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God Listens and God is not Punishing You

Updated on June 16, 2013

God Listens

Did God Reject Me?

In my line of work, spiritual healer and psychic consultant, it is not unusual to have someone approach me with that question. They come to me feeling betrayed. They do not know what they have done wrong? Was their karma so horrible to bring them these earthly situations? I am often asked to show them, how to reconnect with God. As a rule this knowing isn’t shared with me at the beginning of their session, but eventually this creeps out. Sadly, this occurs way too often, and my heart goes out to them. These people, on any given day have experienced a heart-wrenching incident. It could have resulted from a sudden death of a love one, loss of job or any other unexpected circumstance. An unanticipated ordeal will change a person’s life in a flash, leaving our physical reality altered instantly. What filled a person’s heart with hope and wonder dissipates to leave only a vacancy. Sagacity has now been replaced by ominous sensation of dread. The dread is from their underlying belief God has turned Its back on them.

When you think God isn't listening

What to say to a person who feels betrayed by God?

Even though people do have good intentions with offering the advice to have faith and trust in God, it is only met with deaf ears. Deafness prevails when a traumatize person feels forsaken by God. This conclusion emerges from the fertile ground of disillusion, when it seems their prayers have gone unnoticed. The only thing remaining in their vacant heart is their song of despondency. They might not choose to reveal this to another. It is their measure to avoid lectures, and keep others’ opinions at-bay.

The road many will seek is to look at the mundane realm to fill their heart again. The right person, job, place to live and many other examples have crossed my ears throughout my 40 years working as a healer and psychic consultant. I see this daily. The reason I can see it clearly is because I too have walked this same road once-upon-a-time. Running away from the real problem that my pain shouted about daily, was the only method I knew. Facing the truth was much harder, because I did not want to know the whys to my question; “Why do you hate me God”? As in my case, I see clients who automatically go on- switch-pilot, looking for the physical world to fill their hearts. Anything they feel that they lack in must be remedied so that lack is gone. This stretches the mundane realm of more money, the right mate, the perfect child, etc. etc. This, in my opinion, is why so many self-help books to gain the riches and love you deserve are sold. The need to become better turns into an addiction, and failure is still felt within ones’ heart. They do not realize that they are doing this to ‘show God that they are worthy, even though IT might not think they have worth’. Eventually though a person might realize to heal they first must endure the pain that is causing them fear. We must open to the truth behind our fear and look at it logically. We need to listen to our heart when it tells us we are not loved anymore by the one ‘source’ that we loved and feared the most-Cosmic Source.

If we gather our strength within, and vocalize our fear, we will realize that the journey of light has graced us. It is then that we begin to leave the void of our heart. The journey of light shows us that no person, place or thing could make us whole. We learn that God never dismiss us, just our ignorance.

My God is not ignorant nor does It adhere to the judgments created by humankind. This was revealed to me through my personal light journey, where others entered my life be it for a second or for years. They mirrored back to me the true meaning of unconditional love. Never did any of them try to imprison me through misconceptions prevalent to the human race Though these people where far and in-between, they were instrumental in helping me to reconnect with the Cosmic Source and feel Its’ love for all humankind. Finally, the truth was revealed to me, we never walk alone. God is with us, and even if we do not feel Its’ presence, others will be sent to us to do the work that God knows we need. As I sit here and write this, a smile comes over my face. There was a time that the word God coming out of my mouth or hand would been done in distaste. Now it is done in admiration. Though I use the pronoun God to reveal a message, in my heart I call It by another name. This name has no attachments to eternal punishment, loathing etc., but a name that speaks of pure love for all people. A name that does not joined in with humankind’s prejudice and judgments.

Healing time

The Healing Time

The healing time is a personal time and comes with grace. We must stumble on it by ourselves, yet there are people who will be involved in helping us to heal. I know how hard it is to pray when you feel rejected by God. That is why I never tell another to pray, but will offer them a prayer to help you on their own spiritual journey. Preaching is a no-no, for it only intensifies the pain and the delusion that we upset God. Selling our religion or belief system is not the way to go either in my book. Just warm hugs and the quietness of unconditional love is all I can give, and want to give. I know people will continue to search for the mundane universe to fill their empty cup, and there is nothing wrong with that. More books will be written and read on how to be happy, and they will provide thought for a person. Most of all we all will stumble over the ideals that can bring us back to believing we are just fine in God’s eyes. Disturbances in life will happen and no one is immune from that. We are not being punished, we are being taught to embrace all of life, in my view.

In the end, I am honored to be put on a path as a healer and psychic consultant. It is where my skills and experiences can prevail to help others the most. My heart is full now without the need of the mundane universe to fill it. My spirit is alive and well, as I continue my journey of life.


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