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Halcyon Inspirations (Destinies of the Mind)

Updated on November 29, 2017

Celtic Cross

The Beginning

I have tried to give anyone who is struggling with a problem, complication, dilemma, dispute, issue, obstacle, or worry positive words to help them find some clear, confident and conclusive resolutions to their issue. My hope is that just one word, phrase or paragraph may be enough to help someone deliberate, contemplate, or reflect on what is keeping them from finding a solution to their problem, and then move forward in a positive, self-assured and enthusiastic manner.

Immerse yourself in the contents of this article and hopefully you will find the answer, but also concentrate on a particular part of the writings in English and Latin. Latin is more than a language, it is like music which inspires and gives hope in its composition, form and phrases. All parts or even just single words are provided to help give you inspiration and motivation, maybe even insight, revelation and vision.

The writings are not formed in a manner to be easily understood. Indeed, if they were then they would have only one meaning. They are composed to be deliberately abstract to allow different interpretation by individuals depending on their own thoughts, reflections, hopes and perceptions.

Everyone at some point in their life may need a little inspiration to get them through another day, a life event, or bad times. Words sometimes do not come easy, but then again sometimes words are all that are needed to inspire and bring hope.

Halcyon Sunset


1. Purposeful Thoughts

2. Colours of the Rainbow

3. Earth Day

4. Butterfly Wings

5. Sounds of the Wind

6. New Horizons

7. Halcyon Days

8. Standing on the Shore

9. Voices in the Night

10. Halcyon Dreams

11. The Creative Spirit

12. Life and a Promise

13. The Illusion of Solitude

14. Halcyon Nights

15. The Foundations of Life

16. Poetry of the Universe

17. A Mind of Innocence

18. The Beginning of Wisdom

19. A Handful of Hope

20. The Universal Mind

21. Embrace the Darkness

22. Deep Feelings

23. The Perfect Existence

24. The Ultimate Path

25. One World

26. Standing in the Shadows

27. All That We Are

28. Forgotten Dreams

29. Destinies of the Mind

30. Halcyon Inspirations

Purposeful Thoughts

1. Purposeful Thoughts

Ad singularem quandam operam dent tenebrae semper vigebit memoria quotienscumque dilectus erit, qualis est, et solus. Necesse est, ut vere lux et comparet cum te non ex amore et affectione, supponunt aliquam singularem personam. Si tibi cura neglecta invenies omnes curas et omnia lente lapsus est. Inveniet vitam, et inspice Tempus dilectionis ad interiora. Multus populus non ad hoc tempus non habent quanta dilectio.

The darkness will always make a particular effort to show itself whenever you are reminded of what it is like to be unloved and alone. To truly appreciate the light you must have something to compare it with and not take for granted any love and affection you have from individuals. If you are careless you will find that everyone that cares for you and everything you care for slips slowly away. Take time to look closely at your life and find that love within it. Too many people have no time to do this and do not realize how much love they already have.

Integer a positive et lux in tenebris cogitationes verum invenitur aliqua potentia atque exitu rerum. Semper esse potest, sed non est de beatitudine nihil cautum nec pignus ad felicitatem a casu, si ita tibi. Romanorum tamen semper intelligitur Amor signum liberalitatis pax salva honestate aut remissione aut opportunitatis tantum sensibus cognosci.

The light from your positive thoughts can help you through the dark by finding your true potential and the final result of any situation. There may be no guarantee of happiness but there is always the guarantee that you can have a chance to make happiness for yourself if you so desire. Love does not always mean a romance but a sign of generosity, peace, help, honesty or forgiveness or simply letting your feelings be known.

Colours of the Rainbow

2. Colours of the Rainbow

Itineribus ac alii in tenebris, sed habebit fieri posse sola mente interiore tibi duxi te per viam. Quid opus est vigilantia latet atque perceptio exterminant negativa semper invenire elit. Dormivitque cum fugere tecum animo lumina deteriores sunt turbatio et facientem. Hoc quid est factum, ut aperias oculos tuos.

Some journeys have to be made alone and in the dark but you can use your inner mind to lead you along the right path. Vigilance and perception is always needed to find what is hidden and banish negative thoughts to find success. Your imagination can run away with you when you lay with your eyes closed making things confusing and seem worse than they are. Simply open your eyes to see what is really happening.

Nolite mens conscia vestri mentis intuitionem et educam te et tua ruinas. Patientia et tranquillitate debeat esse inter extrema, ut objectum est vera sapientia spiritualis. Aliquam ac posse confidis via uteris sem constanter praebere. Numquid non perditio est nova per iniquum memoriae errata fecistis in praeteritum. Semper discentes, et pars partem, quae sic vitam Erroribus spectant futura praeteritis, ne tenebrae vos detineat.

Let go of your conscious mental blocks and let your intuition and spiritual mind guide you. Patience and calmness between the extremes of right and wrong are the objective of the spiritual person in order to find true wisdom. Success can come if you are confident and resolute in the way you use your creative energies. Do not ruin a new chance by flawed memories of mistakes you have made in the past. Mistakes are part of learning and part of life so always look to the future and do not let the darkness of the past hold you back.

Earth Day

3. Earth Day

Ut omnis qui in ira tua et in furore tristis dolorem dolori suo in mundo, sed in dies magis et te ut ferre possit. Amplectere magicae, quae in circuitu vestro sunt naturae; in luce solis nubes, silentio silvis, et in sereno plenilunium umbras. Dulce memoriam feci, habes ex tristitia et loca in auxilio tuo.

You may be living in your own anger or pain or sad with all the anger and pain in the world but still each day can bring its own magic and persuade you to stay. Embrace the magic around you provided by Mother Nature; the mist in the dawn sunlight, the silence of the forest, or the shadows cast by a full moon in a cloudless sky. Sweet memories of other times, people and places can help carry you away from the sadness in your mind.

Cur ad tempus redire non novit. Oculos tuos et non dirigas. Ad fabulas et fabulis fabulas audio decipiaris qui semitam momenta hac. Credis et in Spiritum mysteria ages? Et suavis est mentiri deseram cura crastini. Sed simplici via perdidisti sentias ut signum plenae candidi nubibus imber iridis adducam te revertentem tenebrae.

