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Updated on March 23, 2015





During this month you need closure. This period is helping for your inner maturity and spiritual evolution. I know you are an impulsive soul that wants everything happening at the precise moment you are thinking of it, but you need to be patient and you need to accept the circunstances that are not under your control. During these days you will feel the need to find peace in your heart. Any path you choose for that purpose is the right one; it could be just focusing your energy in some activity you like, or even having a holiday. Sometimes, duels are neccesary to get free of this negative conduct patterns. I can sense some trips or the possibilities of getting to know people from other countries or cities. Enjoy.



The only way to reach your soul´s freedom would be by clearing your mind about what you want in life. You´ve been questioning about your missions. After some hard or unpeaceful moments, you´re finally finding the answer to your problems,

New projects are coming to your life. New opportunities are emerging for you. Be confident about yourself in order to materialize your dreams and aims.

You have to take care of your body and your health. It´s in your best interests to trust in others and not to have unnecessary expenses.



This a beautiful period in your life. Great news are coming. If you have some administrative or legal papelwork, everything seems to solve in a benefict way for you. Happiness and plenitude are appearing in your personal life. It is time for joy, if you want to have a baby, this could be a good opportunity.

You have to learn how to listen your inner voice an your intuition. If you are planning to invest in something new, this is the perfect timing. Enjoy your happy moments with your beloved ones and focus on your present time, stop worring about the past or the future. Everything will come up in the perfect moment.



You started 2015 with some osbstacles but, everything seem to be better now. Your professional life is expanding in a perfect direction for your highlight. Any administrative or legal paperwork you have pending, will come in a favorable way to you. One of our most important personality structures is the spiritual one, we need to feed our soul; if you enjoy some artistic or cultural activities, you should go to some events them. Don´t ever forget you are capable of de defeating everything that comes along in your life.

Detox and depuration in everyway possible way are a good idea for you. Let go those people that stand in your way of happiness. And also try to get better and healthier habits.




Now is the moment to enjoy the stability and tranquility you needed. You had been depressed or worried about financial matters but, they will solve gradually. I see some money you had pending getting paid for you. Due to several changes in your life , now you don´t have a choice but to trust you and the people you love. You are opening your eyes and realize who really loves you. New projects are arriving; expansion and changes . In your family life , there is a reunion or reconciliation with someone important to you.




During the past months, you've had difficult ex periences and the felling of limitation. It is normal that you also have been questioning yourself about your concepts and values be sure everything is for your growth. I know you might feel misunderstood by others, but soon there will we massive positive changes in your life. All this things have been happening to you to learn how to look at yourself with love and not be so hard on you and discover the true strength that lives in you . If something or someone is not helping you evolve in your life , let it go in love and harmony because when we close a door, another one opens . And its hard to see clearly when you are in the middle of the storm, but you will have very soon your moments of light and love.


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    • Ishtarfreya profile image

      Blanca Ordoñez 3 years ago from Mexico

      I will finish today or tomorrow Thanks for reading

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Wow, nailed it for me for the most part-- just one thing left, so I guess I'll wait and see when that unfolds. Thanks!