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Hag, Old Hag, Old Hag Attack, Myth Or Reality

Updated on December 24, 2012
The Old Hag and Hag attacks have been told about for hundreds if not thousands of years.
The Old Hag and Hag attacks have been told about for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Hag, Old Hag, Old Hag Attack, Myth Or Reality

The term Old Hag Attack is quickly explained away by scientists as hypnagogic state in which paralysis is present and the person is awake. Often the person this is happening to will have terrifying hallucinations. Scientists explain that this is happening to the person and that nothing else is present.

But a vast majority of the people in the world claim that it is a entity known as an old Hag that is attacking them in their sleep and many people claim to look up and see the old Hag setting on their chest holding them down. I've studied the paranormal for the last forty plus years and many people have told me vivid descriptions of being attacked by an old Hag while asleep. Some of these people give so much detail that it's hard to imagine it not being a real attack.

Man Was Attacked By The Old Hag For Over Eleven Years

One older man I know told of being attacked for over eleven years. He would sometimes be attacked once a week or once a month and sometimes every night. He said it was always a real creature attacking him and not something he was imagining or hallucinating. At one point he went to a mental health doctor and after he told his story to the doctor the doctor told him he thought it was a ghost or spirit doing the attacks and he didn't feel like my friend needed medication. He instead sent my friend to a shaman for a cleansing. But the cleansing didn't stop the attacks.

The Man Said The Attacks By The Old Hag Were So Very Real.

He said that when the creature would attack him he could smell soil on its damp clothes and that it had the most horrid breath he had ever smelled in his life. He said it wore dirty dark clothing that smelt like it had been underground. He said it was definitely a woman and as she would set on his chest and hold him down he saw long yellow nails on her hands and he said her hair was stringy and grey. He said the creature attacking him was always the same but only made hissing sounds and never spoke.

He said that when he would wake that the old Hag would already be setting on his chest and that no matter how much he tried he could never push the attacking old Hag creature off him. He said that the attacks would last for 5 - 7 minutes and then the creature would just be gone. At least three times the mans wife woke up and saw the old Hag creature. As soon as she spoke the Hag creature would vanish.

The Man Being Attacked Had Actual Scratch Marks On Him

Sometimes but not always the creature would pinch and scratch him and sometimes there would be marks on his chest and neck. He asked me how could his imagination pinch or scratch him and leave marks. Once he said that when he and his wife woke up one morning that there were deep scratch marks up on the wall above their heads. Something that would have been impossible for them to do while asleep.

It's Possible The Hag Attacks Were Related To Native American Artifacts.

The man and his wife finally moved from the Seattle area to Miami Florida and he said he was never again attacked by the old Hag. He told me that he and his wife had bought several ceremonial clay pots when they first moved to Seattle and the attacks by the old Hag started almost as soon as the clay pots were brought into the house. They later took the clay pots to antique shop in downtown Seattle and they were told that the clay pots were most likely stolen from an Indian burial and that they had once held blood offerings. Before they left Seattle they went to a local tribe of Native Americans and gave the clay pots to a shaman there. The shaman told them that the clay pots had indeed been used in Native American ceremonies possibly several hundred years before.

My friend said that as soon as those clay pots were out of the house that the attacks by the Hag had stopped and never happened again.

My Friend Always Told The Same Story About The Old Hag

I found it interesting that over a fifteen year period that my friends story has never changed. I really believe he was being attacked by a real creature and that it was not a nightmare or dream. He showed me photos his wife took of scratches on him and it looked like he was attacked by something with sharp nails. You can't dream up deep scratches running down your chest and back.

Over the years many people have contacted me asking for help. Several including my friend from Seattle told me of being attacked by a creature they believed was very real. And after listening to their stories I believe they were attacked by an actual entity. In some cases it may be a dream but in several cases I believe their was some type of real entity attacking these people. Exactly what it was I have no ideal. But I believe in the unexplained and the paranormal. I believe there are many things that can not be explained away by scientists or doctors. And while I've never been the victim of a old Hag attack I do believe that some people are being attacked by something real. By something real I mean that in some cases something supernatural is going on. In a few cases I believe the old Hag attacks are real and that the person being attacked can not do anything to stop the attacks.