Why not return to a time you knew. Close your eyes and lose yourself. Wander down the pathway of myths and legends to hear stories that make moments last forever. Do you believe in the mysteries and the spirit of the ages? Lie gentle and still and never let go of the need to care about tomorrow. You may feel you have lost your way but a simple sign such as a glowing rainbow in a darkening rain-filled sky can bring you back again.

Et omni homini cor tuum manifestes vitae facultates, et vivere in concordia cum quiete omnes. Et habitabis in tempore praeterito utitur praesertim difficilioribus delectus habere inspiratione fieri. Cavendi peruigil in vita et somniatores frustra locuti sunt repetita aut foveant fantastic. Occurrere multis delectus, ad ductu intuitum ipsarum. Nisi timide ad eligendum super accipere, et non acciperent de eis. In confusione tua vera, semper iacere, dui.

Open your heart to all the possibilities of life and live in quiet harmony and peace with all around you. You can live in the moment and use the past as inspiration especially when difficult choices have to be made. Remain vigilant in everyday life and guard against implementing dreams that are far fetched or fantastic. When many choices face you, turn to your intuition for guidance. If you are hesitant over which choice to take, then do not take any of them. In confusion always stand up to your true beliefs.

Butterfly Wings

4. Butterfly Wings

Fato describentes vestra somnia potest futuram velis et cogitationes intelligit. Abierunt ergo opera tenebrarum, et minime dubium esse quin sparsere magicales cogitationes vestras. Non pugnes perpetuum vivit in aeternum, sed furore et uti veram solutionem invenire qui multa in potentia adhuc ad fieri. Cum nihil reliquum est, nempe, ut tibi tempus est desperatio sine pace mentis.

You can accomplish your destiny by recording your dreams and thoughts of the future as you would like it to be. Then the darkness and doubt can be gone and you should never fail as magical thoughts spread across your life. You should not fight forevermore or live in eternal fury but instead use that potential to find your true cause and resolve the many things still to be done. When there is nothing left to say, the time has come for you to find peace of mind without despair.

Hoc tibi expergefacto meruisti luce. Lorem ipsum dolor mollius invenire responsa et veritas in mente. Vides hominem factus es? Electiones nosti tu fecisti? Potes videre praeterita tuam cogitemus iniuriae? Ecquis est qui recta prava facias? Sed cicatrices et vulnera non fallis sic curare debes accipere ut adhuc nocet participant nuntius. . Ipse te interroga, si qua tibi vis oculos videre in speculo? Tamquam speculum tibi, vel in memoriam mihi

When you wake you have earned this new day. Use it to find your truth and the answers to ease any pain in your mind. Do you see the person you have become? Do you recognize the choices you have made? Can you reflect on your past to see right from wrong? Is there any way you can make things right that were wrong? You try to hide the scars but the wounds won’t heal so accept that you need to share the message that it still hurts. Ask yourself this, if you glanced in the mirror what would you see? A reflection of you, or just a memory of me?

Sounds of the Wind

5. Sounds of the Wind

Requiritur immobilitas in alios habere amorem vestrum. Quod signum quodque lumen videant alii tecum positive dicetur. Show amare posse iudicans indubitanter paeniteret. Satus interrogantem stetissent frui posse iam vos can utor vestri ac sibimet alii industria.

To have a greater love for others requires stability within your mind. A sign that you can see the light within yourself will be shown and absorbed by others in a positive manner. Show that you can love others without judging, hesitation or regret. By stopping questioning what you could be and start enjoying what you already are you can let others feed off and enjoy your energy.

Concurrunt ad partes, qui ad coetum amore concordant, et intelligeres. Et in societate cum aliis melioribus temporibus tristibus actis minus tristes. Licet singuli coetus possint aliter pervenire ad veritatem concorditer virtute ac felicitate simultatem. Similitudines populus simul: sed differentias faciunt fortior. Oblivisci tempus est altus motus corporis temporibus coetus accentus aut alterius auxilio ciat.

Become part of a group of people who work together towards the purpose of love, harmony and understanding. Happier times are spent in the company of others and make sad times seem less sad. Although each member of a group is different they can work together in harmony to achieve true power, success and togetherness. Similarities bring people together but differences make them stronger. This is a time to forget periods of high emotional or physical stress by gaining the support of a group or another individual.

New Horizons

6. New Horizons

Noli esse requisitam, obligationes vel conditiones non posuit, aeque diligimus tantum nocumentum inferatur, non sine iudicio vult. Sit tibi cura et tutela sunt vobis sollicitus sit. Sitque securus et fac ei. In istis rebus accidia, ira, et ne obliviscaris, mollis et tenera. Iidemque sive rideant sive naturaliter possunt sentire vere amavit homo.

Make no demands, set no obligations or conditions, wish no harm on anyone only love everything equally without judgment. Be protective of those you care for and who care for you. Make them feel secure and you will be shielded in return. In this world of apathy and anger do not forget your gentle and affectionate qualities. By their use they can make a person naturally smile or feel truly loved.

Habe et illa foris fruens speciem naturae et gratiae creationis. Cum iterum uti quaeque intro ad confirmandos vos, et naturae necessitudines cum messis tua Glossarium. Lorem crescere fiducia ac præsertim hoc scies quod novum arte feret. Habe ad animi tantum significantia non enim proderunt tibi in his verbis, et aliis, sed etiam ad ipsum.

Spend time outdoors enjoying the beauty and grace of the animals and plants of nature’s creation. When indoors again use the sights to strengthen your connections with nature and harvest your own creativity. Enjoy the confidence and calmness this will bring as you learn and grow a new craft. Direct your mind and emotions to meaningful expressions and use them to not only benefit you but also others and the environment.

Halcyon Days

7. Halcyon Days

Iam duri, quae vos non spectant. Et inusitatis atque alta patent, non sentiunt aliquid quaerunt, ut nusquam invenies. Quisque suo modo vita exuberat. Cibum capere atque invenire gratiam tuam et positivis. Tibi non licet habere visum et prehensos positivis sentiendo supponitur.

Never look too hard for what you may already have. Deep and unusual sentiments are not fully visible and you may be searching for something you will never find. Everyone has an abundant life in their own way. Find yours and be thankful and feed off the positives. Never lose the dream by realising the positives you have and taking them for granted.

