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Everyone Has the Right to Bear Arm - The Debatable Amendments?

Updated on March 15, 2013
Pastor on Pulpit
Pastor on Pulpit | Source

The Right to Bear Arm

"The right to bear arm", how is this interpreted? Based on the second Amendments of the United States Constitution in the Bills of Rights, Individuals have the rights to bear arm. In other words,( thugs,potential murderers, Christians, Edens), all individuals, have the rights to own and carry weapons. Think about it, the word "all" here, can be a bit troublesome or somewhat questionable and is also debatable!

Carrying a Handgun While on the Pulpit

A few weeks ago while I was driving home from work, I was listening to a popular radio station. There were numerous subject matters that were being discussed. However, there was one in particular that had practically left me mesmerized for days.

"I need your comment on this topic", said the program moderator. "You are all welcomed to call in with your opinions; please tell me if it is okay for a Pastor to be carrying a handgun for protection, while conducting a ceremony?" There were numerous callers with several different views. Some callers argued that the church is no exception, when it comes to robbery. They believe pastors have the right to protect themselves and the offering/tides from notorious robbers who are not afraid to walk in the church and stage a robbery during a Sunday morning worship.

There were others who argued that Pastors are supposed to be a man of God and therefore, should be strong enough in faith. He should have enough faith to know that god will protect him from harms and danger. Some callers quote"Harm no man; let no man harm you; God helps those who try to help themselves."

When I challenged friends and associates with the question of pastors carrying a firearm while preaching, my question was of course met with numerous different opinions. Some people even reverted to the biblical days when different armies used to fight against each other with swords and spears. They believed the only difference was that swords and spears were used instead of guns to kill the enemies and thus see nothing wrong with pastors using a gun to defend himself/herself against thugs, intended murders or thieves who also have the rights to bear arms.

However, those arguing against, seem to focus mainly on the sin the pastor would be committing if he were take the life of another human. They feel this is against the commandment "Thou shalt not kill." So whether he is on the pulpit or elsewhere he shouldn't be carrying a firearm.


Although in the U.S. the second Amendments of U.S. constitution gives all individuals the right to bear arms, it's certainly going to be very hard for some Christians and non-Christians alike to condone the idea of a pastor carrying a firearm on the pulpit. However, my question is, shouldn't we be less concerned about pastors carrying guns and worry more about the rights that have been given to the criminal minded individuals to bear arms?


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