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Happy Independence Day, the Birth Chart of the US, Interpreted.

Updated on July 3, 2019
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Welcome to Spirit's blog. The place where we find the beauty in the hidden, occult, mythologies of our world. Blessed be.

Hi all and welcome to Spirit's blog. Today's post is very special, with the fourth of July right around the corner, I have decided to interpret the "birth" chart of the United States. This interpretation will include, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Please keep in mind that this is for entertainment purposes only.

Brief History of Independence Day Celebrations

July 4th 1776, the birth date of our country. This is the day that the Continental Congress, declared the thirteen colonies were no longer under the British Monarch rule. In 1777, Philadelphia petitioned to have fireworks and festivities for the 4th of July. Naturally this was the very first Independence Day celebration. It consisted of 13 gun shot salute, food, toasts, speeches, music and parades. Freedom, bravery and celebration has been a staple in our country since the beginning.

Inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner

Speaking of bravery, "The Star Spangled Banner", was written in by Francis Scott Key in September of 1814. He was inspired to write it by the bravery he witnessed at the Battle of Baltimore, in the War of 1812. He watched an waited as ships bombarded Fort McHenry. After the victory that was signaled by hanging a larger flag outside the fort, Key realized that the smaller flag was being held up by the bodies of men, who gave their life to protect their country. This was the most extraordinary example of patriotism Key had ever seen. He wrote the original poem, "The Star Spangled Banner" on the back of an envelope, while at sea.

The Birth Chart Interpretation of the United States

Freedom, bravery and patriotism are the back bones of our country. Let's see what Astrology can tell us about the United States of America.

Sun in Cancer

The US has a Sun sign of Cancer. The Sun in a chart is your ego, basic personality, vitality and stamina. With the Sun in Cancer we can deduct that our country is, creative or imaginative, empathetic and persuasive. Cancer is a cardinal, water sign. This would mean that we take care of ourselves and other countries, in a maternal way. This is evident by us helping other countries with their own revolution and showing them how to rebuild government.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in the chart is in Aquarius. The Moon in this case would mean, emotions, instincts, habits and mood. Aquarius in the chart would mean progressive, original, independent and humanitarian. In the chart of a country, that would mean we feel, as a country, different, unique and really do think outside the box. This can be seen in the NASA space programs, they are always coming up with unique ideas.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in the USA's chart is in the sign of Cancer. Mercury is the place in the chart means communication, reason and intelligence. Cancer in the chart again is creativity, empathy and persuasion. This becomes apparent in our state of the union address. Communication through understanding of a country's people.

Venus in Cancer

Venus in this particular chart is in Cancer as well. Venus is how you would balance life, it's a harmonious, peaceful energy. With Venus in this placement we find joy in caring for others. The real world equivalent of this would be, the US taking care of the citizens of it's commonwealths.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in the chart of USA, is in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is curious, adaptable, and has a knack for learning things quickly. Mars in a chart would mean, drive, actions, desire and courage. Mars in this air sign tells that the US, is brave enough to adapt and grow. Well, they don't call us the home of the brave for nothing.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in this chart is in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the sign of creativity, empathy and persuasion. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism, abundance and understanding. So our value as a country grows due to our creative maneuvers with foreign nations. For example the Treaty of Greenville, signed in 1775, this opened up most of Ohio to settlement.

Neptune in Virgo

The sign of Virgo in the chart of the US holds our country's Neptune. Virgo's energy is practical, hard working and analytical. Neptune in a chart stands for dreams, delusions, mysticism and sometimes confusion. As a country we, work hard to achieve our dreams. Take for example healthcare reforms, it is a dream or goal, one that everyone could benefit from but it is not easy to come up with a plan.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn in the country's chart is in Libra. This is a great placement for a country. Saturn represents delays, blocks, respect and boundaries. Libra is a sign of peace, tranquility and most of all equality. As a country we respect our neighbors and try to do things in an equal manner. Take Canada for example, we have agreements with them to allow citizens to travel from between both countries freely.

Uranus in Gemini

Uranus in this chart is in Gemini. As I stated above Gemini is a curious, adaptable and a fast learner. Uranus in a chart is freedom, unpredictability, and reformation. Our capability to keep reforming ourselves comes from our ability to learn quickly. In the age of computers our country has managed to adapt to new ways and reform law as needed. Take for example the cyber attacks, we adapt and grow stronger after each one.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in our chart is in Capricorn. Capricorn has hard working energy, it is disciplined, responsible and well mannered. Pluto in a chart is transformation, power and evolution. We evolve more as a country through responsibility and discipline. This is shown in our economic cooperation and partnership with China. It is business, there is no competition between us and China, both sides fulfill their end of the bargain, which is forever changing.

So to wrap up this reading, America comes across to other countries as the land of opportunity. We take care of our own people, allies, and those countries that need help. The US as a whole, is creative, inspiring, brave and capable of great transformations. When we work together as a cohesive unit, we can achieve anything. Happy Independence Day! Blessed be.

© 2019 Occult Spirits


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    • Occult Spirits profile imageAUTHOR

      Occult Spirits 

      8 months ago

      If you believe in the school of Astrology, every country, city, town, etc. has a "birth" date, even events. It is a way of looking at behavior. For kicks and giggles I may do a post on Canada, need to do some research first obviously but it will be fun. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • profile image

      Edna aka layla 

      8 months ago

      I'm not American I'm Canadian but do respect all nations

    • profile image

      Vampire Peter John bolduc 

      8 months ago

      Hi there everyone I am Gangrel Vampire Peter John bolduc

    • Occult Spirits profile imageAUTHOR

      Occult Spirits 

      9 months ago

      Thanks for reading

    • Shawindi Silva profile image

      Shawindi Silva 

      9 months ago from Sri lanka

      Thank you !


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