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Has a Ghost Been Trying to Contact You?

Updated on January 30, 2015

Has a Ghost Been Trying to Tell You Something?

A lot of people seem to think (especially skeptics) that simply because they personally have not seen a ghost, that the concept of ghosts is just silly. But a lot of these people don't understand that a ghost may have tried to connect with them in the past, but because the individual didn't understand the communication, it was ignored or shrugged off as a "strange" event.

I have always considered myself fortunate that I am usually (say 90% of the time) aware of a ghostly presence from the moment it comes near me, but even I have been surprised by apparitions on a couple of occasions, as you would know if you had read my other Hubs. My husband, though, is totally different and although now he will make reference to our ghostly boarders on occasion, he does not admit to any interaction with ghosts himself. That was fine with both of us until the day his mother died.

Ghosts are not the only unusual things you can find in Kaihu
Ghosts are not the only unusual things you can find in Kaihu

When Someone You Love Dies

One of the reasons I am thrilled that I do have interaction with ghosts is because it gives me some comfort about what will happen when I die. My husband had been a staunch "nothing happens, you are dead" type person for years before he met me, and although he had relaxed his standpoint a bit over the years (he did fix the attic cover for me when I told him our ghostly boarder, Alice, was complaining about it) he was still sitting on the fence about the whole concept of ghosts and the afterlife.

But he was devastated when his mother died. He didn't realize it would hit him so hard. All of a sudden, he was hoping he would see her again in some form. To date, he hasn't. But that doesn't mean she hasn't been visiting, because she has. Which brings me to the question in this hub: has someone been trying to get in touch with you? If they are, how will you know?

Most ghosts won't show themselves in a way you might expect.
Most ghosts won't show themselves in a way you might expect. | Source

The Subtle Way Ghosts Attract our Attention

The first awareness I had that my mother-in-law was around after her death was at her funeral. It was a typically somber affair, but I kept hearing somebody laughing while we were all sitting in the funeral home. I was keeping my head down, like you do when you are sad, but this laughing kept on. Eventually, I looked up and saw my mother-in-law sitting up on a shelf above her coffin. She was having so much fun. I was trying not to laugh with her, so I quickly put my head back down but my husband noticed what I was doing and asked me what I saw. I just whispered, "Your mum is having a lot more fun than we are," and we left it at that.

But there have been other things that my husband has noticed since her death. Light bulbs blowing for no reason; strange sounds like someone walking down the hallway or someone knocking on the door; laughter and familiar smells. I can always tell the difference between my mother and my mother-in-law when they visit because they both used different perfumes and liked different flowers.

Problems with anything electrical are a big indicator that someone is trying to attract your attention. I had been talking to hubby about my father and his new ladyfriend one night and as I got into bed the light on my side of the room went out; then the one next to my side of the bed and then when I went to find some new bulbs the television cut off and back on again and the hall light blew. I could tell there was no problem with the electricity circuits, because the only things that blew were what I had touched or was using. Finally I just called out, "It's not my fault, Mum, he wasn't going to stay on his own forever," and I heard a sigh. Then things went back to normal, just like that.

My darling grandson - it's comforting to me to know I will be able to watch him grow up even when I am gone
My darling grandson - it's comforting to me to know I will be able to watch him grow up even when I am gone

Ghostly Interactions: Have These Things Happened to You?

So if you are despairing the fact that you have not actually seen a ghost, or worried that you might have, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you had sporadic problems with electrical equipment?
  2. Have you noticed a cold draft on a warm day?
  3. Do you suddenly smell something familiar to you when there is no apparent source of the smell?
  4. As you are drifting off to sleep, do you sometimes hear muted conversations even though you know nobody is around?
  5. Do you notice other sounds when you're sure no one is there, like a door closing or footsteps in the hall?
  6. Do you catch movement out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look there is nothing there?

These are just a few possible indicators of a ghostly presence. If you do experience them don't freak out about it; it's probably just someone popping in to say hello. If you want to learn more about interacting with ghosts or getting rid of them then please consider the resources in my book Can Ghosts Hurt You, which is available online.

Have you been contacted by a ghost?

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    • profile image

      ConfidentAngel36 7 years ago

      I have seen ghosts on multiple occasions and have even been able to identify the person in a photograph that I saw. Recently though at college my scissors keep being moved out of my drawer onto my desk and the rubbermaid container that I keep them in is left open. At first I thought that I left it this way myself, but then it started happening so frequently that there is no way I forgot this many times. I think a ghost is taunting me. What do I do?

    • profile image

      daniel  7 years ago

      hi ther i am not a medium or a sphychic or anything but i have read about these things. the ghosts or ghost that you think is taunting or tormenting you is not trying to do anthing like that.they are most likley trying to let you know they are there but that dosnt mean they have something to tell you just that they want you to know they are there. if this coninues to happen at the time when it happens talk to the spirit just let them know you are aware of ther pressens if you are afraid of the spririt don't be.because you are protested by your spirit guide and angels sent by god to protect and guide you.ask your spirit guide to ask the spirit to leave you if you want or ask your spirit guide to protect you from the spirit and no harm will come to you and you may feel more relaxed when spirits are presant i hope this helps and i apolagize for my poor spelling

    • profile image

      Emma 6 years ago

      for the past few months i have heard knocking on my wall when everyone who lives with me is asleep,and i feel a warm tingly feeling on my hand as if something has brushed past me also are power trips frequently.

      How do i know if it wants to make contact or for me just to know it's their. thankz

    • profile image

      emily anne mckenna 6 years ago

      Hi my name is emily and im 13 years old, and here is my story.

      When i was little, i used to see the figure of a woman in my curtains, the way it looked, not as if someone was behind it, but as if someone was in it. Also, recently there have been alot of strange happening going on to me. I closed my door, it opened and a cold draft came with it. this happened 4 times. I got a little freaked out.

      Last night, when i was trying to contact my Spirit Guide, i saw a big black hand, swipe infront of my eyes(they were closed at the time). When i opened them, i saw a black shadow move, in the corner of my eye. Whenever i cry or im upset, i carry on crying, until i go into my room, where i suddenly feel cold, i suddenly stop crying, then i feel back to my normal temprature.

      and i JUST this second, saw a kind of light mist, go past my bed and into my wall. and a black THING, just shot through my room. im almost crying because im so frightened!

      Is my spirit guide trying to tell me something important, or is it just nothing? I really want to know.

    • profile image

      Jenn  6 years ago

      My name is Jennifer and I'm 21 years old,and this is really happening to me. Okay, I think I have a ghost following me, or trying to tell me something. I really don't know. I'm going to tell you what's happening to me, and can someone please explain this to me. It started 3 weeks ago. My cat was awkwardly standing with its mouth open and staring into a corner in my room I tried doing everything to get my cats attention and she wouldn't move or flinch. Then I was walking down a hallway in my house and something flew past my head I heard a "ding" at the end of my hallway looked under the radiator and found a pen cap like the pen cap flew past my head and landed there. Then I was in the kitchen and my dog started growling this awful nasty growl that I've never heard my dog do that before. I looked and he was staring at the dark at the end of my hallway. Then I had a dream that I was in a friends wedding as a bridesmaid and spilled a drink all over my dress and ruined it, I looked it up online and it said that means someone will die, well 2 days later a girl I went to high school with (we weren't friends) shot herself in the head,I didn't think much of it until what happened to me last night. I was walking home from my friends house down the street and started feeling really shakey,nervous and cold. as I approached my house I felt a strong (very strong I feel like I need to emphasize on that) wind behind me and I fell forwards onto my concrete stairs and have gashes up and down my legs. I'm getting nervous that whatever it is isn't happy with me. A few thoughts ran through my mind like maybe my deceased grandfather is disappointed in my recent decisions, or something is trying to tell me something. I've looked everywhere and read just about everything but nothing is helping me identify what exactly is going on. Quite frankly I'm not one to ever admit when im scared but im nearly petrified and don't want to see what's going to happen next. This is seriously happening to me I can't stress that enough. I need someone real, who truly knows what's going on to contact me at this email. Thank you.

    • KristenGrace profile image

      KristenGrace 6 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Very interesting... I love reading hubs on this topic.

    • profile image

      scarey one 6 years ago

      I was waiting in my car and was attracted to look at the wall(not sure why) I saw this mans face (very strange} his head turned to the side to look at 3 guys waiting at a bus stop, One kepted spitting on the floor.Anyway I felt this guy was trying to tell me something! i FOUND myself drawing his picture! Ive just looked on the net and the first photo came up with him. the guy got killed last year! what do you think he wanted to say to me? and what should I do about this? I think the guy spitting had a lot to do with what the dead guy was wanting to tell me. this happened on wednesday at 9.45am. I found his photo today at 2.10pm

    • profile image

      tori 6 years ago

      i found my lotion that was on my dresser on the window seal a few weeks ago then 2day i found my face stuff on my bed and lotin on the window seal poured out. it spelled the word kill outta it. does this mean a ghost is trying 2 contact me?

    • profile image

      rose 6 years ago

      Ok i have never been a non believer of ghost all growing up i always had a sick sense for things and when my dad died was the first and only time i had ever seen a ghost he looked just like him in his favorite cloths and hat and boots he was just a reflection of him self in the sliding glass door my mother and i stood there both seeing him and did not say a thing for a moment then looked at each other and started crying he was gone when we looked back. will up intell last night i haven't really had much intell then but a friendly hello now and then from him a light popping on and then back off on a stove that the light dident work lol. but then last night i had a very uncomfortable feeling but i think someone wanted to get my attention i have noticed things here and there moved and changed just shrugged it off as odd. and noises in the attic the last few days but looked to find nothing up there. will i was woken up last night just sudden to a feeling of someone was there. i could feel someone in the room it was so odd i don't know how to say what it felt like but unlike my dad when i see things its not scary what i felt when woken up last night to say the least was uncomfortable it made me scared it felt mean i don't understand what or why or why me. i just told myself its nothing go back to bed rolled over held my husband and went back to sleep lessoning to the very loud thunder and lighting storm. woke up this morning to noise in the attic that just sounds like someone is moving stuff around and the tv made an odd noise and the screen turned in to a rainbow of colors again just thinking it was from the storm last night. but the noise in the attic wont go away and i looked and i don't see anything up there. its a very odd feeling i don't know who or what wants to contact me for what ever reason. any info would be helpful lol thanks for lessoning

    • timonweller profile image

      timonweller 6 years ago

      Great hub, love the subject.

      Ghost and paranormal experiences is part of the reason of of inspiration for me to make my blog

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      hello my name is jamie stanley im 15 years old.

      I know this is a bit strange searching this but i am positive that i have a ghost.

      It started four years ago when i was only 11. My baby brother died! Ever since this i have had really strange feelings like someone is watching me and i keep seeing movement out the corner of my eye. I do not see this all the time i get it about 10 times a day and it feels like he is there for 5 minuets.

      The bit that I think is weird is that about 2 months ago when I was getting ready for school I heard movement upstairs and because I heard this it scared me and i ran out my house locking the door behind me. I then got to the end of my garden and turned around and i saw a baby stood in my kitchen window. Now i think this is really weird as i never saw corey (my brother) he died at birth.

      So far what ever is here with me has not hurt me or any of my family.

      Another thing i think is really weird is that I stopped round my mates house last night and her sister thinks she has a ghost too. But her ghost is always with her. We were sat in her living room and she was telling us that her ghost was there she then went out the room and said he followed her. As she went out the room corey came! Then my mate walked back in with her ghost and corey went! I thought this was strange and asked my mate to leave the room again. As she did corey returned! I then asked my mate to come back in and when she did it felt like corey went inside of me and made me cry. I did not feel upset or anything i just started to cry.

      i really don't know what is happening and I want help!

    • LightIsLove profile image

      LightIsLove 6 years ago

      Thank you for your hub. I also have had experience. I was able to take photos of it which I have posted. Please read it and look at the picture when you have time. I have had other things happened to me as well, I just have not wrote about it yet. But I feel like, when ever you feel afraid, say the lords prayer. I am not trying to tell anyone what to do. But if nothing else you have tryed works, try the lords prayer. It makes me feel better when I am afraid.

