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Hard To Believe

Updated on January 26, 2011

Saying Goodbye

 I didn't know it happened, I was taken by surprise.  I was in my room getting some clothes together.  This is on a second story of a house that has been in the same place for 180 years.

She was born October 30th.  She was married to my father for seven years.  She became a very close friend after 2 years.  She succumbed to a life that was her downfall.  Maryann moved out, she moved to a place that was about forty minutes away.  I do not want to go into specifics but where she was definately was her down fall.  She was not in a good state of mind when she was walking up Rt 9 one night, and a truck passed someone on the right and hit her head on.  She was killed instantly.  She didnt even see it coming.

The next day, I was getting something out of my room, and I looked out the window because I seen a shadow.  It was Maryann. "Tina, I just wanted to say goodbye, I have to go now, I love you"  , I said to her, "but mom I have questions, and she turned and left.

that was it, she drifted off.  I have not seen her since, but let me tell you something.  My sister is a claravoyent, and I'm a bit of a sensative, although since the stroke I think some channels were blocked. 

My sister was at my house and it has been some time since Maryann's death.  I asked her if she could call her.  She said, "she is already here".  Diana was able to describe her in full, and she never met her before, you see we are seperated by father's and she lived with our mother in another state at the time and she is more than ten years younger than me.

We were smoking a ciggarrette and one of the things she told me Maryann said was "you bitches have a ciggarrette"  It sounds exactly like what Maryann would of said, my sister was also able to describe her character, she said, "maryann wasnt the huggy type, was she?

I said no, and she wrapped your arms around herself and said, "she is doing this right now, giving you a hug."

she went on to say that Maryann saw all the people at her funeral and she was so saddened by it that she stayed in a corner and she felt really lonely.  I told her to tell maryann that she is always welcome with me no matter what.

I felt maryann around me for a while after that , but I dont feel her too much anymore.

I just wanted to say I got to say goodbye.  I think I'll see her again, I dont think her spirit was released, she may be watching over her other daughter and her son. 

I am starting slow with this whole thing of paranormal because alot of things happened to me and the stories get deeper and more detailed and they are difficult to believe.  I was always taught that the bible says ghosts are really demons playing with you.  but I dont know what I believe on that , I just know things have happened to me and energies or whatever you call them are left behind when someone dies.  I've experienced and alot of other people have experienced them.  I just want to get it out.  I've prayed over my dwelling that I did live in, and the paranormal things seemed to pick up.  I will be publishing more stories as the days go on.  I dont even know if anyone will see them, but here they are and I hope whoever does see them can give me more insight then just ghosts arent real, the bible says.............


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    • primpo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      thank you just got your comment today.. sorry was off for a while

    • LightIsLove profile image


      8 years ago

      I know that ghost do exist and I have proof. I have pictures.....

      You know what you saw and people who don't believe you and want to say this or that, remember that it is just their opinion. It doesn't make it true.

      Thank you for sharing youe experience.


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