Non reliquimus in eis viverent: Cum tibi ambitio languere incipit quæ nihil prodest, et a vobis semel solatium et delectationem. Sed quia difficile factu est, multo magis ambitio. Multum quæretur ab eo quod est in mente elit, aperi oculos tuos et ut quotidie tibi gratias agerem.

When you have no ambition left in your life you may start to languish and you lose interest in the things that once gave you the greatest comfort and enjoyment. But having ambitions that are too difficult to achieve is much worse. Remember that a lot of disappointment comes from wanting more, so open your eyes and be thankful for what you have every day.

Patientia enim vobis aperire et aliquid ignorare, quae videtur circa signa ex consuetudine. Intus est vestrum est scire Lorem iam intus sic quod ex aequo audire susurros responsum ad detegendum, ut ad te iudiciis. Nunc fallat finguntque perfectum prorsus intacta mundo naturali, et consolatus est a gloria eius.

Be patient and open to the signs around you and be aware of anything that seems out of the ordinary. All you need to know already exists inside you so with patience listen to the whispers from within you as they may be revealing an answer to decisions you have to make. Now close your eyes and imagine a perfect totally natural untouched world and take comfort from all its beauty.

Standing on the Shore

8. Standing on the Shore

Quamvis sunt laedunt, vis vincere potes. Sed nihil arduum est ac lenta natura virium opus patientia et aliis circa te, et scire te ducere ad novos prospectus. Imo mentis vestrae, non potest esse non audent fabulis antiquis magicae res secundiores minuat luctus dant lacrimas.

No matter how hurt you are within, you have the power to overcome this force. It is a slow and difficult road but use the strengths of nature and others around you to find the patience needed to guide you to new horizons. Deep within the corridors of your mind there can be old magic tales of happier times to diminish the sorrows that bring tears.

Noli timere, quia prohiberi aut consequi aliquid desit ex dubitatione. Adhuc strictiore sensu in negativa quia volo manere facilis est bene. Questus nocere vel cavere implicari licet ardua res. Vel si uis habere, quam bene atque mutare vias itinera semper aliquis potest secundum partes, nunc.

Do not be held back from wanting to achieve something because of fear or doubt. These negative restrictions in your mind want you to stay still because it is the easy option. You may be wary of getting hurt or becoming involved in a difficult situation. But if you choose more than one option and have alternative ways to any new direction you can always change paths depending on the moment.

Quod certe facere aliquid metuis, si metum vertentes atque perficere conetur ea, quae ad vos, ut facere voluerit. Vide si certamen metam post cursum mutare necesse est pervenire ad destinatum. Refert, quod committitur in via, ut metas. Visio, non potest esse sine principio et sine consecutione determinationem finalem intentionem non potest fieri.

Even if you are afraid to do something do it anyway by channeling that fear to complete the things you have to do and try things you may have wanted to do. See the final destination and realize that if necessary you can change course later to reach that destination. The important thing is to start on the path towards your goals whatever they may be. Without an initial vision there can be no final attainment and without determination the intention can never be achieved.

Voices in the Night

9. Voices in the Night

Secus est vera sapientia in rebus respondet ad audienda vox interioris gemitus. Non enim potest esse, ut non perturbationibus emergere turbante tumultu, sive interioris, silentium, et lucernae ardentes in tenebris, ut, cum unus animus. Ex alia vero non potest esse nisi a te.

In the absence of answers in the physical world find true wisdom by listening to the sighing of your inner voice. For it to emerge there can be no distractions or inner turmoil, only silence and darkness with a single lit candle to concentrate your mind. Truth cannot come from another, it can only be found by you alone.

Tristitia, destitutione, quod tristitia et dolor, potest ex ratione atque actionum tuarum caris amicis aut iure. Quisque vitae velit ac singulari non sentis, quod ibi in perpetuum. Ut tragici eventus inevitabilia amicitia rupta, repudii, vel amissum. Cruciatus et dolor animi et servat pervigilat adurit. Hoc sensus est idem apud omnes, et nullo modo ex aliqua situm. Visus est manere Patientia resistat tibi dixerit vobis levate oculos vestros et clamans. Memoriae tamen laborare te maneant ea cunctis diebus vitæ tuæ, ut accipiat te per bonos ac semper gratus qui derelicti sunt.

Sadness, disappointment, regret or grief can arise because of your actions and by taking your friends or loved ones for granted. Value every person in your life that makes you feel special as they will not be there forevermore. Tragic events cannot be avoided such as a broken friendship, divorce, or the loss of a friend. The pain tortures and burns your mind and keeps you awake at night. This effect is the same for everyone and leaves a feeling that there is no way out of the situation. The endurance of vision tells you that what remains is what can stop you crying and open your eyes. You will have to work hard on it but memories are what remain to take you through the rest of your life and always be thankful for the good ones that are left.

Halcyon Dreams

10. Halcyon Dreams

Nullam ex omnibus virtutibus tuis, et quid cogitare quid errare fecit scelera vestra. Ab hac mentis et analysis ad canalem illustratio spiritualis, et in futura sapientia positive et aliis prosunt tibi.

Learn from all your mistakes and wrongdoings by thinking about what happened and why you did what you did. Use this analysis to channel the wisdom and enlightenment from your mental and spiritual powers for future positive benefit for others as well as yourself.

Aequilibrium inter bonum et invenit mens cogitare super cor, ut non sit per iudicium facere. Quandoque Duis ut quacumque occasione recte veniat, non facinus eorum. Qui tum fit consequat elit occasionem consuli in alio, non ut una ante alias cogitasti.

Finding a good balance between your spiritual mind and your heart means you do not have to over think every decision you make. To expand your mind sometimes it is right to seize every opportunity that comes along, but do not exploit them. If an opportunity becomes a problem then use that experience to consider things in a different light, one you may not have thought of before.

Quamquam etiam sine admiratione rerum semper et iterum nunc in potestate animam tuam. Si vis scire, quo tu properas et potestas tua ne dubium aut interiori dubitationis. Habens fidem, et secundum quod ipsum, etsi etiam ad te, quia solus sustinere vos. Memento autem petens auxilium vel consilium non est turpe, et damno, non quaeritur in ignominiam ferre posse.

Despite some surprise events now and again you are actually always in control of your life. If you know where you are headed then your inner strength and power can remove any doubt or hesitancy. Having faith and respect for yourself means that even if you are alone you can turn to yourself for support. But remember that there is no shame in asking for help or advice, the shame is in not asking and the loss that could bring.