    • profile image

      dhiva 6 years ago

      hi i am dhivagar from india i am 20 years old, in my old days i feel someone following me, when i come down from upstares someone one follow me, i remember one thing in my 13th year after i birth. a day morning 4 to 5 o'clock i suddenly wake up and i shock because i sit and sleep in steps. i got shock and i wake and walk to my bed, then i feel more time someone watch me when i came from upstares i suddenly trun around but no one is there. now we change our house but still i feel like that, and some times i feel someone hurt me by using pin. i need help plz help me

    • profile image

      dhiva 6 years ago

      hi i am dhivagar from india i am 20 years old, in my old days i feel someone following me, when i come down from upstares someone one follow me, i remember one thing in my 13th year after i birth. a day morning 4 to 5 o'clock i suddenly wake up and i shock because i sit and sleep in steps. i got shock and i wake and walk to my bed, then i feel more time someone watch me when i came from upstares i suddenly trun around but no one is there. now we change our house but still i feel like that, and some times i feel someone hurt me by using pin. i need help plz help me

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

      I can definitely relate to the familiar aroma though there's no source of the aroma. When I lived in my parents' house, I used to get passing whiffs of maple syrup reminded me of my childhood but not of any person in particular...and there was never any source of the candles or anything that smelled the same way. I've also seen plenty of darting shadows, especially at this hundred-year-old house that me and my mom lived in when I was young...but they weren't friendly shadows...they felt a little more frightening for some reason. Thanks for the hub!

    • profile image

      elaine lewis 6 years ago

      could you tell me why in the mornings only while i am lying in bed half awake and half asleep i feel the bed slightly go down as if someone is has just sat down,it never happens when my husband is in bed only when i am on my own.

    • profile image

      Devon Shutt 6 years ago

      Okay so like a few days ago it was a wednesday and i was trying to go to sleep and i got a private call at around midnight and i answereed it and they didn't say anything. I fell back asleep and when i woke up in the morning i saw they tried calling again. Then later on Thursday night at midnight again i got another private call they didn't say anything. They called me like 6 times that night and they never said anything except like the 3rd or 4th time they called me it was just really heavy deep slow breathing. Then the next night ( Friday ) i went to my friends birthday party it was me and 7 other girls. They called me again at like 1:14 and then they didn't say anything and they hung up. My friend Alicia said " i hope they don't call me ill be scared shitless" then a few seconds after she said that a private number called her. Then my other friend Calen said " if they call me im gunna piss myself" then a few mins laater they called her. Then on saturday night i went back home to my house and alicia and calen came with me and my friend julia came over too. we had to babysit that night. around 8:14 the private number called me again. i answered and said hello. then all i heard was a really terrifying scream i think it was i cant even explain it it was loud and sorta deepish but not? i cant eveen explain it was that scary. i don't know what's going on. my friend alicia and calen did a spell to keep me protected they did that right after they called on saturday and after the spell the thing never called again that night. that was all last night and now today im scared. i don't know what is going to happpen to me. me and my friends ccant think of anybody who would do this and we think its a demon or spirit of some type but we cant tell.

    • heavenbound5511 profile image

      heavenbound5511 6 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      You know I have dealt with demons, evil spirit or ghosts as you all are calling them.

      I don't want to make contact with any of them, they are only there to harm me, confuse me or to cause something wrong to happen. Or better yet they have tried to suffocate me, cause wrecks by trying to push my car off the side of the road and or oncoming traffic.

      So no they are not welcomed to stay!

      The only spirit beings that are welcome are God's angels. They come and respond by me praying, and they harken onto the

      the voice and word of God. Angels are here to help the heirs of salvation.

      I keep my house, property, cars, self and family covered through prayer, and pleading the blood of Jesus over everything. Demons run at the name of Jesus. They leave and do not come back through consistent prayer in Jesus name, and also by avoiding the sin that invited it to begin with.

      Without an open door they can't come in.

      Yes I had electrical problems too, through prayer in Jesus name they go too. I had a friend once tell me about his electric box acting up and he had this room that was abnormally cold so I already told him to get rid of any occult item or that which is tied to false gods and the such as he did.

      Then I was just giving him an example prayer over the phone so he could pray over his house and as I was saying for all the demons and familiar spirits to leave his house in JESUS name his electric came back on, and the coldness left!

      So the only way not to come out injured by these demons is to have Jesus as your savior and to use His name which is above every name in heaven and earth. Then watch the demons tremble and run because they know who Jesus is.

      I have pages on evil spirits, demons and deliverance prayers if interested. God bless you and all you needing free from demonic attacks.

    • profile image

      Justin 6 years ago

      I always get a kick out of people who do not believe in the afterlife. We are conscious energy that is temporarily residing inside of a human body. I normally do not notice ghosts during conscious waking hours. My mind is often too occupied to notice. When I am sleeping though, I have seen Supernatural beings using my third eye chakra.

    • profile image

      Rose 6 years ago


      Ever since i was little I have been seeing black blobs form out of the corner of my eye and movement go and come too. Today my mother saw an orange colored light shine in the hallway, a couple hours before that though I had experienced a weird unexplainable push against a garage door. And then when I went to bed a half hour after the glimmer of light I heard a knock against my wall. As if someone threw a rock against it. And then 2 minutes later something fell in my closet. I am so terrified! I don't know what to do? Please help.

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      A couple of days after my dad died I heard loud thunder like noises that woke me up so I went to go investigate and I saw my cats where hissing and refused to go near the living room, I went in anyway because that's where the noises where coming from and all of a sudden I saw I giant light come towards me from the top of the wall unit and then the noises stopped. The weird thing is my sister said she didn't hear anything and she normally would have woken up from that type of noise.

    • profile image

      louise 6 years ago

      hi im 22 years, when i was younger about 9yrs my grandad passed away, i was certain i seen him sat at the end of my bed looking at me. but over the last two years i have been feeling this cold everywhere i go, i moved out of my parents house and it got stronger, it was always by myside, i feel preganant and moved back home with my parents and the cold eased of a little, i have since moved again to my own place with my baby and the sense has come back. sometimes i hear my sons toys going of in his bedroom but its not him cause he is fast asleep?? But over the last two days i have been experinced something i have never before, a young girl who is 22yrs has gone missing from my town i don't no her personally but i no people who no her. i was in bed monday night my room was cloder the usuall( i had the heating on) i led there wide awake and i thought i seen a shadow walk across my hall way so i jumped up and switched all the lights on, i checked the home but nothing was there so i got back into bed. started to fall asleep and i woke up because i could smell fresh turned mudd and taste it in my mouth? i have never had this before, my rooms not dark cause i had my side light on, but it felt like i was in a really dark place and i felt really scared. is this a ghost trying to conctact me or tell me something? could it be the ghost that has been following me? or could it be this missing girl? the cold feeling has got very strong and i think i keep seeing something from the corner of my eye but when i look there nothing there. if this is a messege for me to pass on how do i read it or at least understand? i only had this new sense since the girl went missing, she was last seen at 2:50am after leaving a night club, not been seen or herd from since then, that was on the 19/3/11 it is now the 22/3/11. can anybody help me with this??

    • profile image

      courtney 6 years ago

      My grandad died about 4 months ago a couple of days before christmas it april now and I've only recently been feeling cold drafts on me and probably the last month or 2 I can hear things but nobodys awake it sounds like a very faint voice like a tv but everyones asleep plus I see little black dots or saomething in the corner of my eye but when I look theirs nothing their I hope its my grandad as we were a very close big family and if it is him how can I tell him that I no his presence and I would like to see him x

    • profile image

      ali11 6 years ago


      So ever sense I was 10 i have felt as if something is following me. In the corner of my eye i see something white, well it is usually white it changes colors, i usually only see it at night, and when i lye in my bed i literlly see sparkles fall from the selling { i have been seeing sparkles sense i was 5 years old } and say when i go down in the base-ment i feel and kinda hear something coming up behind me like foot-steps. And my parents are always saying my room is the coldest in the house and at night no matter how high the heat is turned up i still have to have 5 covers over me becuase it is so cold even in the summer! and i fell when i am in bed as if someone is lying next to me! All this has been happening sense i was 10! Can you please help me or tell me what i am seeing! E-mail me at Please even if you have just a little thing any info could be help-full

    • profile image

      Loranne 6 years ago

      I'm thirteen and I watched a video about an exorcism and since then I have been having all those signs. I have a dream about her every night. It's weird because its only at night when she comes snoopin around me saying stuff to me. I want to get rid of her! She's creeping me out! I woke up at exactly 12 am on Friday the 13th and she was standing there coming torwards me. I asked her to go away and she said Help me! You understand me! I need you! And she vanished.

    • profile image

      thedisign367 5 years ago

      my brother and his friend were noticing shadows following them and faded heads and I really don't know what is going on but I do believe in ghosts and I have noticed shadows in my basement same with my other brother and I don't know if they'll hurt me or not because i can't fight back.

    • profile image

      thedisign367 5 years ago

      the spirits try to tell my brothers friend stuff but he cant hear him and nobody else can see them and I think it because he shows him self to kids like I am 13 yrs old and my bro is 11 but we are not sure so we need advise because the ghost might vanish 'cause we believe that they are protecting us from demons but we just wanna be sure and we start school soon and the spirits follow them everywhere and the spirits look like my like my brother and his friend and we heard if u see ur double your gonna die and we don't know how can somebody give us some advise please?

    • profile image

      josh 5 years ago

      hey, im living in a house where i have lived all my life i have only ever had one face to face interaction with a ghost , it's a friendly ghost , at night u can hear loud fast footsteps , my fiancée had a strange interaction with him while I was sleeping , we were sleeping and she woke up to see him laying comfortably on me ? this really freaked me out because I have no idea what it means ? maybe its protective of me or maybe it doesn't like me ? ADVISE ?

    • profile image

      Ash 5 years ago

      Hello, i don't think somebody is trying to contact me, i know they are and i am hoping it is my cousin who died while i was pregnant with my little boy 5 years ago or my grandad who died the day after my son was born, because since then i have always felt a presence with me and have even seen a girl appear and disappear in front of me but that was before any of my family passed away (i did not recognise the girl from anywhere and have never seen her since) But until December 2010 i only felt my family members were with me, and since then somebody has been trying to get into contact with me. One day i came home from an xmas shopping trip and when i opened my front door all of my dining table chairs were lined in a row infront of my door, this freaked me out terribly, then i forgot about it until i returned home from dropping my kids off at school 2 months ago and the same again, my chairs were lined up in a row infront of the door, and then this happened again 2 weeks ago, but this time the chairs weren't in a perfect line, they were in a row but each chair was facing a different direction and my kitchen cupboard doors were wide open, my microwave door too and my kettle was at the opposite side of the kitchen on the window sill, i just laughed to myself and imagined somebody walking past and seeing a kettle floating through the kitchen lol. All of that was fine, and i was comfortable with this because it is somebody letting me know they have been to see me. But i was lying on the settee doing a sodoku at 4am this morning and my tv clicked, as if i had just pressed the remote and the screen came on and it was black but with dark red around the top and side edges, it was blurry and unfocused and i starred at it because it looked like it was going to come into focus but after 10 seconds it switched back off again leaving me really freaked out and very confused.

    • profile image

      Ivica 5 years ago

      Hi Im typing from Australia, Ive had a couple of thinks happen in he last coule of weeks and not sure what's going on. he 1st instance was I was dozing off to sleep and heard mi ipod headphone fall off the bedside table and thought hmmm.... then not after that I felt someone sit at the end of the bed as the bed sank. i quickly got up but no on was there. Then this morning at approx 0200 i was woken up by someone tapping me on the head and shoulder... So not sure what's going on. My father died within 3 days of me being born but I would like to know who is trying to get in touch with me me. Is there anything I can do?

    • KatieB456 profile image

      KatieB456 5 years ago

      Ghosts tend to contact me in dreams (the unrelated ones) and warn me - for example I had a dream that my cat was screaming at me for help while i was telling him off for distracting me from doing math (this was when i was a young child); i went to school the next day, came home to find my cat had been run over at 1:27pm; the same time i was in math. Relatives that have passed tend to touch me, rarely but occasionaly, whisper to me; maybe say my name, or a short 'no' when i'm about to do something i shouldn't. I listen to them but sometimes i forget the notes they left me and do it anyway - then they tell me off later; maybe pull my hair or pinch my arm lightly. Most of you will think i am mad but i beleive in what i beleive.

