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Has Your Astrology Sign Changed AGAIN?

Updated on October 6, 2016
Wheel of 12 Internationally Renown Astrological Zodiac Symbols
Wheel of 12 Internationally Renown Astrological Zodiac Symbols | Source

I discovered earlier when listening to TMZ that there a little change in the order of the Zodiac symbols. I don't personally follow the whole horoscope regime as much as most people but I do enjoy how well my Zodiac has me figured out. What will I be doing today? I will be showing you what most of us have missed from all of those fabulous sites, like

First, What Is A Zodiac Symbol?

Let me just start off by saying that I'm not an expert, in Zodiac symbols, or Horoscopes for that matter. Zodiac Symbols are internationally recognizable pictures that were created by mapping and connecting groups of stars out in space. These groups of stars can be seen circling around the Earth throughout the year, along with the Sun, Moon, and planets we often try to find in the night sky.
Do you ever look up in the sky and see one star that seems way brighter than the others? Chances are you are looking at a part of a constellation (If it's not an airplane, planet, or satellite).


Zodiac Symbols vs. Constellations

​The Zodiac is a star chart that consists of 12 internationally recognized constellations. Astrologists (people who study the things we see in space) often connect these symbols to Human Personalty Charts, which are originally labeled in Latin. When translated into English, each symbol has a specific identity, which I put in parentheses next to the Zodiac Latin names. Example: Latin (English Translation): Born Between Date-Date
Every person born has a connection to a zodiac symbol. For instance, take the month and day of the year that you were born (your birthday) and see where you fit in below:

​• Aquarius (The Water-Bearer): Born Between January 20 - February 19
• Pisces (The Fish): Born Between February 19 -March 20
• Aries (The Ram): Born Between March 21 - April 19
• Taurus (The Bull): Born Between April 19 - May 20
• Gemini (The Twins): Born Between May 20 - June 20
• Cancer (The Crab): Born Between June 20 - July 22
• Leo (The Lion): Born Between July 22 - August 22
• Virgo (The Maiden or Virgin): Born Between August 22 - September 22
• Libra (The [Weighing] Scales): Born Between September 22 - October 22
• Scorpio (The Scorpion): Born Between October 22 - November 21
• Sagittarius (The [Centaur] Archer): Born Between November 21 - December 21
Capricorn (The [Mountain] Sea Goat): Born Between December 22 - January 19

A constellation tells cultural stories. For each constellation drawn in the night sky by connecting dots of clustered stars, there are many stories, interpretations of their usefulness, location, brightness, and why there are so many or so little in stars in the constellation.

Since there are so many constellations and stories to go with them, they don't match up to the annual cycles of stars that continuously crowd Earth's dark skies. There are 12 Zodiac Signs which interpret cycles of seasons, planets, and other repetitious elements our world has to offer.

The New Sign?

This sign that has been claimed to be NEW, is actually not a new sign at all it turns out. There seems to be nothing more than a publicity and marketing strategy going on since horoscopes had dwindled down in excessive popularity for a second.

The reason the sign was not taken in as an astrological Zodiac Sign is because each zodiac sign represents a month that the Earth takes to travel around the Sun.

12 Zodiac Signs = 12 Months in 1 Year

The 13th sign ( Ophiuchus) was considered a constellation since it would throw off the approximate 30° sign-to-sign pattern.

For Now, I would stick to the Horoscopes we All know and Love.

Here, if you want to read more on this Ophiuchus sign (constellation), visit these links:



What's Your Sign?

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© 2016 Brandon Martin


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