If you could have heard my friend from Seattle tell about his attacks I think you would believe to. He told of feeling the creatures clothing touch him and he said that the clothing the creature was wearing smelled like they had once been buried underground and that the creature had the smell of death on it. He went on to tell that sometimes the creatures face would be down in his and he said the creatures breath smelled like something old and rotten. He told me that at times when the attacks were going on that he felt as if he would die at any moment. The way he told the story to me over and over seemed so real. And I believed that my friend had indeed been attacked by some real supernatural creature.

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What Do You Think An Old Hag Attack Is?

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Some people believe that old Hag attacks are dreams or hallucinations. While other people including me believe that there is something supernatural going on.
Some people believe that old Hag attacks are dreams or hallucinations. While other people including me believe that there is something supernatural going on.

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Have You Ever Experienced An Old Hag Attack?

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Are Some Old Hag Attacks Some Type Of Supernatural Creature

Quite a few people who have been attacked by an old Hag have told of strange horrid smells, footsteps approaching their bed, and some have even told of bright red fiery eyes. There are to many stories told by people all over the world about being attacked by an old Hag for there not to be some truth to some of the attacks.

When a rational sane person tells me of being attacked over and over and they have photos of deep scratches on them I listen. A lot of people will tell you that ghosts and shadow people don't really exist. But I know for a fact that both ghosts and shadow people do exist. And I believe that in some cases it is some type of supernatural entity attacking people in some of these old Hag attacks.

I'm sure that in some cases old Hag attacks are hallucinations or dreams. Sleep paralysis can be a very frightening thing to happen to you. Imagine waking up and you can't move. It could really cause a person to panic and when you panic your imagination can run wild with you.

I'm sure in a lot of cases there is a logical scientific explanation to explain away an old Hag attack. But in a few cases I really believe that some type of supernatural being is attacking people. What it is or why it attacks some people over and over I can't explain. But I do believe it is going on.

What Is Old Hag Syndrome?

People wake up and suddenly discover that they can't move their bodies at all. In some instances the person suffering the attack feels as if something is setting on their chest holding them down. In rare cases people see an entity they almost always describe as an old Hag. Some people who this happens to more than once often tell of hearing footsteps approach their bed and then the supernatural entity is setting on them holding them down and no matter how hard they try they can't throw it off of them.

A lot of people tell of horrible smells and some say that they see the old Hag clearly setting on them and holding them down. Some tell of seeing a set of fiery red eyes in the room with them and some people say they sense evil in the room with them. If the person is not dreaming or hallucinating what is in the room with these people. What is the supernatural creature that is attacking people. We may never know but I believe that in some cases these people are really being attacked by some form of supernatural entity.

Have You Ever Suffered An Old Hag Attack?

If so we would all love to hear your story. Just post it below in the comment section. If you have questions about old Hag attacks feel free to post them below in the comment section. I really would like to hear what people have to say. Thanks for reading my Hub Page on Old Hag Attacks.

Please Post Your Comments Or Questions About Old Hag Attacks Now

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    • profile image

      maria too 

      6 years ago

      I was almost 9 months pregnant. I was sleeping on the couch because I was so uncomfortable. My husband felt bad for me and squeezed himself into the love seat cross the living room. We both fell asleep. I'm not sure why I woke up, but I did. I saw the silhouette of what I thought was a women with very messy hair. She was moving towards me. I was never able to see her face, it just looks like dark shadow. I had my arm under my head, like a pillow. She gets to me and grabs my arm with one hand so I that I can't bring it down. With the other hand she reaches into my armpit, like she is trying to tickle me only it really hurts and she's digging really deep. I try to pull my arm down and I can't. Finally she just disappears. I wrapped my arms around my pregnant belly and had a strange thought, I thought to myself please don't hurt my baby. My baby died less than a week later. I'm not an irrational person, I know this sounds crazy so I never tell anyone.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I woke up and saw her, most awful thing ever happened to me, every time I think about it it gives me chills.

