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Achieving Inner Happiness in Today's Society

Updated on September 16, 2017

Achieving inner happiness is a possibility that gives meaning and purpose to our lives and affairs. It consists of being all we can be: getting a good education, getting married, making a lots money and fulfilling all our desires. However, the pursuit of true happiness involves an inner awareness of the importance of intangible things, such as joy, peace and love. When the material things are unattainable, then we have a chance to pursue the things that fulfill our inner needs. True happiness is achieved by activities and practices that give life true meaning.

Accepting Others

For inner happiness to occur, accepting others must become a lifestyle. Our acceptance of our selves, other people and God maximize our quest inner happiness. As human beings we were created to give and share our lives with others. Sharing our lives with others gives us a sense of belonging. We find real purpose in life by seeing others smile. This is because we have added importance to their lives by accepting them for who they are, acknowledging their weakness and flaws without minimizing their human value.

Staying Connected

We cannot maintain inner happiness if we withdraw from people. If we are a loner or person who idolize privacy and avoids people, inner happiness will elude us. The gift of inner happiness only increases as we love and engage others as creations from God. True inner happiness is seeing others happy and knowing that we had something to do with it. Each day will must seek to expand our inner pursuit of happiness. We must express it in our homes, our workplaces and in our communities.

When we connect to people we connect to God because people are made into His image. Scripture tells us to do unto other as we would have them do unto us. God loves and is also peaceful and full of gratitude toward His creation, calling it good. We must see through the eyes of God when it comes to loving our neighbors. We must assume that they are good in their innermost being. Judging and condemning people separates us from the power of love, our neighbors, and God. Connections also involves forgiving and forgetting past wrongs and moving on toward greater strength.

We can connect in many ways, including maintaining frequents contacts with friends and family, volunteering and helping out in the community, praying for our world and meditating for inner peace and joy. Connections are the highest priority for those who thirst for inner happiness.

Sense of Beauty

Having a sense of beauty is appreciating the small things in life, such as a little bird perched on a weed near the pond, a butterfly landing atop the Sunflower in the early morning dew, a mother duck quaking as little ducklings follow her across row of water puddles. These are the small things of nature that gives us a sense of true beauty. Our surrounding must not be limited to the concrete jungle of city life or the hustle and bustle of the business district. We must relax our minds of the daily grind and rejuvenate underneath the comfort of a shade tree.

When we look at people, we must look for that sense of inner beauty. No matter how many layers of negative dust and grime are ingrained within the heart, behind it lies a magnificent being. Our consciousness produces what we are looking for. If we look for ways to condemn people we do not like, we will find flaws in them. However, if we look for the goodness in their innermost being, we will call fourth the divinity (goodness) within all in whom we come in contact with.

A sense of beauty calls fourth gratitude. The more we embrace the idea of inner happiness, the more thankful we are for the beauty that surrounds us. We understand that inner happiness isn’t based on the amount of material blessings we possess or the pride of our achievements or the glory of our popularity. We are filled with the gratitude when we acknowledge and participate in the smaller activities in life. Gratitude fills our inner being with joy and peace. We see God in all things. We achieve inner happiness.

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