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Grow Up And Be A Man

Updated on February 13, 2018

I am not politically correct nor do I try to be. If you are easily offended and don't like a strong mined man please stop reading. If you decide to read on please remember I warned you. All I want to do is ask two questions to you the reader. Then I want to line it up with Yahwehs (Gods) scripture.

Question: What was Adam the first man created to be?
Question: what was Adam responsibilities?

Genesis 2:15 And Yahweh Elohim (God) took the man and put him into the garden of
to DRESS it and to KEEP IT.

Yahweh placed the responsibility and care of the Eden on Adam. He told Adam to DRESS it and KEEP it and have dominion over it (Genesis1:26-28). Has the responsibility of a man changed? What has fractured a mans understanding of who he is created to be? This world and especially our country have confused our men and boys about the importance of becoming who they were created to be. Our culture is lying to our young men and boys. And we as Men are standing by and letting it happen. We let political parties, Media, And Social justice groups define the path to manhood today. Which is a path of shame at even being male and that male thinking is what is wrong with our country and world. This is what is being indoctrinated into our boys today. I have watched the decline of manhood for years now and I can not watch it anymore. I see boys stuck in boyhood with now idea or direction how to find manhood. I by no means am a perfect man or have all the answers. But over the course of my life I have learned many things. And the one thing every boy needs to learn and make it a foundation of his life is RESPONSOBILITY .

We have a absent father pandemic in our country and it has decimated generations of boys and families in our country. What happens to a home when the father is not there to DRESS AND KEEP his home? That home is his Eden it is his responsibility to protect, look after, shelter, care for, defend, preserve, take care of, guard, shield, and lead and be the head of his family. He is to bring proper alignment to his Eden his home that's his responsibility as the Man Husband and Father. This is not dictatorship and you are to act like Little Lord Ha Ha over your home. You do it with manly wisdom love and nurturing you are to strengthen encourage and love everyone in your home. But you must have the identity of strength in the home the rock of your family. You as the man define strength to the boys that live in your home. You help them understand there are two types of strength one is selfish and one is selfless. The true strength of a man is selfless. You teach them strength of character, resilience, fortitude, backbone, courage, bravery, and how to live and lead there life in a honorable way and someday lead a family. It is not easy and sometimes your boys will not like you because of the lessons you teach. I would say to you suck it up you are created to endure and carry heavy burdens. I have told my own kids not just my sons but daughters to " I am not in your life to be your best friend I am here to be your Dad and your not always going to like me" your sons and daughters are your responsibility.

As a man prepare yourself for children's failures there rebellion there pride and there struggle with sin in there own lives. You help them with Love and Strength along the path of there life. Prepare yourself to let them down as a father just as much as they will let you down threw the path of your lives together. But YOU as a man show them the power of forgiveness and YOU always be the first one to forgive. Family life is not an easy life it full of happiness and pain. But there is nothing more fulfilling that a man can do in his life than to lead and raise a family. I have no idea who may reads this maybe no one. But if your a Dad who has children and you are not in there life please think about what you doing. They need you no matter what society says about men today your kids need you in there life. You may be saying "you don't know my situation of why I not part of my kids life". Your right I don't but your a man right? You are created and built to endure heavy burdens and fix wrong choices you have made in life. Not being in your kids life is a wrong choice. Here is the approach I take I see a world and culture that wants to destroy my family and children. I am the Protector of my home I teach my family how to protect themselves as the walk threw this world. That's MY JOB and yours to!! If your not there to lead this world will feed on them. And this world and society today wants nothing more than for you to not be in there life. If your not there they can raise them exactly the way THEY want to.

I stop with this read your bible take Adams name out and put yours there. Take Moses name out and put yours in the place of his in scripture. Do that all threw the bible. It is your guide given by the Creator to guide you as a man. Let the bible do what it was made to do let it teach you who you are made to be. Let the lessons of scripture teach you the knowledge of Good and Evil.


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