    • profile image

      Elizabeth Martin 5 years ago

      I was sleeping last night. I do happen to believe in ghosts. I said goodnight to my father who passed away when I was little, I may do those a month or so. I couple of minutes later I begin to go to sleep. There's no one in the room and it's dark. The room will stay it's normal temperature and there was no cold draft at all. All of a sudden me feet would begin to tingle, and I didn't think anything of it at first. Until the tingling started to go through my whole body up to my head. It was almost like a feeling of electricity or the feeling that the hairs on my body was standing up. I felt a weird, heavy pressure. As if someone was trying to hold me down, but I could move. I decided to rollover to maybe see if that would help, but it didn't. When I did this I got dizzy all of a sudden like I was going to be sick. And I started to hear someone talk, I mean actually talk. I have good hearing, but I think someone was trying to say something to me right in my ear. I couldn't make it out at all, the voice was so feint. I couldn't tell if it was male or female. Should I be bothered by this at all? This has never happened to me before, this is the first time I heard someone try to communicate with me.

    • profile image

      Mallissa 5 years ago

      moved in our house remolded the whole thing almost a yr ago now five months ago everything started before my daughter cauld even sit up i woke up to her laughing went in what now is guest room and she was sitting up playin in her crib, but after that nothing really happen until one week ago it all started to be daily things noticable right in front of us thing i head something fall upstairs just me and my daughter home he dad was gone i was on phone went up nothing was out of place couple days later my bf went to bed earlie me and y daughter down stairs i did dishes earlier pots and pans sounded like they fell but iwent out to ktchen all on towel still, i was scared so i shut off lights and t.v downstairs i went to bottum of stairs and turned on light and it blew i hallered to my bf my daughters dad to turn on guest room light he did, then i go up and instead of putting my daughter in her room me and her slept in guest room took me while to fall asleep i woke up in a panic something swooped across my arm thought it was her dad getting into bed but he was still sleeping to i finally went to sleep next day my daughter was with a friend so i could clean i was getting laundry together came down stairs heard creaking upstairs and it scared me so i threw laundry in car and left onw ay out i just happen to look up and in my bedroom it looked like a face but couldn't see it good cause windows where foggy from cold weather and heat, so i left ina hurry did not come home till her dad was hme everyne thought i was crazy till last night looked up history on cmputer some louis colomb lived in our house and died of cancer in nineteen fiftten could it be him or someone else. then tonight a number one ballon thats been in my kitchen for a week now came floating thew dining room threw living room across the t.v and up our stair case into my daughters rom where she was sleeping, my bf saw it all finaly he went up and got her and her baby monitor when he got down stairs was vibrating none stop and fell but remind u was not when she was up there only after he brought her downstairs and turned on all lights. What do i do i can not stay in my house alone im scared and just want it to stop want my daughter to be left alone she been looking at walls saying papa i thought it was caue she missed her papa who she goes with on weekends but now not so much what do i do please help me im freaking out here is he or she nice please help what do i do. Thanks Mallissa email me on here or

    • profile image

      Debbie 5 years ago

      my daughter went into my grandsons room at 3am he was crying at the door with 4 marks on his leg, he has never been able to get out of his cot and still cant, now my daughter has woken up with the number 4 scratched into her chest and her birthday is on the 4th december. i have stayed at her home and have felt some sort of a presence, she often wakes through the night to what feels like something sitting on her bed but theres nothing,this so weird i don't know how to help her any sugestions would be greatly apprceated,

    • Relationshipc profile image

      Kari 5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Well written hub. I love that you can see ghosts! I often believe that I could if I would reduce my fear of them. I can sense them though. I know when my grandpa is around or when my Nana has stopped by. I've been able to hear conversations, footsteps, and other things since I was young (probably where my fear comes in.)

      My grandpa will often play with our clocks to let me know he's visited. They don't have to be electrical. We've had it happen to battery operated clocks as well.

      I just wanted to point out that when my nana was alive but 'out of it' she would visit me quite a bit. She wasn't talking or interacting, or really in her right mind. I knew she was out of her body most of the time, and sometimes I would smell or sense her at night. From that I learned that when your loved one is 'not there' anymore, they may really be spending more time away from their body then in it. Who wouldn't?

    • profile image

      brijesh tiwari 5 years ago

      plz come my home contect no 7415220036 india,mp

    • profile image

      athena 5 years ago

      i have been hearing strange things in house there is cold spots and my dogs have been actin werid i have also had scraces on my back it was last week when i saw my perfum every where and then all my school work was trown in it do you think it wants me out or is it tryin to tell me something

    • profile image

      Muldania 5 years ago

      My grandmother, who was a believer in life after death said that she would visit me after her death, but to date, I have seen nothing and she has been dead for 28 years. I have asked her many times in those years, but still nothing. Every time someone dies, I hope to see them, so can understand how your husband feels after the death of his mother.

    • profile image

      Danuila 5 years ago

      Can somebody tell me what does this mean... I was sleeping alittle bit ago i felt my bed moving i sat up to make sure i wasn't dreaming. I still felt it, looked over to see a teenage boy standing at my door way. he didn't look at me he just stood there. i got so scared start hitting the way to yell for my cousin to come turn on the light. I was so scared i heard my sister running over cause she heard yell out wiyh a cry. i seen hm look over to her, she turned the light on and he was gone. Please somebody tell me what this means???

    • profile image

      Tiffany 5 years ago

      My father passes away when i was four months pregnant. About a months after he passed I was having a hard time breathing and tried getting to the e.r it was raining so hard that we couldn't see the road when looking straight ahead i could see him sitting next to me but if i looked directly over to the spot i saw nothing. When I was about 7 months pregnant we moved back to the farm (his house where he passed) it was me my mom and my boyfriend. Every night I could hear some icould hear someone walking down the stairs and into my moms room. After about an hour I would hear a sigh and the walking would go back up stairs. Every time id ask out loud how he was, if hes hsppy, at peace, and what he was doing with is free time and every question i asked i was have a dream about him that seemed to answer my question. When I went into labor my grandmother (dads mom) passed away I could feel her and my fathers presents. After my daughter and I went home I would put her in her crib uncovered and when i come back in the room she would be swaddled and in the middle of my bed and anytime id show her great grandmas and grandpas pictures she would smile. my daughter is now a year and she will look like shes talking to someone when noones there and laugh up a store and she can point out who grandpa is. does this mean my dad and grandma are still around?

    • profile image

      Saylaa 5 years ago

      I had a dream that i was sleeping and i woke up to m

    • profile image

      Gordon Bittern 5 years ago

      Hello when i was younger like 14-17 i was having this dream about this lil girl who been attack me in my dreams

      she was wearin night a long dress like and everytime i see her the wall will turn into blood her face was rotting away everytime she came closer to me the frist i dream about her when i was in my house no one was around then i walk into the hallway there she was standing there"saying i been waiting for you so long" then she came walking towords me could'nt move like i was stuck to the floor she grab me then i woke up my bed was move like someone was push down on me.then the 2nd time was in the same house but i was outside walking away then i felt like someone was watching me so i turn aound there she was again standing at the big window screaming then i blink the whole house was bloody she push the door open screaming at me as i was tryin to run she was yelling"you can't run away from me"then she grab again but this time it felt like a burning feeling.the 3rd time dreaming about her when i was in Berens River MB i was staying with my mom and her boyfriend i was on my to my friends house then i saw my-self walking the road not to far the house i look at the big window she was standing there but i didn't about her one year until that day but this dream wasn't like the rest she was stong throw me at the house broke my arms then rip then off as i was tryin to get up but i could'nt she told me "WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME YOU HOW LONG I WAS LOOKING FOR YOU?!?!"as she was yelling her bodyparts were felling off her face rotting away but the thing that woke me was her hand when down my mouth and she pull out my heart while it was beating.

      the last time i dream about her was i was 18 i was goin to highschool in Winnipeg the Southeast College i was in my room and no one was around everyone i knew there was gone i was yelling"hello is there anyone here" then i heard a lil laugh and i knew it was her i fear her my heart was pound then she came by the door she scream at me yelling"i found you i found you" then i was tryin to run there was more of her theres was like over 50 of that girl the nightmare has start then i told her to leave me alone she start to cry and ran way that was the last time i dream about that lil girl..

      i lived in Poplar River MB

    • profile image

      Tominxster 5 years ago

      I've been seeing ghosts my entire life. My children do also. As did my mother and my grandmother before her. My mother dies 20 months ago. Ive only seen her once. This has disappointed me as I see so many others.

      I miss her and want to see her again.

    • profile image

      sunshine 5 years ago

      As a child i always saw ghosts, i saw my aunty who had died when she was young and I saw clowns alot too. Then i moved out of that house and into a new one, i stopped getting connections and i felt safer, but these past three/four years I've started noticing things moving around, going missing, turning on and off when i'm alone in the house. each time something happened whatever is in my house revealed itself even more... once i was babysitting and she was talking to someone under the blanket, and when i asked who it was she replied coby, my mum had a miscarriage and was naming the boy coby. nothing happened for about a year and now i always hear, little giggles of laughter or pattering of feet running around and a month ago i saw something out the corner of my eye that looked like a childs leg this ran past my door. alot of events happen when i'm alone or at night.. it was only the other day when i could sense someone in my room and my mac turned itself on then off again, so i went back to sleep and woke up because my covers were pulled off me, i keep having recurring dreams about someone named Tom Burton and i'm trying to figure out if someone is trying to get in touch with me?i've had many connections at my friends house too, and alot in my bedroom and at my mothers workplace i just want to know how to let them in so i know who it is?

    • profile image

      NO NAME 5 years ago

      I'm 8. Lately there has been a girl following me. A ghost, I think. We're best friends. She talks to me. She leaves notes also. She told me she's Avery. We do everything together. At night when I talk to myself, she talks to me too. This is true.

    • profile image

      heather 5 years ago

      I see people in hospitals i see people at home iv never met these people i have vieods and recordings of them yelling at me im haunted they carve stuff in papers they have been bugging me talkin to me i want them to stop i made the mistake to make a quji board to a supposed haunted location years ago i believe this is this is the readon my mother came over and the doors started shaking it also slammed a door in my friends face and said get out

    • profile image

      cowgirl 5 years ago

      I am usually a very warm natured person. I rarely feel cold. The other night I was sitting in my living room and kept feeling very cold. I asked my husband if he was cold because he is usually freezing and he was not. I checked the thermostat and it was 74 in the house. The next day I received a call notifying me of the death of a very close old friend.

    • minymoe678 profile image

      minymoe678 5 years ago

      I've seen ghosts on many occasions usually in the form of number 5 though my dad has said that his side of the family have a 'gift' and that we can see people that have passed away and even feel hear and smell them I have also heard muted conversations. Usually when i turn around to where its coming it all goes silent and it feels like something coming towards me and when i just say hello there the whole thing goes away

    • profile image

      wonder 5 years ago

      I was three month old when my Dads Father died, and went through life sometimes wondering what he would have been like?. He had died in the hallway of my Aunts house, when staying over there when i was about 7 years old i was sleeping in her room, when the morning came she accused me of taking a ring off of her fact the ring was still on her dresser but had been moved under a coin, This was nothing to do with me.

      I carried on through life often thinking of that night and told my Mum but it was just passed off as one of those things.

      Then i moved away from my parents for a few years,on a visit to their house everything was fine and myself and children had had a great time. upon leaving i closed the front door and in a very low voice i said "bye Dad i love you" i have no idea what made me say this....

      Over the next few weeks i could not ignore that i was having the strangest feeling that my grandad was behind me in the living room as i was turning the light out to go to bed, this was happening every night, i have never before felt him around me and was questioning myself as to why now...two weeks passed and i had a phone call to say my Dad had died......ive never felt my grandad around me again or my dad, that was nearly 13 years ago.

      Was i being told by my Grandad My Dads time on earth was coming to an end ????