The Creative Spirit

11. The Creative Spirit

Desertum, uti pro industria industria ad caelos luctu aut conquerentes ad actuosam capere mutationes in mundo. Per fidem, et doctrinam, et rerum gestarum prospere posse credimus, si fieri possit, in potestate tua est. Sed motus non modo imperasti ut emineat patientiam misericordiae et veniae. Tunc spirituali sapientia non cognovit.

Waste no energy grieving or complaining or seeking revenge instead use that energy to take positive action to make changes to your world. Through confidence, discipline and ability great success and achievements can come to you if you also believe in the power of your mind. Do not just control your emotions but rise above them to find patience, compassion and forgiveness. Only then can your spiritual wisdom be realized.

Praesent libero animo ferre quae reducit affectus industria latent, ad virtutem et vitam securitas. Value tranquillitas, et pax, et vitari placida tranquillitas. Ne in animo quidem auditum quia prudentia et fide caruisse. Quae ad auxilium tuum usum levare aliaque bona in vita tua. Et requiem tibi dabit eis potestatem sed ne sint aut futura vita non posse, ut sit tractandum nimiam.

Use your imagination to free the concealed emotions that can bring a new level of energy, strength and confidence to your life. Value tranquility and peace and avoid conflict with a quiet calm. Never stop listening to your insight and believe in your imagination for inspiration. Use these feelings for your own and others good to help overcome difficulties in your life. Let them guide you but do not allow them rule your life or they will become an obsession you may not be able to handle.

Life and a Promise

12. Life and a Promise

Quod linquis potest esse spirituale, vel decisionem illustratio intellectus, vel etiam somnia et desideria vestra absconderunt. Quidquid volueris, mitte hunc lumen diu satis habent omnem memoriam tibi bonum. Aemulatores amplector ac turpis velit tempus positivum exitus animadverto somnia et in terra. Integer signis activo vox interioris mentis potentia consequi excitatio ex animo. Memento quod nihil durat in aeternum.

What you leave behind can be spiritual or a parting of enlightenment or understanding or even your hidden dreams and desires. Whatever you decide, cast a light on everyone you touch long enough so they have only good memories of you. Accept and embrace your ambitions to choose to realize your dreams of leaving positive memories of your time on earth. Your inner voice can help by actively manifesting the power of your mind to achieve this awakening from your heart. Remember that nothing lasts forevermore.

Aut in dolore vita, nullo interpellatus, vita foret opus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit vincere difficultates et ponere ante reversus est via ad vitam in praeteritum retro. Dolor autem animam tuam, et judicium tuum ratiocinium initio ire nubes quantum sentit malus. Ac intus in te crescere ac risus repleti perturbatione animi tranquillitate uestram dubitant fieri magis certus et diligens, quam antea.

If there were no pain or challenges in life, life would be pointless. Use the pain to overcome any difficulties to returning your life to the way it was before and put the past behind you. Pain will initially cloud your reasoning and judgment but your life will go on no matter how bad it feels. Learn and grow and waken within yourself the inner calmness to clear your mind of confusion and doubt to become more capable, confident and loving than before.

The Illusion of Solitude

13. The Illusion of Solitude

Lorem quando iacet trudunt fluunt vitae industria committitur augue amor non est optima solutio. Est inconveniens, quod faciat, nisi tu, quoniam disrumpet compleant facere. Si vos es questus nimium æqualia et tempus non est motus de loco. Dolor est se intueri ac potentem quid expergiscimini vocare potest.

Emotional stagnation when the flow of energy or love stops and you start drifting through life is not the best solution. It is very unlikely that you can accomplish, achieve or complete anything so you have to break free. If you are giving too much and not getting the same in return it is time to move on. The pain is a powerful wake up call to look at your situation and see what can be done.

Nisi tibi est, hoc in primis, cupiunt pervenire praeterito quam bonum et quam durus futurum deserta spectat. Rememoramini autem pristinos dies in tantum non necesse est et futurum spectant. Lorem iter velis persequi seipsum invenire futura sequi.

The lack of motivation or desire to achieve manifests itself in you complaining about how good the past was and how desolate the future looks. Remember the past is gone and cannot be changed so you must look to the future. Use self-discovery to pursue the path you want to follow into the future.

Halcyon Nights

14. Halcyon Nights

Quod quaerendum est, cum rationibus niti intestino scelere illae passiones non habent pacem. Non requiritur, ut non per continuum Compromissum certamine superatus animo non potes cogitare. De virtute in virtutem, et intellectus interior est, maior aliqua corporalis exercitatus. Si quid in te quod tu scis hoc esse pugnandum tibi dimicant.

You must find the reasons for inner conflict or guilt as while you struggle with those emotions you can have no peace. Compromise may be all that is required instead of continuing to fight or think that you cannot overcome your feelings. The value in inner courage and understanding is greater than any physical confrontation. If you feel you must fight be sure you know within yourself what it is you are fighting for.

Penitusque temporibus difficile aut quaero accentus impulsibus resistere tibi vires necessarias ad vitam interioris. Instantem virtutes superare tuis. Necessarius ad determinationem, omne Fusce progressus. Sed discere non possis intellegere fateor, ac solutio satis reperire possit. Tum uero ad petendum auxilium animi sustineret.

In times of great difficulty or stress search deep within you for the inner strength needed to withstand the pressures of life. Use your own spiritual powers to overcome these hard times. Explore every option to find the determination needed to keep going forward. But learn to realize when you cannot find a solution and admit that enough is enough. Then ask for help to reduce your mental burdens.

The Foundations of Life

15. The Foundations of Life

Ubicumque in viventibus vita cotidie non deficere potest ad spem vel fiduciam de vobis. Si alicubi sunt, et in tenebris atque in auxilium vocandi invenies spem fiduciamque praeteritum est. Et sic in vitam cotidianam hora rutrum non convertam postridie expectans quid loquamur.

No matter where you are in life never give up on the hope or confidence living each day can bring to you. If you are lost somewhere in the darkness, call on the past for help and find that hope and confidence again. Experience each moment of the daily reality of life and waste no time waiting and hoping for what the next day will bring.

