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Grief Relieved

Updated on August 30, 2016

The Grief and Release

I may never know a parent's pain of losing a child, but perhaps the pain of losing my young nephew (just 24 years of age) is comparable to it, it put a hole in my world, my life will never be the same.

Even though I live a few hundred miles away, and don't see my nephew's parents and siblings every day, still a part of me is missing. Yet, I have this consolation—this comfort—from the Lord: that my nephew is in the presence of Jesus, and I wonder what's it like. (His little sister—my 13-year old niece—received a similar comfort: that her brother is "sitting on Jesus's lap, and she doesn't need to cry.")

I returned from attending my nephew's funeral a different person. Through that "tragedy," God has brought home to me more deeply the reality of the real world, and the true reason for my existence here now (not that I haven't been aware of as much before); apart from the things of God in this physical, temporal world, nothing else in this life has any real significance. For that which is eternal is why I'm here, as is why we're all here.

And so, what now

I have nothing better to share with my neighbors, co-workers, or even a stranger, than Jesus. And knowing Jesus, I have the Hope of that better life, eternally, for all with whom God would have me share; in these days the urgency to share my faith seems ever more crucial.

I've never been more mindful of having handy a gospel tract with me ready to give someone since then; I had not shared tracts as much before as I have since. Even on my way to my nephew's funeral I had tracts with me. Yet, while being ready to hand someone a gospel tract is good, being ready to share verbally my faith is even better, even though conversation is not my expertise, but I believe God would have me to do so, according to His command and promise He has given me, found at Exodus 4:12, and in the manner of 1 Peter 3:15.

Therefore, that is my prayer, that I be ever attentive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, in my going about the affairs of my earthly pilgrimage, for I (as well as my fellow Christ followers) for that purpose—as aliens in a foreign, fallen, world we are representatives of Christ's Kingdo, with the better news for real restoration.

© 2016 Charles Newcombe


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