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Hajj for the year 2015

Updated on April 29, 2015

Hajj for 2015

Pakistan Hajj Policy for the year 2015 - Salient Features

Hajj is obligatory for every Muslim who has the ability. In case he has sources, health and government allows him to perform hajj it becomes obligatory for him to go for pilgrimages. For the year 2015 the Hajj would start from 21st September 2015 and all the elements of Hajj would be performed till 26th September 2015.

In Quran Hajj is described in the following words:

Surah Number 2: Al-Baqarah (The Cow)

196. And fulfill the Haj and Umra for Allah. Then if you are prevented, send sacrifice which you may get easily and shave not your heads, unless the sacrifice reaches its destination; Then whoso is ill of you or there is some ailment in his head, then he should keep fast in exchange or give alms or sacrifice, then when you are at ease, then whoso takes advantage by combining Umra with Haj, on him there is sacrifice which may be obtained easily. Then whoso cannot afford. He should fast for three days during Haj and seven days when he returns back home, these are ten days complete. This Command is for him who is not the dweller of Mecca and remains fearing to Allah and knows that the torment of Allah is severe.

197. The months of Haj are known; then whoso determines to perform Haj in these months, then there should be no mention of Copulation before women nor any sin nor quarreling with anyone till the time of Haj; and whatever good you do, Allah knows it. And take necessary provision with you, the best provision is piety and remain fearing Me, O Men of under standing!

The prospective hajj applicants should have a valid passport up to 30th March 2016. If they don’t have such passport, please be hurry and time is very short.

The Hajj Policy for Pakistani Hajees has been announced. As per news reports the most important aspect of Hajj Policy 2015 is the reduction of Rs.20,000 to Rs.25,000 in the fair for Hajees. Due to recent decrease of prices of petroleum products negotiations are underway between Ministry of Hajj and Pakistan International Airlines and ultimately the matter will be finally decided by the Prime Minister.

However, the Hajj Quota for 2015 is the same as compared to the last year and there is no increase in hajj quota. This means that this year too the number of Pakistanis who will perform hajj is 1,43,680. For 2014 the Hajj quota for Pakistan was reduced by 20% on the pretext that there was expansion work going on in Makkah. Hajj policy for the year 2015.

The following banks are receiving applications from the prospective hajees with effect from 27th day of April 2015. Hajj application forms can be obtained from these banks:

  • Habib Bank Ltd Pakistan
  • United Bank Ltd Pakistan
  • National Bank of Pakistan.
  • Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd Pakistan
  • Faysal Bank Pakistan.
  • Bank of Punjab Pakistan
  • Habib Metropolitan Bank Pakistan.
  • Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan
  • First Women Bank Ltd. Pakistan
  • Bank AlFalah Ltd. Pakistan
  • JS. Bank Ltd. Pakistan
  • Allied Bank Ltd Pakistan
  • Zarai Taraqiati Bank, Ltd. Pakistan
  • Sindh Bank, Pakistan

Fifty percent Hajj applications shall be processed through government and 50% through private hajj group organizers (HGO). Procedure for processing hajj applications on first come first service adopted last year has been abandoned and now the applications will be submitted to the scheduled banks till the deadline and thereafter the lucky prospective hajjees will be selected through computer random ballot.

Earlier, after the ballot a group of 25 hajees was constituted. However, for this year, each group of hajees will consists of fourteen members, and group members of each group will be selected before ballot. The name of the group leader will be included in the ballot and in case of selection of any group leader, whole group members shall be considered as selected for Hajj.

For this year, the approximate expenses for government arranged Hajj would be Rs.270,000 while for private hajees the expenses are about Rs.350,000. Include Rs.150,000 extra for every hajee which amount he would need for his personal expenses during Hajj. It is also a tradition in Indo Pakistan that the Hajees would bring gifts like dates, abe zam zam, tasbeeh, jai namaz for the relatives and friends. This cause extra burden for Pakistanis. This means that a person who has the amount Rs.400,000 in his possession is under religious obligation to perform Hajj.

Any person who had performed hajj during last five years will not be eligible or Hajj except in the case of Hajj e badal.

Last year the facilities for government sponsored hajees were very good and there was no complaint about it. On return, the government had also refunded certain to the Hajees. The facilities for government sponsored hajees were even better than the private hajj organizations/operators.

Hajj For 2015

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Hajj Policy 2015

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