Vita vivet, et non ita memoriae dignum vita moras quaerit alterius vivere. Quod omne momentum est momentum placeat tempus vitae tuae. Potes expendere tempus et labore tantum mutatis mutari. Et mutari non poterit, mutare conari quod tuis exhauriunt.

Live your own life so that it is worth remembering and do not waste time trying to live someone else’s life for them. Be contented with each moment as each moment is a moment of your life. Only spend time and effort changing the things you can change. To try and change something that cannot be changed will exhaust your life.

Scire esse, si non vere est mors, et corruptae sunt corpora. At non vivere debemus aestimare hac uita. Quod accipiens homo in hac vita potest esse quietis.

We do not really know if there is an existence after the death and decomposing of our bodies. We should not speculate about an afterlife but live this life. By accepting this life as it is a person can have inner peace.

Poetry of the Universe

16. Poetry of the Universe

Non ruunt, aut certe vitam opprimere. Tempus est modo et quando futurum. Saepe contingit temporibus fatis eius adventus ferit si scire potest intueri. Causa et effectus, aut minor potestas facta non sint, si fatum. Cogita ante postremi omnium actionum et ultimum, non mireris, nec eos opere perficit. Sic facta semel placuit mutare non potes ut optio illa cogita semper, et alios adiuvare.

Never rush, or force life events. They will only happen when it is time for them to happen. There may be times when destiny strikes without warning but often its coming can be seen if you know where to look. Cause and effect can affect your destiny even if they are meaningless or minor actions. Think about the final results of all your actions before carrying them out and destiny should not surprise you. You cannot change your actions once they are decided so always consider making choices that will help you and others.

Ante mediam noctem ad novum est, quod dies atque neglegere disciplinam. Iam vero si quid tibi terga maris caelumque et nigrum potentia tantum naturae sero vera sentire. Plerique non discere, aut negant, quod est vere bonum, et quid inter omne pondus atque nefas est.

It is at the midnight hour that you start a new day of forgetting and learning. If you turn your back on what you really see then the sky and seas will turn black and you will only feel the true power of nature when it is too late. Most people will never learn, or refuse to recognize, what is truly right and what is absolutely wrong and everything that stands in between.

A Mind of Innocence

17. A Mind of Innocence

Observa et moribus aliena, et discere causas cognoscere, per vestram spiritualem, et flevit super humerum cum aliquis indiget aliquo, vel forte aliqui blanda verba. Audi voces cum aliis obviaret vosmet ipsos. Susceptor meus et monitor et aequos esse semper bonum ex corde loqui. Non iudicantes neque quod reprehendis, quod alii audiendi dicitis palam.

Observe the behavior and motivations of others to learn and recognise through your own spiritual wisdom when someone needs a shoulder to cry on or perhaps just some reassuring words. Listen to others even when their words are in conflict with your own opinions. Be a good advisor and sympathetic supporter and always speak from your heart. By never judging or blaming, others will openly come to you to hear what you have to say.

Si vis ad succedunt, per intuitum ipsarum committitur, sensus spiritualis, et sensus. Pondera dolor vitae quam a solum accipiendo tractare possis. Si quid habes ut facile ad deditionem se bonum est, ut veniat ad tempus auferre. Obtineat proportionem, mollitiem hoc pacto tuo. Uti cognoscere potential navitas ex interiore notitia, non quo aliis can.

If you want to succeed, start by using your intuition, common sense and spiritual understanding. Focus on balancing your life by only taking on as much as you can handle. You have to be ready to surrender something if another opportunity comes along that is too good to ignore. In this way you can maintain the balance and flexibility in your life. Use the energy from your inner knowledge to recognise potential where others cannot.

The Beginning of Wisdom

18. The Beginning of Wisdom

Errare, nisi vita ex potes? Numquid producis Luciferum in vita qui respiciebat ruinae? Praesidium ab illis, et inambulabo Potes calefiunt stetit indigent? Quod habes cum transirent spem extremam desperationem desperantium credere possunt ferre poterit ut eas vires cadentium ultra? Quod plus est, ut posset te sentias vivit

Can you save a life from going wrong? Can you guide someone who’s facing the ruins of their life? Can you help them find protection and walk by their side giving them the warmth that they need? Can you provide hope for the hopeless as they go through their deepest desperation so they can believe that with your strength and support you can stop them falling further? What greater gift could you give to make yourself feel alive?

Palpate et videte dewdrops tactus mitis aura sol lucet in mane. Natura mollis et silva sequi perambula ad quas vos ducturus est ad voces. Tum repente sentit altum memoriam excitandam pulchritudo infra obtinet locum. Tempus ergo eum venire, et veritas, et prudentiam tuam mansuetudinem nutritae circumstant. Ergo potest videre id quod est in omni puncto temporis vivere.

Feel the touch of a mild breeze and see the dewdrops sparkling in the early morning sun. Walk through the forest and follow nature’s soft voices to lead you to where you belong. Then you will feel the sudden awakening of your deep memories found within the beauty of this special place. Time will then pass and the truth will come, nurtured by the gentleness and understanding of your surroundings. You can then see what is worth living in every moment of time.

A Handful of Hope

19. A Handful of Hope

Praesent ipsum diligere et accipiunt de omnibus aliis personis, et tantum faciunt tibi. Sed plures sunt partes unius, tibi unum, sicut e longinquo. Aut quid est illud positive respondere negative. Dimitte homines, ut consortes, pertinet te, ut possint cibum capere tua, sicque fovere positivum industria. Non est cor tuum in desiderio, qui luci teneritudine affectus omnes facies terrae.

Learn to love and accept all the different features of your personality that make up you and only you. There are many parts that make up one person but from a distance they appear as one entity. That entity is what people respond to in a positive or negative manner. Let people share that special connection with you so they can feed off your positive energy and outlook. There is in your heart desire, emotion and tenderness that can light the faces of all those around you.

Fatigo circa problems, non nisi ea faceret peius. Sed ad usum negative industria situ et incipit quaerere solutionem solvendum aliquid positivum. Noli timere, et invocare misericordiam sapientia sua. Liberalitate, et erit recordatio vestri praeteritum verba adminicula. Praeterea, ille qui habet scientiam in se habet sapientiam et prudentiam esse intuitum ingens solatium. Sed in aliud tempus, et curam suscipere vitae interimat.

