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Haitian Quake

Updated on January 19, 2010

A Sign or Symptom

The world has been heart struck by the Haitian earthquake as nations around the world prepare to send aide to this ill-fated third world country. Haiti has been without doubt the most economically depressed country in the West Indies with no significant export and no power source to encourage overseas investors to build manufacturing plants. Therefore Haiti has been very dependent on foreign aide for its economic expenditure.This country originally called Hispaniola (Little Spain) became divided into what we now know as Haiti and Santo Domingo.

As we watch the daily news reports of the death rate increasing by the hour some would ask, why did this have to happen?

In this we have 2 schools of thought;

· the scientific approach which involves the moving of the earth’s layers

· the spiritual approach given reference to as an "act of God".

In 1791 the voodoo high priestess of Haiti offered a "black pig" to Satan soliciting his help and affirming the nations believe in him to give them victory over the French domination. France involved in economic destabilization at home practically gave up the island and the Haitians attributed it as a victory and consequent independence to the covenant they had made with satan. For a period the country seem to have had some success only to make a dramatic turnaround to that which we see today.  

As a Christian writer, I believe that when a covenanted people cry out to God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for the healing of a nation then God in his loving kindness is obligated to respond and the method in which He allows the answer to come to the people in need is not always according to man’s expectation.

For example Moses was sent to Egypt as God’s agent of deliverance for the descendants of Abraham which had grown into a nation among the Egyptians. As we know, the Lord God saw fit to allow 10 plagues to infest Egypt because of the hardness of Pharaoh’s heart that refused to release Israel out of bondage.

The God of Abraham is obligated to fight for His people because of the blood covenant or beryth that He had cut with Abraham and so this rule of “Egypt” eventually came to a conclusion at the Red sea when the Lord revealed Himself to be a warrior and Israel’s strength.

He destroyed all of Pharaoh’s chariots and his army as they met an "expected end" to those who would fight against God as the turbulent waters of the Red sea covered them.

We must be aware that nothing happens on earth without God’s approval and so this earthquake was not a surprise to God. God is not in heaven astounded by earthly events but for those who seek Him, there is always a supplied way of escape but man all too often refuse the way that God has made.

The mighty God is not merciless but full of mercy and some times God shows His mercy in a tremendous shaking to change a people who were set on their way of life which without an allowed occurrence, would not receive the petitioned change.

You see, there is always someone standing in the gap for you but it boils down to our willingness to accept God's way of life.

You must understand, God will always retained for Himself a remnant that through this remnant the once considered lost people may come into a new day.

Could this not be the beginning of a “New Day” for Haiti?

It is ironic that before the earthquake most of the Christian community regarded Haiti as a nation that was given to witchcraft and therefore deserving of punishment but are blind to our own sins of sodomy, adultery, prostitution and lethargy in the church. If they received such a consequence for their sins, what should be ours?

We could go back to John Calvin and his school of though on predetermination. John believed God has determined who should be saved and when and who should be destroyed because God had foreknowledge of the acceptance of his Son. So this earthly tragedy will bring an eventual harvesting of souls for the kingdom of God as men and women get a revelation of their defined purpose.

We should never try to figure God out but be obedient to His words. God will always get the accursed thing out of the land so that His grace may have freedom to bring God’s people to Himself.

In Joshua 7:13

Up, sanctify the people, and say, Sanctify yourselves against to morrow: for thus saith the LORD God of Israel, There is an accursed thing in the midst of thee, O Israel: thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until ye take away the accursed thing from among you

God was not negligent of this day in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Believe me, Haiti had chances to repent just as America!

Now comes the question, will America repent of the sin that is “hid in the earth in the midst of their own tent?

Should not this be a time of reflection for our own country and move from the midst of the valley to doing what is holy?

Usually in a family when the father chastise one of the siblings the others fear the same chastisement especially if they are guilty and deserving of the same punishment.

Dear friend, Jesus Christ is the way out and I hope that you will accept Him into your heart today.


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