    • profile image

      bobbie 5 years ago

      The other night i was upstairs in my bedroom and the light was on and something took my mirror and reflected it on the ceiling and positioned the reflection right above me. I stared at it for awhile and then went to sleep. Last night I put the mirror away so there would be no contact I never experienced anything like that. I have experienced cold breezes and things being moved but not that. Has anyone else ever had that happen.

    • profile image

      Dannyelle 5 years ago

      omg onetime i saw a wite cloud out on myporch when i was layen down then looked up and saw it it kidof looked like my mom a little bit i miss her its been 5 years and me and her were so close but i need an understanding if you have any idea what this means please email me at ( exactly like that please i need some information

    • profile image

      Lisa. 5 years ago

      Hi, I have never really been on a sight like this befor but a friend of mine lost her daughter in a car accident on the weekend and I have also had a a few ppl pass away lately.. When my friends daughter passed it got me thinking about her a lot .. 2 nights ago I was drifting off to sleep and then I heard my name being called.(lis)it startled me... I have heard my name a few times before but this voice recognized .. A friend of mine passed a few months ago and it was his voice,I knew the voice straight away!! I got a sense that my girlfriends daughter was with him and he wanted me to know...Then as I drifted back off to sleep a loud deep voice says to me: hey I want to have a chat,this voice really startled me as it was deep and I didn't recognize it,but then a flash of my dads friend that passed last week came in front of me... I thought ,I want to sleep now and he went away...Am I being contacted by loved ones?.. Or is it all in my head???? Like I said this has happened before but I normally ignore it but I knew this voice and then the face.. I also woke to screaming in my ear weeks prior to this...can someone tell me if it's my thoughts playing tricks or this is actually someone trying to contact me??? Thanx

    • profile image

      Jholk 5 years ago

      I am not sure if this is because of my partial seizures, psychosis, bi-polar 1, or if I am being contacted by spirit(s). It began with just my name in a man's whisper, over and over again, and intermittently I would feel a very strong presence behind me touching my shoulder(s) and saying a sentence. Some included "Now THAT was an opportunity." or "...see, this is where I want you to be..." or "I am right here" It comes out of no where. It happens especially at night. Sometimes people will come around me and I can feel their auras. I also get pictures that tell me a message about people. I've been put on almost every type of anti-psychotic, sometimes multiple anti-psychotics... very high doses... to get rid of it, but it never goes away unless I'm so sedated I can't feel ANYTHING! Seizures, from my understanding, only produce weird noises, which I get too, but not someone actually talking to you. And the voice? Not like someone's standing by me and talking to me. It's a message that is shaped in the air and turns into a whisper when it hits my inner ear.

    • profile image

      lektek 5 years ago

      hi this happened last night i was sleeping and i heard shuffling so i looked out side and i saw a black humanoid figure with a wooden cross and he walked through the fence

      then was gone! im ten 10 and want to know what it means

      is it a poltergeist or a banshee? im scared!!!!

    • profile image

      Tanisha 5 years ago

      Hi all, am basically working on night shifts and i usually sleep in day at home, i wil alone sleeping, last week when i was sleeping there was a girl came near me and requested me to see someone whom she doubt! all of sudden i got up... i was so scared on the day i never slept

      and last sunday midnight around 2.15 i was dreaming something bad suddenly i wakeup my husband to shut the window, he was in deep sleep he said hmmmm, on a sec my eyes closed and telling the ""suras""without knowing, a girl again came and telling me ""sister am going"" and she kissed my son who is sleeping next to me. i was really scared just got up.

      but still am sleeping alone, i really dono why the same girl is coming often to me,

    • profile image

      cathy sweeney 5 years ago

      hi,my name is cathy and i'm 16 and my friend leah halligan has recntly committed suicide on the 7th of march 2012 she was 17 and then on the 25th of march have experienced a ghost like figure appear on my road.I fell asleep at 11:00 pm sunday 25th of march and woke up at 2:00 am exctly, my family were in bed. i was previously feeling unwell and i went down to my room i didn't turn on the lights cause i could already see into my room with the moonlight shining my window and i don't like turing on the lights when the blinds are open becuse i feel like someone is looking in at me so anyway i walked over to my window and i was about to pull the blind down when i saw a white ghost like figure running or possible on a bike up my road. i couldn't believe it i couldn't sleep that night and before that night i could hear voices but i couldn't make them out in school and even outside the art classroom we went together. but i thought it was nothing i'd mostly her my name being called but i turned around and it seemed like no one was calling me. Leah lived with her granny because of family problems and she's always come down to my house on a bike and i was thinking it could have been her on her bike visiting me,my raised her and her little sister when they were little so i've known her since i was little.

    • profile image

      Danny 5 years ago

      Interesting stuff but I just figured out that someone, most likely my father is around. For a very long time I would look up and somehow, without knowing, I would see my birthdate in clocks, signs and LED things. I always wondered about it until I heard a Medium say that to someone "those numbers you see, that are the same all the time in that clock" is your mother. Then I thought it must be a sign since its constant all the time. Now I am trying to figure out why. I think he is reminding me of my birth and how exciting he was, and that I should be grateful for the life I have and have lived even with making some major mistates that can not be rectified due to my age. Its interesting because I have been down thinking that I will never be able to go back and do some things over again. I wonder about this, which let me here.

    • profile image

      Mary 5 years ago


      I have been confused and bewildered by an experience of mine for years. I was hoping someone might be able to clear my head about it.

      I was over at my best friend's grandfathers house. His wife had Alzheimers and had recently passed. I had been coming to this house for quite a while; me and this girl grew up together. I have memories of her grandma in a nightgown and slippers shuffling her feet throughout the house and mumbling. She never knew me, because of the disease but i was always there.

      Anyways, one day i went over again. I ended up sick with something and took some cough and cold medicine, layed down on the couch and took a nap. I kept waking up periodically; the medicine made me feel weird and it was hard to sleep. I thought I woke up one time to someone calling my name. I sat up on the couch and looked behind me, and there was my friend's grandmother standing before me smiling so softly down at me! She looked wonderful! Her make up was done up, she wore jewelry, and was dressed up like she was going to church. She said, "Can you do me a favor and tell Haley I love her very much?" I said yes of course, and she bent down and gave me a hug. She walked into her old bedroom and shut the door. I just layed back down and went to sleep again.

      When I woke back up, I was so confused. I thought surely it must have been a dream. But the more I thought about it the more creeped out I got. I ended up telling my friend about what happened. She just cried and told me I was crazy and to not ever talk to her about her grandmother again. Not only that but she took my cold medicine and threw it away.

      I know cough and cold medicine doesn't make you hallucinate, but I don't know. I just don't know what to make of it. Was it a drug induced hallucination? Or did her spirit actually manifest and communicate with me?

      Someone, PLEASE enlighten me!

    • profile image

      carina 5 years ago

      when i was 3 i used to see this girl that looked just like me and she apeared everywere .when i looked in the miror i saw my reflection walk away then that ugly girl with red eyes would apeare.there are this type of people called mayas(look it up fore more information)and i had a spiritual cleansing and she went away.she had been folowing me sing i eas 3,like i said,and i am 12 now and she came back.

      plz help

    • profile image

      Bev11 5 years ago

      Hi... when my dad passed away I kept seeing the #'s 11:11 all the time. Well, my mom died 11 years after dad, at the age of 83 (8+3=11)... I will always wonder if dad was trying to tell me that this is when moms time was up. And when we went to moms funeral... when we backed up (in our car) a car blasted its horn really loud behind us, as if we were going to back into someone. But there was no one there, there was 3 of us in the car at the time, our hair stood on end... but there was no other car in sight. I could almost hear them laughing at us, kind of felt like he was there to pick her up. Dad always said he would wait for mom... just makes me wonder... But sometimes I still see the #'s 11:11 (but not as often) and I wonder what is going to happen next, or if they are just letting me know I am not alone, that they are still here.

    • profile image

      Sarah H. 5 years ago

      The house I currently live in was built by my grandparents in the late 50s, and since then has stayed in the family. My uncle Jody, who had down syndrome, died in the house in 1995, and since then there have been a few strange occurrences of lights being flicked on, footsteps, etc, but nothing too major.

      Recently, my aunt (his sister) made a CD of my uncle playing on his keyboard and talking and praying into a mic. We all sat around at Christmas and listened to it and it was very sweet, remembering him even though he had left us over a decade ago.

      Since then, however, the CD has been known to start playing randomly throughout the day or during the middle of the night. So far the plays have been sporadic, and only happen once every four or so months, but usually pick up around holidays for some odd reason (I'm assuming because those may be his favorite times of the year).

      I've told people about it and they think it's creepy, but I think it's a nice little way for him to remind us that he's still around.

    • profile image

      Sandy 5 years ago

      Since i was little i would see ghosts and hear things and feel thing and smell things now that i am older i see thing at time but most of all i hear and feel or feel like some waching me!! i don't understand why this has happen to me some plz help me understand email me

    • profile image

      Aaron 5 years ago

      I was at home by myself i was walk out my room i looked at my mom and dad's room and i saw a black shadow with red eyes.

    • profile image

      Aaron 5 years ago

      Im at my nana's house i was in the woods with her i was digging at a civil war yard and found a grave and know i think im being follwed by a ghost

    • profile image

      Rachelhof 5 years ago from Maryland

      Ok so i created this hub account because i need help. Ive seen ghosts before, thats not what worries me. But last night i was dreaming about a whole in the ground that was suckking me in like quicksand and this creepy thing in my dream kept telling me"give up! Die! I want you!you're going to die!!" But it wasn't just telling me that, i could feel it wispering in my ear in real life and everytime i got out of the hole i would somehow keep falling back in. Finally i sat up and see a ghost standing looking at me in an all black hooded cape. I didn't see its face but when i tried to wake up my bf it disapeared and i heard the dog bark downstairs and quickly start wining (it never does that) so i thought to myself it wont hurt me. The dog finally stopped. And i tried to go back to sleep. Then i feel something moving my hair and i had a STRONG feeling something was laying behind me in bed. I told my bf what happened cuz strange things have been happening to him . He told me he has seen this thing since he was a kid and im the only other person to see it. I simply just want to know if similar things have happened to other people and what this thing is. Its not just your everyday ghost.

    • profile image

      Rachelhof 5 years ago from Maryland

      Also the next time i fell asleep my geart wouldn't stop racing and i could feel it through my whole body. Ive never felt anything like it before. Im scared. I need some suggestions!!!!! Please!!!!

    • profile image

      Really scared girl98 5 years ago

      Hi ,Im 13 , these things have only started happening to me recently , the lights keep flickering of and on , things move and spin around without reason or wind and i don't no why ! :/ im super scared and i don't know what to do , my friend conor , says that when me and him are on the phone , he can hear a deep voice in the backround and it freaks me out , my dog also stares and barks at this one part of the room that i feel like i am being watched at , i always feel things brushing past me and see shadows with the side of my eye , i don't want this ghost here , and im scared of it hurting me again as i have woken up with burnn marks on my neck ! and a green scrape on my head , ive been having major headaches and been sick for a good while :( could someone please give me some advise on what to do ? :( thank you .

      Really scared girl98

    • profile image

      aspen 5 years ago

      This is for Jenn. I got what you where saying about the first half. I have noticed something following me too. like at work i feel like this black figure keeps catching the side of my eye but i look in that direction and nothing is there. a couple of months ago i had my dog on my bed and he was laying down minding his own buisness when all of a sudden he looks right into the back corner and is just staring away. I tryed to get his attention but he just kept staring at something then when i was about to turn around he moved his head to the other corner and stared there and then went back to the other corner. when he was doing that I all of a sudden I felt cold and kinda scared. i didn't know what to think of it. also i was on skype with my cousin a couple weeks ago and well i was facing my back from my bed and my dog facing the bed opposite from me well on skpe you can see yourself as well couldn't see anything was talking and all of a sudden my dog shoots his head up like some one is standing right behind me but when i look at my skype there is no one there. It was really scary. I started to get creaped out then all of a sudden he dashes out of the room. and the right now past couple of days he has not been sleeping on the bed like he normaly does he ends up trying to sleep in the closet. I don't know if it is a spirit or ghost but its pretty creapy if you ask me. somebody please let me know? thanks.

