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Happy New Year? - Chapter 5

Updated on October 16, 2011


"Step on it!" George yelled as someone sprinted across the road. A quick turn and they were clear. Throughout town vehicles were scattered, people crying, accidents spotting the area, but most people seemed to sleep soundly, unaware of what was happening.

How many people have been affected? Who’s next? Who’s to say I’m not next? I have to find someplace safe. We have to get away from this place. Home should be safe. Home will be safe...

"Do you think we should pick anyone up?" George asked, looking around nervously, interrupting Jenny’s thoughts.

“What? Why would we pick anyone up? They could be the ones doing this, who’s to say that we’re not next?” Jenny continued driving through town. Vacant intersections.

"What if I see someone I know, like from school? Or church?" George said, more relaxed.

"Um…how do we know we can trust them?” Jenny said finally pulling through a vacant intersection. “Maybe I’m just overreacting, we’re together, I trust you I guess, Alright I guess."

"Good, stop," George said as he spotted a guy walking through town.

"Him!?" Jenny asked as she came to a rolling stop.

"Yep," George said. It looked like a guy about their age, lost like they were.

"Hey you!” Jenny yelled with a tremor in her voice. Taking a deep breath Jenny evened out her voice, “Hey! You...Chris?!" The guy across the street looked up, startled and began to walk towards the stopped van.

"How…how do you know my name? Is this some joke?” He walked closer. “Wait, Jenny? Jenny Pruett? Is it really you?"

"Yeah! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe its you! You moved away and I thought I would never see you again!” Jenny blinked.

“Yup, its me all right.” Chris said, standing outside the van.

“Wow, I am just in total shock right now, how are you?”

“Why don’t you let him in the car before we all freeze?” a voice startled Jenny.

“Wha…?” Jenny turned to face George.

“Hey man, jump in.” George said unlocking the doors and reaching over Jenny’s seat to open the door.

“Thanks man,” Chris climbed into the van pulling the door shut as he slung his backpack off his shoulder. “Where y’all heading?”

"Genesae or somewhere like that. Its where Jenny’s from.” George said turning back to face the front. “Jenny…Jenny…”

Jenny sat frozen, staring at this man, she knew nothing about, but had allowed him into her life, into her car, into her grief. What had she done. What if he was the one who orchestrated the disappearance of her family? Of her love? He could be lying about losing his friends. He could have staged the entire thing…

“JENNY!!! GO!!!!” A cry from what sounded like an old distant friend interrupted Jenny’s thoughts.


“GO!!!” Chris screamed from the backseat as Jenny finally came out of her coma of thoughts and stepped on the gas. The van skidded as it picked up speed.


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