Worrying about problems does nothing but make them worse. Instead use the negative energy to start doing something positive to resolve a situation and find a solution. Do not be afraid to call on the kindness and wisdom of others. Your past generosity and supportive words will be remembered. Someone who has wise intuition and applies knowledge with practicality can be a great source of comfort. Assume responsibility and take charge of the situation rather than let it destroy your life.

The Universal Mind

20. The Universal Mind

Foris nihil fore, quod est initium. Ut igitur in spe, quae erit spiritus et animi et discurrendo innititur res incipit esse. Vestra auctoritate et subconscious mentis tuae conscius, ad cognoscendum quid est verus, et non solum rationes vel velit metus. Interdum at proximo, ut non respondere ad quaestionem, optimum esse simplicissimum, et applicate ad unum tibi accipere possis.

Without hope you will accomplish nothing, but that is only the beginning. In order for your hope to be realized you must support it by combining your spirit and emotions then positive things can start to happen. Let your subconscious influence your conscious mind to find out what is real and not just manifestations of your fears or wishes. Sometimes the most obvious answer to a problem is the simplest but it may not be the best, or the one that you can accept when it applies to you.

Si ab omni ordine atque ratione universum est tantum intelligibilis intellectus nostri fidentes et istam putandum. Mundo vivimus falsis attingere cogitatione rei. Find in arcana rerum rationes. Hodierna umbra rationis mundum esse altiorem intellectum. Usura a disciplina silentio blank unum ex omnibus perturbationibus, et ingredietur et invenire solutiones ad altiorem vitae elit.

The universe is rationally organised and therefore understandable by all if we just trust our intellect and discard our senses. We live in the unreal world and can reach the reality by thought. Find hidden meanings in the rational principles of the universe. Our world is a shadow world of the rational higher level of existence and intellect. Using a discipline of silence, one can blank out all distractions and enter the higher level and find the solutions to life’s problems.

Embrace the Darkness

21. Embrace the Darkness

Maximam tamen semper aliquis quieto silentio locis vel circa. Aut a te ipso ambulate in alta fluvium aquæ. Sic in vita secundum hoc fecistis, et quiete frui rebus ad adjuvandum confirma tranquillo animo. Hi quandoque, si amissum, tristitia superatur, et detrimentum et ignominiam ad defectionem ac promovere. Dimitte motus et eis usus est ad utilitatem tuam provocare ullo indecisions vel dubia concordanda.

Always make the most of any still, peaceful or quiet places around you. Walk within yourself in a deep forest or by a flowing river or stream. You have made it this far in life so enjoy these moments of calm and restfulness to help strengthen your mind. It is these times when, if you have lost, you can overcome the sadness, confusion and despondency to then accept the loss and move forward. Release your emotions and use them to your advantage to challenge any remaining indecisions or doubts.

Omnes lectiones ad auxilium didicistis ut rursus iter ad usum anima et mente regeretur. Ingenii et opinionum securus semper. Auxilium ad uti nova ex harmonia et persequentur beatitudinis desiderio, fines et adfectant. Cum novus motus consummatio spiritualis post pressuram successus doloribus queas.

All the lessons you have learned should be put to use to help start again the journey of the soul and mind. Always be sure of your abilities and convictions. Use harmony and bliss as a new cycle to help pursue your desires, goals and aspirations. With emotional fulfillment and a new spiritual sense you can achieve success after your many trials and ordeals.

Deep Feelings

22. Deep Feelings

Praeteriti temporis, et quia omne bonum Respice manent. Negativis non spectant. Ne ponat, adspice mente tua, et ex hoc potes clare futurum spectant. Respice in praeteritum et non potest facere bona, et velles posse, nec melius mutet. Dum non est cum ea quicquam iniquum respicere te uti memineris informari tempor ante. Lorem ipsum dolor sit ficti esse difficile, quidquid præter te dignum et iacet ante provocationes superare habeantur.

Look back on the past and all the good that remains there. Do not focus on the negatives. Be positive and look ahead and by doing so you can clear your mind and look to the future. You cannot look at the past and wish you could change it and make things right or better. There is nothing wrong with looking back as long as you remember the good times for inspiration to take you forward. A difficult or emotional past can be the assurance you need that whatever lies ahead you can meet and overcome any challenges which may arise.

Momento temporis antequam procedat semper respicere. Nolite timere num quid amplius, aut vindicta ratum perfectionis aperire nova illustratione tolerantia. Nemo nisi des potestatem super te ad eos. Ut dui ac moribus sunt outdated novum quid in istis locis dimittere. Namque et in negativis uitans exordiendum est aedificare vitae positiva est. Et non opus est accipere quod ire necesse est quod tibi.

Before you move forward always take a moment of time to look back. Let go of what you no longer need whether it is fear, preconception or revenge and open up to a new enlightenment of perfect harmony and tolerance. No one has power over you unless you give it to them. When old beliefs and attitudes are outdated you have to let them go and put a new structure in place. Ignoring the negatives in your life and concentrating on building on the positives is necessary to begin your life again. Let go of what you no longer need and accept what you do need.

The Perfect Existence

23. The Perfect Existence

At nihil facere voluntatem mutabilem vitam mutaveris in meliores actus, ut decernat. Tolle in manu tua, et mundus erit: et cum fiducia ad vitam vis facere incipiunt esse. Tu loqueris infinita potentia, si potes invenire rationem interiorem vocem subconscious mentis, quem quæris. Sed nequaquam mens plene comprehendi subconscious porta sit amet, mysteria & arcana et inveniant veram occulta in omnibus virtutibus. Quod utatur ea ad te augere et inspira in interno.

Making a wish may change nothing but making a decision may change your life for the better. Take your world into your control and you will be filled with confidence to start to make your life the way you want it to be. You have unlimited potential if you can speak directly to your inner voice and subconscious mind to find the explanation you are looking for. The subconscious mind will never be fully comprehended but it is the gateway to all mysteries and secrets and can be used to find the true powers hidden in everyone. Use it to enhance and inspire yourself on an inner level.

