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Hand over your burdens to God!

Updated on July 25, 2013

Carrying luggage on the head!

Man can live joyfully and peacefully when he understands the futility of carrying all burdens on his head. This earthly life is meant for teaching us great lessons on the impermanence of worldly things. Everyone is aware of the fleeting nature of joys experienced through the senses. Yet people are engulfed by the sensuous pleasures. For instance, sweets taken in small quantities give joy. There is a limit to consumption of sweets. If that limit is exceeded, the same sweet will poison our digestive systems. Excess sweet consumption is most ruinous to health. People love watching movies. But how long we can watch the films even if it is a most fascinating one? At the maximum, we can watch it for 2 hours at a stretch. Every sense organ has limits of perception. We cannot hear sound beyond certain decibels. In that respect bats possess more power than humans. Likewise, whales and dolphins could hear sound underwater from long distances. The eyesight of an eagle is far sharper than human beings. Though man is blessed with thinking capacity and discrimination, he uses it to stuff his brain with all trash and tinsel. The powers are granted to us only to realize our identity with God!

Our ancestors lived their life fruitfully carrying on their worldly duties but at the same time keeping their main aim on salvation. But in the present generation, the only aim of human life seems to be the enjoyment of all pleasures the senses offer. Hence the present day youth is after wealth which will confer on them worldly luxuries. They fail to recognize the nature of worldly pleasures. They are of fleeting nature. The attractions of sensory objects are like the mirage in the desert. None can quench their thirst with the mirage. The more one chase the mirage, it moves still far. Totally exhausted by the chasing of illusory pleasures, man becomes old and loses his vitality in this process. Our life on earth is only for a few decades and the average age of the human beings is in the order of 75 or so. The first twenty years are spent in childhood, studies etc. In a way man settles in life only around his thirtieth year. Lot of desires and expectations haunt him during his younger days unto his middle age. Then life becomes mechanical once he marries and begets children. Earning and hoarding is his only concern then. Lot of stress is built up when man attends his job simultaneously taking care of his family and children. Many factors add up his concerns.

For career sake, he has to settle in some place. Nowadays there are many hurdles to living peacefully in a place. Due to volatile political and economic situations prevailing in each country, everyone is affected. There is no job security and hence living conditions. Mounting costs of travel as well as paucity of natural resources forces man to seek for greener pastures. This is the situation prevailing in most of the countries of the world. Barring one or two places, all the countries and cities face similar problems. Nature too contributes its share in making life miserable. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Typhoons are common nowadays. There are many countries affected by frequent earthquakes, volcano eruptions and other natural disasters like fire and flood etc. The pertinent question is how man can lead his life peacefully? There is only way for this. Realize that the world is like a passing show or moving clouds. Everywhere there is movement in the Cosmos. Even in the inanimate things like rocks and minerals, there are orbits of electrons around the nucleus. Hence the rock or mineral gets a shape and form though it may look inert. But, there is an unmoving base to these so called motions. For instance, there is a steady road on which traffic is moving in great speeds. What will happen if the road also undergoes motion? No movement is possible. Since the road is static and firm, it enables the cars and other vehicles to move on it.

God is the unmoving force which is the base for the movements and motions of planets etc. Lot of things is happening both in the universe and within a human body. For all this, God is the source and sustenance. He never moves. He is steady like a hillock! When God enabled all this to happen and function, why should we carry unwanted burdens on our little head? We board a train with our luggage to reach some destination. Is it wise for the traveler to carry the luggage on his head? He can keep the luggage on the rack and travel comfortably. Only a foolish man will carry his luggage on a train! God can be compared to a train. Relinquish all your problems and cares to God and rest happily. At the scheduled time you can reach your destination safely!

Saibaba holding a baby!


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