    • profile image

      rhonda greenhill 

      6 years ago

      I was awakened by a tapping on my shoulder,as I turned to see who was doin the tapping I see a scary very old hair completely gray very wrinkled woman mayb indian she smiles as if she knows im scared.... I roll back over squeeze my eyes hard shes gone when I look back but I can feel her presence. The next night Im tellin my brothers bout what I saw a knife is brought almost completely out of block I hear it hit the window but they see it raise not float....Please any info id appreiciate.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I experienced something I need to know more about oct.17 I was awakened by a few taps on the shoulder when I turned to check it out I saw an old possible Indian woman bside my bed long gray hair very wrinkled she smiled as if she knew I was scared by her.As I was telling my brother about her the next night he seen a knife raise and I heard it hit the window. Please some input would b great....

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I never heard of the syndrome until lastnight and I researched it a little. I was lying on my side on the couch facing the inside of couch and I fell asleep with the door open on a pretty sunny day,I woke up to a cat lying on me and I couldn't move or turn around and I was choking and couldn't breath.I could hear foot steps and sounds like knees popping and cracking.I felt so scared and helpless,i couldn't turn around to see or protect my self,but I felt it was a very evil person standing behind me.It lasted a couple of minutes or so. finally I could move and the cat jumped out of the window and I never seen it again.

    • profile image

      go-go boots 

      7 years ago

      Since I was a child, I have experienced being awakened from sleep without the ability to move anything or speak at all and yes, I have felt threatened and terrified but don't remember too much of from what. It was one night I awoke to a woman who was kneeling by my bed. She was in black, with a laced veil over her face that was American Indian, very wrinkled and dark eyed. Though I was startled and turned away, she didn't appear to be evil. It was quite the opposite and I felt like she looked familiar. When my father was in a partial coma from a serious illness, he kept on telling me to look for the Indians and mumbled other things I didn't understand. After he survived he felt a closeness to the American Indian and would donate to various Indian communities. After he died, my mother who will swear, that so many ghosts including my father would appear most nights but one ghost in particular kind of freaked me out. She described a woman in black with a possible veil over her head as well, very wrinkled, that would extend her hand out at the foot of her bed. I still experience night paralysis at times and just recently came across possible explanations while researching another article I am writing. It's all very interesting!

    • keelymahaffey profile image

      Keely Mahaffey 

      7 years ago from Maine

      I never saw, heard, or smelled anything, but there have been several times that I've been somewhere between waking and dreaming, or at least that's what it felt like, and I couldn't move. It was terrifying, and as much as I tried, I couldn't bring myself to move or even make a sound. It always felt like something heavy was weighing down every part of me, and I'd find my heart racing and by breath hard to catch. I'd try to wake my husband by saying his name so he could shake me out of it, but there was nothing I could do. It always lasted a few minutes, and then I was up, afraid to fall back asleep.

      Hasn't happened in a while, thank goodness, and it won't hurt my feelings if it never happens again.

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      7 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Thanks for the very very interesting page!

      While I've never had an old hag attack, I used to often play the traditional Scottish/Irish folk tune melody about such things on guitar.

      It's a fun tune!

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      7 years ago from Summerland

      I have two similar experiences, though in the first it looked more like a shadow man with red eyes staring at me from outside of my window...while my body was paralyzed. I tried to scream but couldn't. The second time the creature looked more like an evil entity...potentially an evil alien type creature with fangs and long nails that tried to scare me by making me envision it hurting my child. In that instance, I also could not scream or move...even though what I was seeing was not real, as my daughter was in the next room sleeping soundly. Very interesting, crazyhorsesghost.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Recently I had an experience where I still do not know if I was dreaming or if it was real. I awoke in the middle of the night and could not move and I was terrified! It felt real but I chalked it up to a nightmare.

    • backporchstories profile image


      7 years ago from Kentucky

      Very interesting! At my time of reading, both polls were 50/50. I, personally, have never been attack, but I work with a lot of medicine people and see enough to believe in the supernatural! Good job on the Hub!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      I have never heard of this...Pretty interesting though.

    • Judi Bee profile image

      Judi Brown 

      7 years ago from UK

      My old hag was a man - I think. He used to appear through the wall next to my bed - I only ever saw his head, neck and shoulders. He generally just looked at me; he wasn't pleasant, but I didn't panic. As you describe, I would either be awake, or imagined that I was awake, and felt paralysed. It used to happen when I was a child into my mid-twenties. Interesting (and reassuring!) to know that I'm not the only one who has had this dream.


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