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Guido Gardens

Updated on September 4, 2012
Entrance pond
Entrance pond | Source
Pathway | Source
Gazebo | Source
Glass chapel
Glass chapel | Source
Glass chapel interior
Glass chapel interior | Source
Empty tomb replica
Empty tomb replica | Source
World Globe fountain
World Globe fountain | Source
Sower topiary, person scattering seed
Sower topiary, person scattering seed | Source

Metter Georgia, 600 North Lewis Street, you would know you'd been there or passed through if you weren't looking for it, it's that small.

  • Sanctuary
  • Evangelism
  • Ministry
  • Christian
  • Plants
  • Waterfalls
  • Ponds
  • Bridges
  • Topiaries

Ever wonder what these things would have to do with the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Well there is a place in Georgia that will connect the dots for you.

How i knew it was there, by watching the "Sower" on Christian TV.

Seeing a dignified old man, sitting on a bench, expounding on the bible and Christian teaching.

He sat quietly giving insight into the general mentality about the church and things that impacted him personally.

I have known about the Guido gardens for years and have wanted to visit but i have never been until this past year,2012, when visiting Georgia Southern.

I became interested first about the Guido gardens when i saw an old distinguished grey haired man sitting quietly on a chair in a garden, quaint. He was quiet, a little unusual, that was appealing and his message never lasted more than about two minutes but he always left me with something to think about.

He talked easily, sometimes relating a biblical story, anecdote or story that intrigued and entertained me.

Being there in July, late in the afternoon was awesome, a little overcast with the sun going down.

Upon entering i followed the path outlined around the perimeter, giving me views of waterfalls, ponds, blooming and dormant plants, bridges, small "doll" houses, benches and sculptures. It was everything i dream of in a garden sanctuary and more.

Even though i was enthralled by all i saw, my favorites were the glass chapel, the empty tomb and the globe fountain.


  • glass chapel
  • replica of empty tomb
  • marble sculptures with biblical verses
  • varied waterfall designs
  • varied foliage


  • bugs
  • not enough time
  • everything was not in full bloom

What i found wonderful, was the opportunity to visit the glass chapel. I entered that building in awe, and soon began singing the praises of God in that place. It was awesome, the feeling of worship was strong and so i gave into them, reading scripture, singing songs and saying prayers


I decided i would have to return when i have more time, probably on my own to really experience everything longer.

So, if you get the chance, I'll be see ya at Guido gardens sometime soon.


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