    • TheROUSes profile image

      TheROUSes 5 years ago

      I'm sorry to say people, but no one has seen any ghosts. No one has because they are not real......How is it possible for ghosts to be real?

      No one can prove ghosts are real because they aren't, but a spirit can be proven. That spirit is God. You will all know He is there when y'all pass away because y'all will be judged by Him.

      If you want proof, please ask me for some.

    • profile image

      joanne 5 years ago

      Hi all when my 2 husband

      passtaway .i whent home

      and my flat was so cold

      i put on jumper and koate

      on still cold now iam seeing

      black spots out of the corner

      of my eyes. Courd this be my

      mum,dad,my husdand

      visiting me plz help as this is worried me

    • TheROUSes profile image

      TheROUSes 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Anton 5 years ago

      Hello, my name is Anton.

      Im not sure how to explain this but I keep having strange dreams that wakes me up in the middle of the night usually around 4-5 am, however sure it's bad dreams everyone has it whether they like it or not. But recently I've been hearing a neutral voice saying "Hello" just after I woke up because of bad dreams. So I wonder what might this thing be? I asked my mother she has experinced the exact same thing but she don't know what it is. So any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance,


    • profile image

      poop 5 years ago

      Yes my kettle keeps switching on by itself.

      Any ideas.

    • profile image

      Cat 5 years ago

      Ive just woken up from what seemed to be a very restless sleep because I could hear people whispering and my mattress went down like someone sat down then again on the other side I sat up real fast and could see a figure I lunged at it but it was gone. I went back to a lite sleep and the same thing again i tried to touch the figure but couldn't sat up got out of bed and turned on the light sat on my bed and was freaked out had my head down and could see the quilt being tugged at grabbed the quilt got up and said if anyone is here let me know don't mess with my head I've ended up sitting in the lounge room .

      My daughter and son and myself have heard running foot steps they are coming from up stairs hall way

    • profile image

      Courtney Parson 5 years ago

      I have a question. Can there be something that just follows me? everywhere I have lived I have heard things or felt things, maybe 4 times over the last to years I've had a black shadow that i've seen, it kind of looks like a little girl, I olny say this

      because I see the silowet of her hair but i've never seen a face just a dark shadow that you can't see anything through. the " little Girl" woke me up one night about a year ago and was trying to talk to me I thought it was my step daughter and I kept saying

      What Lexi? and the voice wasn't making sense I couldn't understand what she was trying to say after about four times asking and not understanding I told her just go back to bed. The next morning I asked her what she needed when she came in the room she said

      she never did and my husband said she would have most likely came to him instead of me anyway and I believe this is true. Other than this I have things happen like the lights flicker, washing mashine lid be open in the middle of a cycle, muffled voice coming

      from another room, my kids say they see shadows and their term they used before was Goonies for something they were scared of. but know after moving the the knew place and nothing happening here for 2 months it's starting again. I truly think it's me that

      it's connected too, I am the only that most of the creepy things are happening too. What could this be?

    • profile image

      Aaron d 5 years ago

      I don't know what it is sprit or ghost. I can tell you this much it is scary, everytime it happens. It does not matter what time of day it is. Sometimes it makes a noise to let me know its here and sometimes it just hits me like a ton of briks. The room dosent get cold other people have been in the same room with me and don't feel the temp change but they say it smells and feels different. The feeling I get is so cold I can feel my body get tight like all my muscles are contracting and its starts with the little hairs on my neck and run straight to my toes. At the same time the feeling of extreme saddness comes over me, Im a military man and don't cry even when im hurt. the tears run down my face even when my eyes are wide open they just poor its crazy. I see back thing flash across the room from time to time the size of a fist. I have had someone talk to me that sounded like my mother but my mom is still alive. I have had washer and dryer doors open and close the sound of someone walking on my wood floors upstairs and down. I have smelled perfume of my great grandmother after she passed One time was very scary such a sad feeling the ceiling creeked and the windows made sounds like they were being pushed on my wife was freaked I told her its here again and than the tears ran down my face we cant stop it. telling it to go away dosent work they last from 2-3 min some are stronger than others some I cant speak and other I can. Does anyone else get this extrem sad feeling and its also fear at the same time I hate it. I rather be running for my life. please help me understand thanks

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      I found out my aunt who was very close to me shot and killed herself in 1977 which really shocked me and still today she comes to me 'in spirit' and lets me know when someone is about to die. On occasion, but not normally, I have known 'who' was going to die. I also have had multiple dead ones come to me around the same time as her, then usually within one to two weeks, someone dies. Sometimes it has been like someone my sister knew, and I didn't even know them, but 'someone dies'. I recently started a book because I've kept a diary for 10 years, which the diary will be in the book, on times when a spirit has come to me, I reported who died.

      I also have those either black or white things, ghosts, come to me when I'm about to go to sleep at night. They flash across my face in weird forms like hands or feels like white pillows were thrown at me towards my face, I suddenly wake up to see them going, freaks me out, I get a rapid heartbeat, sometimes feel I'm going to have a heart attack! I should be used to it by now, been going on for years. I have seen a dark shadow of a little girl standing against my bedroom wall, a dark shadow of a tall guy standing at the end of my bed at night and for some reason I suddenly open my eyes, they quickly disappear. Of course not on the same night, different things happen at different times. My son had footprints on his tv one Halloween morning, freaky. And the animal rug hangs on his wall, had handprints on it. Now, that is no hullucination! We are the only two here! We could physically see them, not an imagination by only one person, we 'both' saw them.

      I've never heard, and was scared to see, others have experienced similar things because it's so out of the realm of life. But, it's more than that, it's life after death...

    • profile image

      Aoife 5 years ago

      When I was little, my parents tell me I spoke to my deceased Nanny, had full blown conversations with nothing and often questioned when she'd be back. It wasn't the first 'unusual' thing that I spoke to them about, because apparently I had two people in my head that told me to do bad things and dozen of imaginary friends. I was brought to the doctor and he told them that I was a child with a very active imagination but that was as far as it went.

      I don't remember it but at around nine we moved into a new house and lived there for six years. Anytime I used the bathroom down stairs I cried for no reason at all. I thought nothing if it until about last year when I realised that it happened when somebody mentioned ghosts or spirets. I tried 'contacting' my guardian angel and ended up lying in my bed with tears running down my face.

      I can't ever remember seeing a ghost, don't have trouble with electricity or anything like that but am very curious.

    • profile image

      Nathan 5 years ago

      Hello, I have been contacting spirits for a while and I want to spread the word to all. It isn't scary at all but please reply.

    • profile image

      curies 5 years ago

      wow all the storys i hear on here are weird im only 10 but sometimes i feel like someones watching to it is so weird sometimes im afraid to be a


    • profile image

      clinton 5 years ago

      Hi I had this encounter when I was 14 year's old an it got worst,but it only happen's when I'm at my cuzin's house,I fall asleep then I suddenLy wake up to find I can't move or speak,but I'm awake and the only way I can get out of that is if I pray,and about 3year's ago something attacked me in my dream's where I also couldn't move but I was awake and could only awake with prayer...can someone help me please.

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      It sounds to me like a fear takes over and can be so severe, it can make you feel paralyzed. By praying, God does bring comfort. I think what you're doing to be able to move, is a good thing. It's psychological in my opinion brought on by a fear. Try deep breathing, relaxation type imagery thing, that always helps me when in a stressful situation. The 'not knowing' what it is, can produce more fear which can bring on an anxiety/panic attack that can cause multiple symptoms. Realize it happens, and you're not going to die, can help. Just know, it "will" pass, that can help, hopefully. :)

    • profile image

      meet 5 years ago

      hello, when I was in hostel during my post graduations, many times I dreamt of death of my parents and the very next day there was news of some other persons death. This happened for only one year...but I am not able understand all that.

    • profile image

      tayla 5 years ago

      hi i'm ten but i always think that some one is there i wakke up through the night to knock ing at the window and foot steps.but some times i see shadows and people playing and drinking win i want to know what's going on so i feel safe if your reading please let me know that i'm safe cause its happened since i was about 2 .some times i feel cold breezes that other people don't feel but i'm still wearing a jumper when the days hot.also i can hear people talking when no one s there .we also keep getting power freezes and power outages and we cameras that always catch stuff that isn't there .today we got another camera and none of the powers working

    • profile image

      august 5 years ago

      I'm terrified when I fall to sleep because whatever I dream it comes true. just last night I heard my bestfriends vioce and she had died 2 years ago she told me that she was my gardian angel and she was suppose to die to watch over me for my protection. I have seen long black figures run across the room and I have no idea what it was my foster mom calls my crazy and she doesn't believe me I can see when things happen before they do happen. I have a very special gift and sometimes i'm very scared but other times i'm thankful for my gift

    • profile image

      Autie 5 years ago

      Hi I'm Autie, I'm 19 years old. Years ago I'm not really sure how long ago or how old I was when I first started getting visited by ghosts but I have only seen them a few times and only heard them a few times but they have attacked me and done things around me that I know for sure there are ghosts present.

      The first few things were simple like it would feel like a cat would jump onto my bed and walk up to my pillow. My own cat will just stare or kinda growl or swat at nothing in the room. my closet door would open and close or my radio would turn on and off. Also, there would be a dark shadow start in the corner of my room and grow and then simple shrink and disappear. More recently my bed would shake violently almost throwing me off the bed.

      I moved out a few months ago and me and my fiancé were sleeping in the living room of his dad's house on the floor and the shadow of his grandfather kept walking back and forth past the doorway of the dining room. Also, I have gotten many, many phone calls with a blocked number and no talking and my fiancé has too.

      A few months ago we were staying at his grandmother's house and I was asleep, when i suddenly woke up to not being able to breath. when i closed my eyes i could see what the person/thing was that was choking me. she very pale bright red lipstick, hair, eyes, and long, long, long bright red nails. her fingers were ice cold and she was squeezing my throat. I couldn't speak or anything and i opened my eyes and my fiancé was fast asleep next to me. I also couldn't move, but I finally could get out a little sqeak and it woke up my fiancé who shook me until she let go and I could breath again. I started crying and couldn't sleep anymore that night. My mom's wiccan and she helped us clean our room. I bought a white candle and lit it and asked my protector to protect me and to banish this demon. She never came back after that but every night I'm scared that she's going to return and my fiancé won't hear me or feel me or I won't be able to make a noise this time.

      Last night I was half asleep/half awake and something darted in the corner of my eye. I opened my eyes completely and I was someone sitting in the computer chair at the foot of where we sleep. then it disappeared. About 2 hours ago I was doing my hair in the bathroom and my fiancé and his friend were sitting in the living room and no one else was awake. They were watching a movie and I heard my fiancé yell my name like he does when he wants something.i come in and ask what he wanted and him and his friend look at me like I'm stupid or something. Also I just saw someone in the upstairs/front door doorway then they ran upstairs. Can anyone help me? Explain any of this to me? my email is

    • profile image

      Kyle 5 years ago

      Hi, i'm Kyle, I'm 14. When i was little. I had a best friend, we hung out did lots if stuff and played around my house. It stopped when we moved in 2004. Recently my mom told me it was a ghost. She had seen it in the house aswell. The reason we moved out of that house. She recently told me her side of the family has a gift, we can feel other peoples anxiety? Like my grandma can feel her brothers, and we are able to see ghosts. I have been having these dreams lately. All negative ones with ghosts. Recently in one, i was being hunted by a ghost i thought burning its remains would pass it on. I was in a feild ready to do so and it came at me. I also moved into a new old house which is very strange. I always feel like something is here. Sometimes theres bangs or doors open by themselves. Any wisdom or help?

    • profile image

      um 5 years ago

      this is a cool site

    • profile image

      Lisa 4 years ago

      Hi All. i was wondering if anybody has had the same experience as me or my mum. We have ofter heard bangs and other noises in our house (like for example pots banging in the kitchen when nobody else in home) and last week my mum heard somebody whisper in her ear. Though she doesn't remember what was said as it scared her, Does this mean somebody is trying to tell her/us something? Over the 15 years we have lived in our house we have had many things happen. Electrical items break that tested normal by electricians... only to start working again as if nothing had happened, Brand new lightbulbs blowing, flickereing lights (now and again thought so we know its not a fault with the fitting) furniture has been moved, lots of orbs in certain rooms in the house. Bangs and scratches in one of the bedrooms. My mum has sensed smells though i never have myself but recently its happening more often than ever. Also my dog has been acting very strangely recently. Sitting and shaking in the corner like he is scared. Does anybody have any ideas? Please email me Thanks :)

    • profile image

      jusbeth16 4 years ago

      I have never seen a ghost but I have seen other things and heard things that just could not be explained.

