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God's Story.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Our Krishnadas would look like this.

They Come in mp3 now.

As Kids.

As kids our activity included other than studies going to Harikathe in the evenings at temple premises or special festival pendals.

The persons who used to tell the story from ancient scriptures were respected and even treated with such things as done only to Gurus of the family.

One such person was my fathers class mate by name Harikatha Krishnadas.

His narrations were filled with jokes and practical situations that one had to solve for himself.He was in great demand and one such customer of his was near our home.As he used to walk short distances he would come to our home call my father's name loudly and enter the home with out any invitation for a cup of coffee or water.My mother used to respect him a lot.One of our excuse if we come late to our home was to tell our mother that we had been to listen to Krishnadas harikathe and no questions were asked.We did attend many of his Harikatha,Hari means GOD,Katha means Story.We have only two Gods that is Rama and Krishna.

Lord Rama who was the incarnation of Vishnu came to India to kill Ravana who ruled Sri Lanka.He had obtained immortality by his prayers to Lord Shiva,who was so pleased that he gave him that boon.It is a fact that if Lord Shiva if pleased will give anything to his devoted worshiper.This is the myth of our legend or whatever.

Our Krishnadas the Harikhatha master will also tell the story of Lord Krishna who came to earth to kill so many that it is so long a story to tell.In fact if somebody is trying to tell a long bhakwas that he would be asked to stop his Mahabharat.The story of Lord Krishna.

Our Krishnadas would tell the story of just the birth of Rama or Krishna for more than a hour with many songs as a break in his story.There would be three or four musicians who would play a Harmonium,A Tabla,a tuner,a Voilan and Master Krishnadas would play and even dance with his Brass Tala to go with all the music played.People would sit for hours in pin drop silence to listen to anything said.

Our promoters to Master Krishnadas Harikhathe would announce on a Black Board kept on the Foot Path the date and time of Harikhata and the topic in BOLD LETTERS.People would note it and come to sit cross leged ( no Chairs those days ) to listen.It wouls start as per the promoters time.Krishnadas would be paid for this Harikhatha in cash.There would be pooja in the beginning or end and there would be prasad to eat in plenty.It would be Kosambari made of boiled nut with spices and coconut,tasty though.

This did not work for long as my mother caught us with the question OK tell me what was the Harikathe was all about.That was the end of that excuse for coming home late.

Krishnadas came home after that and asked us why we were not attending his Harikathe.We boldly told in his ear that it was mothers instructions and he informed motherland after listening to her version he told the story to the audience in his next Harikathe which we went with mother.Of course he did not mention our name.This was one such experience as to how to tell a lie truthfully.

We means it is me.

For more here is a link:-


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