made my heart sing Is comic book Loki the Norse God? Of course not, but as mine likes anything that makes Him look handsome it is Loki-approved here as well


Happy Yule! Merry Christmas!

I couldn't resist. He is just so cute and as the photo shows, tiny.
I couldn't resist. He is just so cute and as the photo shows, tiny.

Loki String Doll

This doll is more adorable in person than any photo can suggest. Dressed in wee armour, with a tiny metal staff, he looks ready to conquer your heart with his soulful black eyes. There is an attached bell that jingles as he moves. and the craftsmanship is readily apparent. This is more, as the photo suggests, a stocking stuffer or sweet gift to include on another occasion, but he is certainly cute and a nice addition to any collection of string dolls or Loki themed goodies.

Loki String Doll

Loki Super-Villain String Doll Keychain Charm Ornament 2014 with helmet and scepter
Loki Super-Villain String Doll Keychain Charm Ornament 2014 with helmet and scepter

He might be small, but he'll e ruling your heart on first sight. Kneel! I like that they designer got details like the horns right. They and the staff as well as the wee cape and armor really make the doll stand out.


Lokean Definition, Short and Sweet

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