    • bgigstead profile image

      bgigstead 4 years ago

      I have noticed things like that once in awhile. I did have an actual physical manifestation or apparition once a few years back. I was sitting in front of computer late one night doing something I cannot remember. I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I looked I saw a cute little girl about 10, wearing a blue dress and pink bow standing right next to me. My gaze went back to my computer and then swung back and the little girl was gone. Tell the truth it freaked me out.

    • profile image

      jusbeth16 4 years ago

      Woooo, That sure is creepy ^ . I can happily say I have no experiences like that. The most I have seen was one night I was in another room with a friend watching a movie. My bedroom door was closed and the windows in my room, not only had curtains and blinds shut but were not near any lights at all. Not even car lights could hit my widows, well...Too make a long story short, the cracks around my door lit up like someone had turned the light on, but when we checked, the light was off..

    • profile image

      Brayleene 4 years ago

      I moved into a new house that was older and had only been lived in by the owners and old other elderly couple. The owners are both deceased &I have the strongest feeling the mother has been following me. Ill hear noises or feel something touch me but its all small th8ngs and I'm actually verry comfortable with spirits. But then tonight I had a dream that I think answered my questions. I was in my house alone. All the lights were off and she was following me throughout the house, but I couldn't see her. I was scarred but not horrified. She was touched my back, &I looked behind me, then thats all I remember Nd I wonder if she has a message for me. Freaaaky

    • profile image

      mike ogan 4 years ago

      i need a ghost woman under my bed tonight at my

      apartment tonight then can you rip my cloths off

      to have sex with me if you have any power to do it

      i see you tonight around 11-00 pm be there

    • profile image

      megan 4 years ago

      Hi my name is megan and I am 17 years old, the first time I can remember seing someone or something like a ghoast was when I was 10 looking outside the window across from the other building I saw a figer walking it was a girl! But she was nothing but a blurr but she just walked throught the walls and I saw this throught the window! Now for at least a year now I have had some freeky exsperances like lastnight for exsample, I was in bedand decided to change my toung bar and on my bed was my mascara that was ziped up in my top draw I sometimes don't like these over welming “feelings” et that someone is watching me, or when I feel breathing on me when I am trying to sleep, I get chills down my spin, one night a gust of air came out of no where? And at the same time my light bulb blew! Now I understand I think? But I think sometimes it is someone or something “bad” playing mind games with me and then at other times feel calm and happy when It happens! Maybe I should go see a phyicic? Sorry for my terrible spelling!

    • Raine Sky profile image

      T S Sky 4 years ago from Saint Louis, MO.

      I've seen ghosts all of my life. You can read my experience if you want at

    • profile image

      Bb 4 years ago

      I hear sounds walking through my door I tell mum some things wrong I go back down tell she tells me I can sleep in her bed.i also see ghosts. I'm wondering if its normal I believe in ghost cuz I see them.

    • profile image

      TAEA 4 years ago


    • profile image

      franky babey 4 years ago

      I got a ghost folowing me every were and we the best of friends

    • profile image

      james 4 years ago

      I don't know it chooses me but ive been getting pinched and bitten well im asleep. Earlier i freaked my girlfriend out cuz i waz sleeping then i just yell outta no where yeah!!!!!! She asked me i was talking too? I dident her she said o looked at her and ignored her. I herd my grandma calling my name and she is still very much alive can someone please let me kno wats going on?

    • profile image

      Jaigron 3 years ago

      Hi My name is Jaigron abd im 20 just wanted to know if u could help me. from a very Young age i`ve always seen, heard, and felt things around me when there should`nt be anything there but im very fine with that. But wat im really here for is that ever since i was 12 i use to go help my mom at her night job and this is where it all started. Ever since my first day I`ve seen a little girl follow me. And to this day she still follows me and to tell u the truth i don't understand why i never hear her trying to talk to me of mess with the electicity she just follows me around i see her run by Behind me when i looking at white windows at work. And catch glimpses of her walking by on my glasses and other events that i know its her. But the weird thing is i don't know if its my mind playing tricks on me or not but she ages with me as of know shes no longer a looks like a little girl shes older i don't know how old i just know she older looking know and wanted to know if u could help me figure out what she needs or wants from me? And if u know why she would be aging aswell? My email is plz contact me if u know wats going on.

    • profile image

      mkilback 3 years ago

      hey :c i need advice im 16 and my names makayla, i just started getting curious about wether or not i should contact the ghost in my house, i don't want to make him mad, but i really want to know more about him. hes a nice man, i am pretty sure he is our landlords father, because his ashes where poured next to the house and a beautiful bush grew over him and they bloom with pretty red flowers. he opens and closes my bedroom door so i wonder if that is where he used to have his room, he has light candles on the mantle multiple times before. he is very peaceful and i would like to make him my friend. any advice on how i could talk to him... no ouiji boards or whatever, my grandma has warned me not to use those. thanks :C

    • profile image

      Vibha 3 years ago


      I have a friend who feels as if someone is walking behind him sometimes, but from a little while now he has this feeling very often, he also started to feel someone breathing around him now. He was able to feel this when he was alone, but from a few days when he is in a crowded place he feels the breathing. Could there be a ghost or any kind of soul around him? Is this dangerous?

    • profile image

      Help 3 years ago

      I just recently almost had my leg broken by a ghost. I don't know if my ability is a gift or a curse. Im being stalked by 9 ghosts at the moment. I need help. How can I get rid of this ability? I don't want to see ghosts anymore.

      Please help me :-(

    • profile image

      tnxm 3 years ago

      You can call pastor to help first you go and ask for holy water then later call pastor pray to GOD call pastor at 0182798944 to help he is very good and helpful

    • profile image

      Angelica Ramirez 3 years ago

      Hi I'm angelica and I'm 17 years old lately I have been waking up to a strange feeling of fear and one morning I woke up like that and I started bleeding from both nostrils I went to the bathroom to to go clean myself up and once I got back into bed I laid down and once I closed my eyes I hear a clear whisper say "angelica salte" which means "Angelica get out" and I turned around quick and saw nothing earlier today I was taking a shower and I heard a loud bang on the door of the bathroom this is the second time this occurs to me. For some reason at random times I hear multiple voices talking but I don't understand where there coming from. Also once when I was showering I saw a shadow of a person through the shower curtain and the next day I hear a little girl laughing. I rarely like staying home alone because usually I hear banging on the window.

      I really want to know what this means and to also mention my cat died two days ago I don't know if the banging on the door has anything to do with this

    • profile image

      Johnny 3 years ago

      My Father died back in 2004, however, I have heard him speak to me several times. I know its him cause he used to always call me Johnny Boy, and when I hear him now he still refers to me the same. One day very early in the morning, between 5:30 to 6:00am, I hear his voice telling me, Johnny get up, there is going to be a car accident and you will be late for work. As you can imagine, when I heard his voice, I jumped and looked around, but did not see anyone, I left earlier than usual to work and did not see any accidents, however, later on I heard in the news there was a huge accident with fatalities and the high way was closed for hours, if I would have left the house at the usual time, I would have never made it to work in time, or probably at all. Another time, he whispers into my ear, again early in the morning and says, Johnny, you are paying way too much money for this house. OMG how would he know that? He is saying the absolute truth, we my wife and I, pay way too much for our house, and its definitely not worth it. Anyway, I was just wondering if you would know how I may be able to actually hear him again, and talk to him, acknowledge him, let him know that I hear him and miss him very much. Thank you for your time, and hope to hear from you sometime. J.C.

    • profile image

      dkimlin 3 years ago

      Yes, I've had lots of experiences. The closest contact is in this story here.

    • profile image

      Jeremy 3 years ago

      Hi, my name is Jeremy. Quite often I am visited by a shadow. And I can feel spirits ralking to me but I can't figured out how to tune in. I often get woken by the witching hour.

    • profile image

      Lacey 3 years ago

      I'm very sensitive and I'm visited by spirits so often that I don't make much of it anymore. Most of the time I am able to communicate and know who is around and what they want. However, lately I've had spirits come to me from people who visit me. My 1 year old granddaughter picks up on all of them. She usually waves at them or points. Tonight was a point and screech. I was able to find out who it was I'm having a hard time communicating with them, because I've never met them. Tonight I had two young boys, early twenties. They both past away tragically, one was shot the other ran his car into a tree...suicide. They were both friends of my sons. They were very very persistent and wanted to get a message to my son, however, I was unable to pick up on exactly what that message was. I primarily can pick up on a spirit by feeling and some make their selves very known. At this point I pull out my crystal and am able to get information by asking yes or not questions. Tonight, I just didn't know what questions to ask to understand what they wanted to say. When I approached my son, he new exactly who these boys were. Unlike me, he isn't so receptive to the spirits beyond. Without his help I couldn't figure out what they wanted. Any suggestions on how better to communicate?

    • profile image

      Hayley 3 years ago

      I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what tho might mean... My father recently passed and i recently moved into a new home, the people who lived here before had told me that there was a little boy who hung around here and before I moved in someone passed away in the house.. Some people get a weird feeling when the go up to the top floor as well.. I was cleaning on day and thought I felt someone touch my shoulder. But the main thing I would like to know is if there is a significance with the number 3. My family and i play a board game where we use 3 dice, the first time this happened a 9 was rolled, a 6,2,1 we went on to move around the board and when we looked back the dice were in a line and they read 3,3,3. And tonight a 8 was rolled, the same thing happened when we looked back they were in a line but read 1,1,1.. Anyone know why this could mean ?

    • profile image

      georgia 3 years ago

      I don't know of anyone can help me with this but when im just relaxing with my eyes shut ( not sleeping or dreaming) I suddenly see this young girl running towards me, not looking eveil, just like I could save her or give her something she needs, what's going on?

    • profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago

      Well a lot of things have happened to me but recently it just started with my son. Lately he's been asking me if I I'd been calling him(like I would be in one room and he hears my voice say his name) but I'm not calling him. The other night him and his dad were playing Black Ops and I heard what sounded like my voice yelling my son name but as if it were far away and soon after my son said huh I'm coming but I had to tell him that it wasn't me but that I had heard it too.

    • profile image

      Elle 3 years ago

      I have never felt anything when I am in my house I haven't ever lost anyone close to me but when I stay at my boyfriends weird things happen 3 things have happened so far. My boyfriends great nan and grandad have both died and my boyfriends mum went to see a physic lastnight and she told her that her dad always sits on the couch with her and her nan strokes her face when she is asleep. The first thing what happened was when me and my boyfriend were in his room and we heard his mum coming out the living room walking up the stairs walking round her room for few minutes (her floor boards creek) and then it just stopped so we assumed she had got into bed and my boyfriend turned his telly down thats how real it sounded, and about an hour later his mum walked up the stairs. Then my boyfriend was at a training course and his mum at work so i was the only 1 in the house and I heard a loud knock behind my head and behind my head is my boyfriends mums room. She has built in wardrobes too on that wall. Then lastnight I was listening to my boyfriends mums recording of the physic on her phone downstairs and all of a sudden went really dizzy and hot started sweating and i threw up. I went upstairs and layed down and was completely back to normal after a few minutes. I let my boyfriends dog out for a wee at half 7 in the morning and my boyfriends mum goes to work at quater to 8 so by time id got back upstairs and in bed i heard my boyfriends mum locking the front door and going to work. As soon as she left i heard somebody walking up the stairs and stopping outside the bedroom door (it was closed) then after a few seconds it was asif they was in the room. I was wide awake but had my eyes shut and my head buried into my boyfriends arm. I felt something sit on the end of the bed and then hover over me and my boyfriend and my hole body went cold then i could feel them standing in the corner just staring down at us. I layed there with my eyes shut for atleast half an hour wide awake. I then drifted of and about half an hour later i felt somebody blowing on my face trying to wake me up, i asked my boyfriend was it him and he said no. Scaryyy

    • profile image

      dasha 3 years ago

      once in the girls bathroom a girl went in the bathroom, and no one was in the bathroom but the toilet flushed, and someone said get out. but again no one was in the bathroom.

