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Inspirational, Uplifting and Encouraging Bible Verses: Psalm 119: Guidelines for Living, Be Successful

Updated on December 8, 2013

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105NIV

The message, God’s word can be utilized as a “how-to” guide for our lives. My personal experience says it works. I picked up my Bible and starting reading daily mainly because more mature believers encouraged me to do so. I looked their testimony, and concluded they were doing something right. Perhaps they knew something I did not. That initial phase required a bit of discipline, seemed like a chore. Over time, the practice became automatic, much like brushing my teeth. Something that got implemented as part of my daily routine. I gather my wife and kids together every morning, and we study for a few minutes before going off to school and work. It has become something I look forward to, as opposed to a requirement. Reason being, it helps me grow and keeps me tied in. Puts the world in perspective.

Where do we find these guidelines? I would say in two places:

1. Throughout the context of scripture. Consider a couple of examples, in the lives of Abraham and David. We see them make choices, both outside of and within God’s will/plan for them. Both ramifications and blessings came as a result of those choices.

2. Specific guidelines, like those found in Psalms and Proverbs.

I saw some positive results myself last night. My oldest child has been quite a challenge. I believe God has used him to shape and mold me. Many times I have gone to the Lord in prayer, asking what I should do. It has come to a point in many instances where my first method or approach crashed and burned. In some of those cases, scripture has revealed an answer. Take school work. Sitting down to do homework with my kid became a nightly war, which tore down what I had intended to build up. What did God tell me, via His word and Spirit? He showed me a kid, like we all are, with relative gifts and challenges. Turned out those challenges were at odds with compulsory standards put in place by the existing system. The direction given to me, ask of my child what he could realistically give. Lower the bar for a time, let him grow as he was able. Focus on what he could do, encourage and praise him for that. Simply let God step in and do His work. In short, be the father God wants me to be.

So we were doing vocabulary words last night. Finding definitions online, filling in the worksheet as it applied to the book he was reading. He did the reading before I came home. That was his part. We got online, I found the definition and read it to him. My part. He wrote it down along with required answers. His part. All of which a typical 7th grader could do himself. But not Manny, not yet. That’s OK, God and His word have told me so. Give him a little more time and he will be doing it all by himself.

While we were working, Manny said to me “Daddy, you should not have to help me like this.”. I explained to him, “Oh, yes I should. Two years ago, we could not have done this. But we are a team now. Pretty soon you will be doing it all by yourself.” And he will.

Within God’s word I find directives and guidance for every aspect of my life. If I knew everything, I would not need it. But I don’t, and therefore I do.


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