Pt species videntur. Ut sit amet enim ex nobis. Cognoscere est maxime utile falsum doctrinae partem. Quis scire quid fides, pro amicitia, amor? Ex tempore, si non agnoscimus, videt lupum nascimur ante. Quando quidem beatissimam vitam nostram habemus simplicissima est, quando et a poenis liberum vitae elit. Non revertemur in natura. Et ideo non potest habere rationem perfecte non possumus vivere, animas ab ethica. Non potes decisionem differre usque in aeternum. Postremo captus erit actio. Mundus semper est circa timorem prophetia cadunt. Suos omnes periere mihi cogitanti, non est spes, non est anima mea in cessaverunt. Maximi dolores respondeatur habere pugnandi, noctem unam ad vivere. Finis est ad solis semel per diem.

Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen. To be really happy we must depend on ourselves. The most useful piece of learning in life is to learn what is untrue. Does anyone really know the meaning of trust, friendship, or love? If we see a wolf we recognise it from a time before our birth. We are really at our happiest when our life is at its simplest, when we are free from the pains and problems of life. We cannot return to nature. We cannot fully comprehend nature and therefore cannot have an ethical system to live our lives by. You cannot postpone a decision forever. Eventually action will have to be taken. There is always the fear of the prophecy of the world about to fall. When I think of all the loved ones I have lost, there is no hope, there is no fight left in my life. The greatest of pains hold the answer to fighting, to have one more night to live. To see the sunrise one more time is your ultimate goal each day.

The Ultimate Path

24. The Ultimate Path

Quorum hodie pauca promissa officiis officia et vos a contribulibus vestris, et non descendit ad veritatem tuam. Cura tibi reverentia et cum omnibus habent, et in atriis domus circa tristitias. Auxilium ad tempus et industria vestra inspirent altis succedunt. Tunc observare atque alii credat tibi, et pariter per aliquam moram temporis. Quod in fine diei potest aliquis laudem reliqueris risus.

Today few people honour their promises or obligations, but never back down from your own responsibilities and remain true to your word. Respect and care for all life and protect those around you when they have their own sadness. Give your time and energy freely to others to help inspire them to succeed. Those others will then respect you and trust you, and stay by your side through any crisis. At the end of a day what you leave behind can make someone cry or laugh.

Quod cum factum est, et ambitiones metis, facilius, si uti liquido patet, intellectus et ratio solidi animi. Utor illa caligo velit nunc agere, et fortasse ad te habentem aliquid cupis pervenire. Responsum iniuriae reperietur quisquam qui tibi licet admittere noluit. Et nunc absolvo vos reperio progredi provocare nos.

The achievement of goals and ambitions is easier if you use crystal clear understanding and solid mental reasoning. Use these to clear the fog that may have been holding you back and act now to achieve anything you wish for. The answer can then be found even if it is the wrong one which you did not want to admit to. You are now free to move forward to challenge life and find the right answer.

One World

25. One World

Qui in tenebris ignota sentias quaerunt te illecebris perfectionis qui de tenebris ad vitae exitum. Et in temporibus illis tenebris lucem sperare in te unum atque intendere et sidus ad auxilium spei et incitamentum ad te, et det tibi tempus malum est. Ut videri licet in tenebris dominabitur tumultu, tamen verum valet removendum mentis vestrae ad faciem. Tene igitur mane, excitare, iterum ad mox recentia in momenta, et cogitationes in illis demum dubiis, deficient in luce. Ex potentia et securitas in turribus tuis reperias, plus quam tu voluntas ex anima et mens in rebus materialibus.

You may feel that there is an unknown in the dark while you keep searching for perfection and an escape from the shadows to the allure that life holds. In those times of darkness, trust in yourself and concentrate on the light of a single star for hope and inspiration and to help you through the bad times and give you purpose again. In the darkness although confusion may seem to have a hold over you, you still have the strength to face the truth and remove the doubt within your mind. Hold on once more for the soon to awaken morning then those doubts will fade away in fresh moments and thoughts found in the new day. You can find more power and security from within your soul and mind than you will from material things.

Non curat hic, quid de te alii vel putare vel dicere. Sentire quid est in te est. Illuminatio et videre mundi discere nova quotidie usu cognoscendi. Ne credas in te et aliis imperare ingenio tuo. Novae sunt omni certitudine nonnihil periculi, sed mutatio. Artes et fiducia in via potest facere mutationes vis vis.

Never care what others think or say about you. Just do what you feel within yourself is right. See the world using knowledge and enlightenment and learn new things everyday. Trust in yourself and your own abilities and do not let others control your life. With all new experiences there is a degree of risk but also the certainty of change. Be confident in your skills and you can create the changes you want in the way that you want.

Standing in the Shadows

26. Standing in the Shadows

Deinde perceptio non transeam, elementum eu alto montis ad easdem nunc reducit et felicitatis futurae. Torrens fortis ulla initialis fluere fit motus, tempus et industria posita debitum. Non prohibere fluxus. Sed meminerimus amoris intuitu motus statera servandam vita cottidiana.

Ignore your glimpse of the next mountain on the horizon instead promote your energy to a new level of happiness by concentrating on the now and not the future. Any initial flow of emotion can become a strong flowing river given the right amount of time and energy. Do not stop the flow. Instead remember that love, insight and emotional balance help preserve our everyday lives.

Quicquid fac timeas, una mens anceps interiorem vim ad fidem uti certa proferre necessarius. Poena vel negative eventus in vita tua oportet quae doctrina experientias. Aliquam sit amet modicum aut ab omni opere et quoscumque inveneritis vocate ad loquendum.

Whenever you feel afraid, alone or indecisive use the strength from your inner mind to find the confidence and certainty needed to keep moving forward. Painful or negative happenings in your life should be used as learning experiences. Learn a little or a lot from each thing you do and everyone you meet or talk to.

All That We Are

27. All That We Are

Cum dies nova lux aurorae in mentibus tenebras potest tabescet. Somnium tuum, quod tum demum tanto decore aliquando potest dementia consequat interdum. Mentem in cogitatione potest perrumpere, cum tamen non modo ad tempus vultis facere uti intus dextra operaepretium. Crede quod habes manere ista licet meminisse rationis.

With the dawning of a new day the light can melt away the darkness in our minds. Then at last what you have been dreaming for so long, sometimes beauty sometimes madness can be used to try again. You can break free from the thoughts in your mind, despite how you feel inside use the time instead to make it right and worthwhile. Trust that it will be alright and remember the reason you have to stay.