    • profile image

      Mikoko 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Graeme 3 years ago

      On the day before we left for Australia, my father promised me he would come and see me if anything happened to him. I didn't really believe him but thirty years later, I was sitting on my lounge in broad daylight, and I woke to see my father half way through my coffee table looking at me. All I had time to do was smile in amazement, and he disappeared. He had told me in earlier years, the spirit needs to take some strength for your body to materialise. And of course when you wake up, you need it back again, that's why they disappear. Since then I have been visited by a number of my passed over family.My sister calls me all the time she comes...I never asked for it, the sense I mean...Its got nothing to do with demons or anything like that rubbish. I always say "God bless you" when they come.

    • profile image

      Janet 3 years ago

      About three weeks ago, I saw the same strange figure twice that looked like my dad. My dad died some 20 years ago. My mother died yesterday. When my husband and I arrived home from the hospital and funeral home, there was a message stuck in our front door (apparently left by some religious group) which read "Can the dead really live again?" There was no way anyone knew of my mother's passing yesterday as we told none of our neighbors and we did not put anything in the local newspapers.

    • profile image

      Abby 3 years ago

      Sometimes, when I'm alone, I have a feeling someone is standing right behind me watching me. I always feel

    • profile image

      Abby 3 years ago

      Sometimes, when I'm alone, I have a feeling someone is standing right behind me watching me. I always feel scared when this happens. Once I felt someone grab my shoulder and yell my name. I got so freaked out I ran out of the house. Is a ghost or spirit haunting me ?

    • profile image

      Jacob 3 years ago

      So starting about 2 weeks ago this fall every so often my room gets really really cold in the morning and I don't know why. My family keeps the heat up at 72 degrees but it feels like 50 to 40 degrees in my room sometimes. My window is always shut but sometimes the latches are always open in the morning. I close them every day but the next morning they will be open again. My window is never open in the morning only the latches like a ghost opening and closing my window. Is there a ghost opening my window at night trying to tell me something?

    • profile image

      simon155 3 years ago

      I wouldn't want to jump to any conclusions personally. There's still every chance it's a trick of the mind, eyes etc. The thing is we can't really be certain about anything can we. To profess to be an "expert" or "psychic" would appear foolish, as someone all too easily convinced.

      I've had experiences like some of those described. There's every chance they are a trick of my mind, memory or a very long shot coincidence etc. That said, examples of what I "perceived" at the time:

      1) As a child, walking through an old house with my parents, apparently I stopped to point into a side room and asked several times who the person was stood over there. There was no one there. I don't recall this so must have been pretty young - my parents brought it up recently after I mentioned something else. May be attributed to over active child's imagination.

      2) Black figures. Woke up to a strong tingly sensation, like static or something coming from the corner near the old TV. The room was dark but the TV had a faint gray glow like it'd only just been turned off. Then I felt the static at the food of the bed. Raised my head to look down there, and in horror saw two black silhouttes of faces / necks etc (ie they were short) looking at me with glowing red eyes, that were kinda like lava lamps in effect - little black dots moving around them. There was a strong sense of evil from the start. Put my head under the quilt in panic, before I stopped myself and thought "There is no 'evil' feeling. That's stupid. That tingling. The TV. It's static or something. I read about polarised magnetic fields or something causing that feeling". I promptly felt sorry for them, if they were real, meeting that reception. Lost all concern for myself and lifted my head out again. Things got weird after that, but remained feeling very positive. Bits where it felt like ervything warped. Like they were right there in front of me, in another place, but a long way away. Like there was depth to everything, and they just stepped through the "depth" to cut a vast distance. Their apperance there wasn't the same, nor was it "human" but was very childlike and friendly. Possible cause: Overactive imagination / half asleep half awake thing..

      3) White figure. Woke up to see this one stood rather vividly near the bedroom door, looking I guess in my wife's direction. Startled me so much (to my embarrassment) that in panic I shouted "what the hell", bounced around and shoved my wife to wake her up. Wasted opportunity perhaps. Either way, it turned, steeped away and faded from sight. My wife did wake up, and recalled me waking her the next morning. So either way imagination or not, I definitely had that experience, be it imagined or real. The odd one this time was that it's the ONLY time I've ever woken her like that. We found out the next day her uncle, she grew up with, had passed away in the early hours, in keeping with our experience. I would suspect concern playing on my mind, but neither of us even knew he was ill at that point. I don't think I'd ever met him, and there was nothing to point to it before hand. Possible explanation: imagination and one hell of a coincidence.

      4) Things happening themselves. Not that often in all honesty. The other morning the bedroom lights turned on by themselves after my wife left for work early. I turned them off. They turned on again shortly after. Not sure why. Maybe power surge or something.

    • profile image

      Katie 3 years ago

      I have never seen a ghost so im not sure if "ghosts" exsist but i believe in something as i have had an experience. I did have a pot cat thrown at me when nobody else was there the pot cat was my grandmas, it didn't just fall off a shelf or knocked over from vibrations it flung itself at speed across the room at least 5ft and scared thehell out of me I sat outside the house until my mum came home, my sister has told me things she has experienced but i know for a fact what happened to me and i didn't believe in anything like that until it happened i think some people or more open to the idea than others, i think that people who are defiant that its in peoples heads wont believe unless something happens to them, i wish it had never happened to me as it scared me

    • profile image

      lashawn 3 years ago

      OK guys I don't care about any skeptics if someone is reading this who knows exactly what's going on, and knows the truth from a lie should pay close attention to my story. THE FOLLOWING STORIES ARE ALL TRUE..... my name is lashawn I am 20 yrs old I'll start by telling you why I looked up this sight. Tonight or should I I say this morning I had a good dream that became a nightmare I was with my gf and a my sisters husband we had left to the store to buy snacks for a movie we had just purchased as well. When er got home I noticed my dog had used the rest room literary everywhere in the home and I grabbed her started choking her beating her (which I never would do in real life) then I picked her up held her high and threw her to the floor called her the b word and put on the movie. I noticed my brother in law suddenly disappeared from my dream and it was just me and my gf laying in the bed in the exact room we sleep in. The movie started off as some documentary I really don't remember what about but the last thing it said was " EvIL EXISISTED from the beginning of time" I suddenly woke up to see a lady sitting on top of me not saying anything just swaying back in forth staring down at me and I couldn't move or speak. This terrifying experience, as frightening as it night have been lasted for about 5 or 6 seconds and I immediately turned on the lights and called for my dog who was just staring at me as if she was scared of me. She would not come to me at first but I said I'm sorry and she came to me and jumped on me making a weird whinning noise as if she knew what I knew and I told her I know I know. Now this is not entirely knew but different to me. Ever since the age of 11 I would have this weird some would call day dream or hallucination of a black entity pining me down to my bed not letting me move or speak until it just disappeared. The first time I saw her ( I say her because I couldn't see a face just like a shadow of a person but just felt the presence of a female like I just knew it was a womenndont idk how please idk. But ever since every other expieriance she would be sitting on top and it would always be upon waking out of my sleep. Tonight was the first time I saw a face but it was still kinda blurry but this time she was white all white everything the same color almost like Casper. I also had a dream last year of walking to a casket slowly and looking in seeing nothing the shortly after my grandmother passed away and was cremated, a week before that I had a dream of Jesus descending from the sky he was so big yet so small at the same time the experience could not be explained in my best words, I wake up seeing shadows moving to go sit in a corner feeling as if they are staring at me then disappearing. All I know is all these weird things started with this women and no matter where I travel she always seem to find me. With that being said can someone who really understands me please contact me and explain why her spirit is getting more and more closer to me and visible to the point I'm starting to see hair and a mouth and eyes and she isn't black anumore she's all white its starting to scare me now. Please someone email me an answer I will appreciate an explanation on why these things are happening to me I have more stories but I can't tell them all now its too many and I appreciate everyone else sharing there stories now I don't feel so alone hope u all get answers thank u and goodnight everyone God Bless!!!

    • profile image

      Rae 3 years ago

      Last night I couldn't get any sleep, but as usual because me and my boyfriend aren't aloud to share a bed together in my mums household I went to my room and he went to the living room, we swap sometimes like this because he stays up later than me. Last night he came and woke me up and asked why I couldn't sleep in there. I said I don't know, I kept hearing noises of my mum talking to the cat, he said my mum had done nothing but constantly snore, not like her. He said to me there's a lot of activity in the living room and he couldn't sleep because someone kept tugging the covers, and when he went to sleep his eyes were burning. Does anyone know what this could mean? My Japanese teacher died recently and I was woundering if she was contacting us, or trying to warn us of something.

    • profile image

      amanda 3 years ago

      Their not ghost, their called spirit beings that rome the earth, theres good ones and bad ones. But no such things as ghost.

    • profile image

      Duskwolf 3 years ago

      I was wondering if ghosts could cause you to hear a sort of white noise sound. I was getting ready to turn the power on to my room (if i leave it on the spirit will turn on my tv and computer i also have to leave the doors open or it will open them itself.) when i suddenly heard this sound like white noise and went though the house to find out where it was coming from so i covered my ears and found that it was from inside my head. Do they normally do that?

    • profile image

      Bahm 3 years ago

      This is very interesting.. Since I was a little boy I've seen something, a normal 5 year old shouldn't see.. It was horrifying, graphic, and just plane scary. My father killed someone in front of me and my sisters. I don't know if they can see what I see, or do what I can do.. But after he died, we went to his funeral and we were all there sitting and I look up and I see him in the corner by his casket staring at me. I wasn't sure so I blinked and scratched my eyes. I look again and he's still there. I was freaked. I just prayed for him and told him make peace. Then he left. But since then, growing up wasn't normal. I've seen ghosts, and was able to communicate with them. Not clearly but bits and pieces. This sounds crazy lol, but it gets really weird. They don't come to me and ask me questions. But if I see them I just kind of smile and nod. Sometimes when I talk to them, in reality my body is staring at whatever and my inside takes the journey to the ghost and talks to them. Like I was in the hospital because I was in an accident and I was wishing for my grandma because we were really close, and she appeared, and I and her talked, the doctors thought I was going crazy, and they asked me what I was doing and whom I was talking to? I said my grandma

    • profile image

      Ed 3 years ago

      Right as I type, I cannot type the word or say or the weird stuff starts and just typing this a draft if hitting me in a closed room. I am not scared but not a single person I know wants to hear or believe and now I am confined in an area until someone helps or believes it and I am starting to lose faith in all humanity but need answers or someone to help because... Well I am not crazy and I do speak to them but now no cross-over is happening so...when can I move on with life because they follow and it feels like they are in control!

    • profile image

      tracy 3 years ago

      my mum passed away last December, but strangely since then even though I was really close with her I haven’t been upset as I thought I would be (to me its was my worse nightmare) but I feel that she has been with me, I saw a rainbow through some dark rain clouds on the morning of her funeral which were breath taking ( I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen a rainbow) then a few weeks later after I had a bad day I saw a rainbow framing the church we used for her funeral, but yesterday was the most strange thing I’ve every seen, I was in bed and before I feel asleep which was quite early I noticed at the side of my bed an energy which was like a heat energy it didn’t have a shape but I could see into it in detail I cant get this image out of my mind when I put my hand out I felt tingling in two of my fingers!!! was this a spiritual energy?

    • profile image

      Tabitha 3 years ago

      When i was 13, i moved in with my best friend. Her mother once was a ghost hunter, her brother had committed suicide and her step dad believed in black magic such as reading your cards. My friend and i always felt like there was something unusual going on. One night i was straightening my hair and listening to my i pod, once i was done i opened the bathroom door and seen my best friend down the hall. She was looking my way laughing. "She" was wearing clothes she actually owned! As i walked up to her she had just disappeared, i was frozen with fear for a minute once i built up the courage I ran to her room and she was sleeping. I woke her up crying telling her what happened. I never believed in anything like this but i know what i saw and i know it was "real."

