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Where To Find Satan's Church

Updated on August 23, 2016
Enforce Good
Enforce Good

"yay thou i walk into the Vally of the evil and wicked, I fear no foe for the Lord my God is with me." The world is a very changing place, and with that change comes demoralization of our men, women, children, values, attitudes and religion. There are those among us who act like the sheep even though they are the wolves who come to kill and eat our young flock. While there are those who see no reason to disguise because they have become open, powerful and not afraid of any other force. The Greater church of Lucifer which is set to open on October 30, 2015. They are vividly advertising this historic event and are actually inviting people from all over the world who have the same Lucifer culture to come and join in the opening of the devil's church.

What does this Actually Mean
This means that many things are about to unfold in our world as we know it and events of the bible shall come to past. It is written that the devil shall establish kingdoms upon earth and shall be of great power and influence and will control nations and then the persecution of Christan and Muslims shall be enforced!

The Greater Church Of Lucifer's Mission

The church says that they have gathered under on banner a class of individuals who "embrace the possibility of self excellence by attaining knowledge" What this is simply saying is that they embrace people who simply denounce any form of God and idolizes themselves and the Lucifer way. They invite people to read a book of evil called the Wisdom of Eosphoros - The Lucifer Philosophy. This is to get as much of the younger minds into the luciferianism as possible by giving them a different incite on devil worship, They will coat it with candy and chocolate to let everything seem cool and wonderful and as soon as you reach the core of that candy you are greeted with pepper and bitter taste!

The Greater Church of Lucifer is only a “church” as a play on words. We are a gathering of like souls who seek to understand and live within the framework of Luciferianism as we understand it. We have no religious dogma or tenants of belief that are mandated upon any person. While we are within the scope of the occult, or mysteries, we extend no control over individual lives. In our community is the opportunity to focus on self-transformation and the understanding of living a responsible life.

— Greater Church Of Lucifer

The "Greater" Church of Lucifer Has a Deeper Meaning

If you even take time out and look at the name of this demonic body, the name given "Greater" church of Lucifer tells us that the devil still believes that he is greater and mightier than the Lord God. By using the words Greater and Church together, it creates a psychological effect on people of no faith into believing that any other church is inferiors and that the church of the devil is superior. Don't take the devil for granted, he is smart as he had tempted Jesus before; even though he failed miserably, but Jesus was the ordained son of God, the Messiah. We are merely humans and the devil will use whatever method available to play with our minds and souls.

Trust God
Trust God

Christians Must Rise Up Like The Phoenix

The christian world seems to have been sleeping for centuries while evil men play with the planet and do as they wish. Even the christian community is in disarray as many Christians do not agree with many laws and policies which have been passed. Laws such as gay marriages. Even though we still know of the many catholic priest who have molested young boys and have walked away scotch free. There cannot be two sides to justice Christians, the house needs cleaning. You cannot operate a as a negative force against the teachings of the Bible and still consider your self holy and christian. The church needs to get the wolves out of their family so the sheep can prosper. Many of these wolves are sent by the devil himself to cause confusion, turmoil and mistrust among people of faith. These same people who are sent into churches by the devil has been "baptized" accepted Christ and then sleekly fills the church with atrocities which demoralize and cause non- Christians to believe that the church is a hypocrite and is filled with liars.

Weed Out The Wolves - Save them If You Can

1. Church Leaders Preaching For Profit

2. Church Leaders Who Preach Against The Bible

3. Church Leaders Who Are Involved In Molestation

4. False Prophets

5. Church Members Who are idolizers and seek only to destroy the church

Cannot Fight The Devil With Dirty Laundry

One thing that i know about This Angel Lucifer is that you cannot fight him with baggage. Your house must be clean and everything bad that is in your heart should be taken to the Lord in prayer and confession. Free your self from the burdens of emotions and take up the light and the bible as your shield. The church needs power, and that power can only be attained when the church becomes one and pure again. For those who have gone astray we need to minister to them, help them, see if we can bring them back to the light. Invite the teachings of Jesus Christ in their hearts. If they cannot be saved well the mission continues and the flight must continue. The devil knows the weakness of the churches because he helped to create them. That is why he feels powerful enough to set up a greater church of Lucifer and worries not about any consequences, spiritual wise that is. He is spending huge money in society and thus has many hidden backings.

A Stronger Christian Movement

It is quite ok to go to church, sing praises of worship and then drive past the hundreds of homeless people on the streets and go have a steak dinner. That is what the common folks should do, not Christians! The christian world is sleeping under hymns while the devil runs a rampage in the world. We need to go out and win souls. How do we win souls? Simple, by being true! Do good and help people, tell them about Christ and tell them about evil. Feed them if possible, rise up against laws that are created to destroy the church and its beliefs. In other words, be a like how Jesus was!

Fear is a very powerful thing, it keeps us from speaking out, it keeps us wanting to live in this physical realm of life, it keeps us not wanting to loose a love one, a child, a wife. It keeps us in clutches of our worldly possessions. It keeps us tied to our jobs, wanting, fearing and needing the devils mark to live, to survive. Fear makes Christians become cowards. Shouldn't we be angry, empowered and filled with the spirit to go out and do Gods work? Or should we cower by our hymns and Bible and close our eyes and think it will all go away when we awake? Wake up Christians, the greater church of Lucifer is here and so is he!

Do you believe that Jesus Will Come Again?

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    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      3 years ago from Jamaica

      .....thanks frank

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      3 years ago from Shelton

      wow clive long and drawn out but so worth the inspirational read awesome my friend :)

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      3 years ago from Jamaica

      That is so true billy.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Putting religion aside for a moment, I would expand on this to say that only by living a moral and just life can we ever hope to lead the lives we were meant to live. :)


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