Utere quasi nubes caeli dispersi sunt a blank carbasus ut incitamentum ducant ex animo. Gaudete in illa ad minima arenae ex semine constituitur. Utere ad prosequendum bonum et intelligendi recti mens est exemplaris. Nulla ratione ferri rerum mutare vitam. Ordine mundus opposita calidum et frigidum, humidum et siccum, et descendit. Ad rationes ad alios non favent et confusionem. Natura non est misericordia, et non facit ultionis acta lucrum quæ sunt hominum.

Use a cloud scattered sky as a blank canvas to draw inspiration from your mind. Break things down into their smallest constituents from a seed to a grain of sand. Use your mind to pursue what is good and understand what a morally exemplary person is. Use the conception of thought to move and change your life. The world is a series of opposites; hot and cold, wet and dry, up and down. To avoid arguments and confusion do not favour one over the other. Nature does not carry out acts of vengeance or kindness and does nothing for gain; people do.

Forgotten Dreams

28. Forgotten Dreams

Moribus vestris, et in tempore necessitatis gestarum aut defectus, uti ne in posterum videtur. Custodi legem atque doctrinam animo crescit enim non gloriam adepti sunt, et fecerunt bona in vita tua. Per hos certior factus a potes tua bonorumque placide et rationaliter, ne obrueretur multis parva quaestiones, ut non perdatis altiore conspectu magna iudicia.

Think of your own morality and past accomplishments in times of need and use them to avoid future failures or mistakes. Do not stop growing mentally but keep learning and be proud of the good things you have achieved and done in your life. By learning from the past you can set your priorities calmly and rationally and avoid being overwhelmed by many small problems that may make you lose overall sight of the big decisions.

Idem sibi in vita numquam potest esse defectus, et animam tuam abscondis, et non praeterita diu doloris et tristitiae. Et tu quaeris quid postulet, "Quid opus est, ad quod natus est mori? 'Hoc est, quod nihil aliud est dicere. Probitate audientes verbum vocas. Et apprehendi manum tuam, licet non possint respondet tempus. Non ex tristitia, aut erubescit, aut ingemiscere a somnium oblitus.

A loss will mean life can never be the same again and your soul will long for the past but never hide your grief and sorrow. You may demand the meaning of life and ask “What is the use of being born to die?” until there is nothing left to say. In the honesty of words people will hear you calling. Although they have no answers they can hold your hand for a while. Never feel sorry or ashamed or sigh for a forgotten dream.

Destinies of the Mind

29. Destinies of the Mind

Cum iam in rebus humanis, de beatitudine et cotidiani placet, sapientia, libertate atque expleat vacuum quantum creaturae. Accipe nunc, et omnes, qui in pretio est, conquiescam frui vita et. Lorem sufficientia ad interiorem pacem et concordiam corporaliter in spiritualibus. Tuam et obliviscere actu sentiuntur aut frugalitatis in rebus dubiis. De praeterito vel de futuro, quia non paenitenda. Sed frui est in momento, et nunc, et in tranquillo pacis. Non perdunt, quae data est tibi pretiosum tempus, momenta, fruimur, vel solum ad cognoscendum est arcu.

Once the everyday certainties of the material world no longer satisfy you, wisdom, freedom and respect can fill the void that is created. Take the time to value all that is around you and find contentment by enjoying life and living. Use this contentment on the physical level to find inner peace and harmony on the spiritual level. Live simply and forget about your perceived or actual doubts in the physical world. Have no regrets about the past or concerns for the future. Instead enjoy a moment in the now of peace and serenity. Do not squander any precious time that has been given to you, always enjoy each moment, even if it is only to appreciate a rainbow.

Quod si ad omnia a principio fuerunt, in variis formis, et congeriem complexus. Et ab omnibus est aliquid quod omnia revertantur. Rumpendo molem de singulis et de doctrina quae formatur ex hominibus, verba haec posuit nomina. Aut nihil ad rem distincte homines non essent nomina plantis, aut animalibus aut mensuratione, sed tempus sequeretur quod totum universum. Aufer individuum sive indigena, sive leo, sive mundi, seu via lactea atque universum permanent. Ibi usque ad occasum solis matutino aut calidum aut caligo tenebrosa, et vita sine mari. Et bene sit tibi, et Altiora mirari circa ea et non afficere conantur, pro viribus tuis caeruleum planeta Melius hoc brevius.

If you take the idea that all things have existed in different forms since the beginning in a complex and chaotic mass. It is something that all things come from and all things return to. By breaking from this mass individual things formed and with the learning of words humans put names to these things. Without humans there would be no distinctiveness or reality regarding the measuring of time or names for plants or animals but the entire universe would still exist. Take away an individual, or a country, or a planet, or a solar system, or a galaxy and the universe would still exist. There would still be an early morning mist or a warm sunset or a dark and stormy sea without human life. Concentrate on what is around you and appreciate and marvel at these things but do not try and affect them, instead use your energy to better your short existence on this blue planet.

Halcyon Inspirations

30. Halcyon Inspirations

Ab ortu momentum amet humanitatis amplectenda sonabunt fluctus. Et alas habebat quasi avis ex pulsu haeream, amnis fluens a monte, lentaque arboris. Ita non potest scire cassum imperium proximo aliquid movere. Suspendisse at tandem interiorem virtutem dantque electiones facis vias tuas et fide. Et non est quod timeas.

The magic of a moment should be embraced from the dawn of humanity to the crashing of a wave. Be enchanted by the beating of the wings of a bird, the flowing of a mountain stream, the swaying of a tree. You cannot know their next move so it is useless to try and control some things. Find your own inner strength by giving and taking but ultimately by going your own way and believing in the choices you make. Then you do not have to fear.

Utamur affectibus spirituali intueri res in iudiciis et fac cum summa animi aequitate, et an ille modum temperata. Olim in aliam videbitis patet caput. Haec ratio non tantum personae, sed etiam vobis princeps statione ad ethicas normas quod ex his, qui sunt alii suadet.

Use your spiritual emotions to look at situations with complete impartiality then make your decisions in an objective and balanced way. Once your head is clear you will see things in a different perspective. This reasoning will not only give you personal high ethical standards but will also give you a standing as someone who gives sound advice to others no matter who they are.

Spiritual Essence

An Invitation

We would appreciate it if you would please let us know what you think of this article. We would be delighted if you could also find time to peruse our YouTube channel “oldwolfcottage”. Thank You. Brian & Valerie.

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