    • profile image

      DENNIS RAY 3 years ago

      hi. can anyone tell me why or what is going on. i have been seeing white spots and black spots moving all around me. constantly i feel things i hear things the hair stands on end alot of times. i feel someone toutching my head and my legs arms hands all over WHY. things wake me up from sleep. sometimes they are good sometimes they are bad feelings. what's sup. can anyone tell me anything thank you. and i am a christian. if you may have any thing 2 tell me please don't hold back, this is driving me MAD. my txt number is 209 828 9518. thank you. please don't be rude if you txt me. am i crazy or is this a trip or is someone trying 2 warn me. thank you for your time and care. dennis

    • profile image

      inz 3 years ago from new jersey

      Hello. I moved into this apartment complex called Crossroads in October. I know they are old and have been here for a long time I guess the name maybe from the railroad tracks that run close by not

      sure. I am disabled and spend most of my time at home. It can be depressing at times and due to illness it can be difficult for me to get out expecially in the winter. I spend most of my time in my bedroom watching tv after chores. I go to bed late and sleep in. Almost every night late after 3 am I here noises coming from the kitchen like things are being moved around. If I go in there to see there is nothing anywhere. I have even set up glue traps for mice thinking maybe that may be the problem, but I know it's not. Something deep inside tells me that's not the problem since there is no evidence of pests left behind. So as time goes by one night late in the middle of the night, I am deep asleep and I feel someone or something pulling my right leg hard. It was trying to pull me out of bed and I was struggling to stay in bed and I was yelling at it to leave me alone. I felt it was an evil entity that wanted to hurt me, harm me or truly scare me to death. As I struggled I said to it that I was not going to let it take me and that I believed in God and that he would protect me. This went on for what felt like an eternity, but was probably not that long. My fiancé finally shook me and said something because I awoke him with my screams because I was asking for his help. That's how it ended that night and I was terrified, sweating, panicked and almost in tears. I managed to fall back asleep I don't know how. Sometime after that it happened again this time it was different it was like it happened last night, but last night was even worser than the first time. I was very tired fell asleep early. I had turned on my side facing the outside of the bed when it came to me. It tried to pull me out of bed only this time it was very insistent and it was taunting me. I felt it pulling me by my arms and as I tried to scream I felt my arms flailing because it was trying to cover my mouth. I was horrified and terrified to such an extreme that I felt I could see something right in front of me laughing at m, but I couldn't make out his face. I felt evil so I called for God again as I had previously. I told him I would not surrender to him and to go away because I believed in God and that he would protect me. I don't know what this thing is but I am afraid to go to sleep and I feel I have encountered him before because I recall being on my phone on the internet late night and a few times I thought I saw something out the corner of my eye but I just wasn't sure what I was seeing. There are times my fiancé is sleeping and he starts to whine in his sleep and I don't know why but he does it quite often now too. I believe I am more susceptible to these things because I grew up with this stuff around me as a child. As a matter of fact, the same thing used to happen to my mother when we lived together and I was young. I remember my mother being terrified and on occasion waking up with bite marks were she said that the demon had bitten her and it was impossible for it to not be true. Were the bite mark was she could not have done it and she slept alone in a room with her door locked. That house was haunted I believed my mom, my brother, boyfriend and other people had seen things but I never did. What I am living right now is affecting me so much that I don't want to eat, sleep leave my house or do anything I feel paralyzed with fear and alone. Please someone help me figure this out. - Alone and Scared

    • profile image

      Lexi 3 years ago

      Is my house haunted

    • profile image

      Lisha. 3 years ago

      I am only young and I found my brother deAd when I was 19 I'm 21 now I keep having dreams about him like nothing happened but he doesn't speak in them, what does this mean?

    • profile image

      william 3 years ago

      Can someone tell me what happens if you see white ghosts that looks like your family becouse I saw my dad, grandpa's brothers also my grandpa and I was wondering what dose thus mean and what happens if you feel tierd all of a sudden when your in a room.

    • profile image

      courtney 3 years ago

      when i was about 5 years old , i was just about to go to sleep in my room it was dark in my room with only a bit of light because my door was open a bit, the light was shining onto my wall and so it had a bt of light and you could see any shadow or anything moving, so i was just about to close my eyes and i saw an alien shaped head on my wall i screamed for my parents and i heard them both come up the stairs and they opened the door and asked me what was up i said theres something outside my room, they said there was nothing there. they left and i tried to get back to sleep but it was still there. i know it wasn't anyone trying to scare me because my little sister would have been about 1 and my parents were down stairs watching tv.

      i am 14 now and i said to my prents (we have moved house) tht i'm scared they said what of and i said that i didn't know because i don't know why i am i said that i feel like someone is watching me, and then my dad told me that in our old house he saw someone one night, he said that he would feel a poke or something tug hard at the back of his shirt and when he turned around someone was standing there.

      is it just my mind tricking my mind tricking me?? no hate or say that im lying because im not im just scared for some reason.

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 3 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      lol. Just found this hub and had to put in my "two cents". I inherited the ability to communicate with the Other Side from my paternal grandmother. There are times my home, wherever that might be over the years, has been a virtual Grand Central Station for spirits of the departed. And not even my own relatives. A friend's gr-gr-grandmother "adopted" me and would pop in from time to time, usually when it got close to her birthday! Another friend whose day and time of death could never be determined with any precision (because he wasn't found until 4 or 5 days after the event) pinpointed his exact time of death and the day of the week by putting on a light show of sorts with my living room and bedside lamps on two successive Wednesday mornings at *precisely* 1:45 a.m both nights.

      That same friend, btw, was never able to see the ghost of the 6-yr-old little girl who'd died around 1880-something in the old farmhouse he rented, only hear her rattling the knob of the door to a closed-off staircase.

      At one time I had what I came to call "The Two Chatty Grannies" as uninvited, but never quiet but invisible passengers in my car. If I was alone in the car, I could be sure I wouldn't be for long!

      I could go on and on about "ghosts I've known". Suffice that I pity those who deny themselves such access, or simply aren't blessed with this gift because, as stated in the hub, it does give one comfort to know that life doesn't end with one's last physical breath here on Earth. ;D

    • profile image

      huggins 3 years ago

      my name is Gloria i am from Trinidad, i see dead people i talk to Dem i see little light i took photos of my self and there were lights all over me when i go places i could feel if it is good or bad if i hold a light in my hand it light my bed eny thing light please help me i could like some one to come and let me know what is happen to me.

    • profile image

      manoj 3 years ago


    • profile image

      mickey 3 years ago


      try quija board to conform it if it dosent work call TAPS for help

    • profile image

      Samantha 3 years ago

      My friend take a picture outside in her back yard. It is a white figure with a face and u can see two white dots for the eyes and a long white body. Could this be a ghost of her family off her land?

    • profile image

      MichelleShelly37 3 years ago

      Let me firstly say I do not believe in ghosts and entities.. I mean I feel there is always a valid explanation for things that happen.

      I stay in a 2 bedroom flat with my boyfriend and only experienced 2 incidents about 1 and a half years ago. Since then everything has been fine.

      Last night, I sat watching tv - Big Bang Theory, and my boyfriend went to bed. I soon followed when the program was finished. Lately I haven't been very tired though, or sleepy at all, but I know I have to go to bed, or get some sort of sleep. I normally lie in bed facing the wall, eyes wide open, hoping to get sleepy.

      I lay awake and felt myself drift off...

      Horrible images appeared. People being de-faced or skinned, their skin being cut and ripped off their bodies.. I woke up, shook my head, forcefully blinked my eyes and tried again to sleep.

      This time again, as I drifted off, I saw visions of the same people. I continued to sleep this time which allowed me to see that they were actually in my yard.

      I remember literally getting out of bed, and being "awake". I was sleep walking and proceeded to the lounge, I felt like I needed to go outisde. I made my way to the sliding glass door, this was slightly open already with the wind blowing the curtain slightly causing the curtain to buldge.

      I then closed the door, locking it this time, the curtain got caught in the door though, and a piece was sticking out on their side. I didn't care.

      I went to my boyfriend who was sleeping and asked if he was awake to which he did not respond. I checked his feet, he had socks on. I asked if he had been outside at all, he groaned and mumbled a "no". I was confused. I checked my feet and found bits of freshly cut damp grass on them.

      At the time I didn't think anything of it, and climbed back into bed.

      I feel I was slipping in and out of sleep but what was yet to come - I cannot explain.

      As I said, I climbed back into bed, rested my head and pulled up the sheets. I turned and was now facing the other way, facing my boyfriend.

      (This is really hard to talk about right now as it only happened about 12 hours ago, and I am still petrified. Tears fill my eyes and my heart beats faster as I am typing this)

      While in bed, I began to shake. It was as if I was very cold, it was a hard shake, not just a normal shiver. This carried on for a little while, I tried to stop it but couldn't reach my boyfriend to let him know what was happening. My arm was right next to his, but I physically could not reach out to ask for help. I could feel my arms were lame but my chest was pushing my whole body back and forth. Then... I felt my eyes begin to roll back..

      I felt scared and angry and forced my body to stop. As soon as I did this I felt like I was fighting something.. And for a minute thought I had won.

      An ear piercing scream rang through my ears, somewhat angry at me for interferring and for trying to stop the shaking. I jolted out of bed and sat on the end - my ears still ringing. I looked around at the pitch black room, not even able to see my hand infront of me. I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest and I could hear myself breathing heavily and fast.

      I realised where I was.. On the end of my bed. Fear set in.. And I cowardly lowered my head and moved my bum backwards as I pushed my way back to where I was sleeping, constantly on the lookout.

      I sat up in bed on my pillows with my back up against the wall. I had had enough of this now. I needed to sleep. I decided I was going to switch on the lights, go to the lounge and watch some tv, and let this die down a bit.

      I leant ove my boyfriend with my left arm, my back still against the wall.. I scrambled around for the light switch. Finally I found it and flicked it..

      I flicked up and down and up and down.. Nothing happened!

      I swallowed as I realised the lights were out. If I wasn't afraid before, I sure as hell was now. I was absolutely petrified knowing the lights were off and something was in the room with me.

      My boyfriend became restless and began to groan. He was moaning and said out loud and very clearly - "No".

      I lifted the duvet and pushed my legs out straight while lowering myself, sliding into a sleeping position. I was right next to him now. I put my arm around him to sort of calm him down.. Which seemed to have worked.

      When he started to breathe heavily, I knew he was fine and had gone back to sleep. So I pushed myself away slightly.

      That's when I felt something on my legs, or someone.

      The bed creeked as I felt the pressure on my legs.. A tingling travelled up my body and the pressure had now moved to my hand and was now on my forearm.. I said out loud "piss off". Clearly I hadn't had much sleep and was a bit irritated by that. I then shook my arm, to get rid of whatever it was that was on me.

      I eventually fell asleep and the horrid dreams continued. In my dream I had been taken over by some form of entity who had entered my body. I was an angry person, I had power and was feared by the neighbours cats who hissed at me..

      I don't entirely understand what happened last night. All I know is my ears hurt still and have a slight ringing, I also feel slightly deaf.

      I've searched for possibly explanations but I've found none..

      I have never been sleep walking, I do not believe in ghosts and this has never happened.

      I don't have any medical problems and haven't had a seizure and don't have epilepsy.

      I have however always had vivid, life like dreams which I am able to recall whenever I want. I can remember dreams from 3 years ago with every detail clear as day.

      I just don't get it.

      Comments and advice welcome....

      Shelly (24 years old)

    • profile image

      thomas webb 3 years ago

      no it wasn't a ghost. I am 59 years old and to this day I remember this night like I was still there that night. No dream, no drug induced, no anything. If that is something you might be interested in hearing about I would be happy to relate as much about the occurance (sp?) as possible and the next two times. Be nice to talk with some one who does understand.

      Not into conspiracy, just the truth. Thank you.

    • profile image

      emilly 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      emilly 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      alanna 3 years ago

      My nan comes and visits me..she died in 2011, ive missed her very much but one night i was laying in bed and almost of to sleep then all of a sudden ive felt my hair being brushed over my ear.. I knew it was her cause she was always telling me to move my fringe out of me eyes lol. that she stroked my back and i fell asleep. i have her ashes and my grandfathers ashes in my room so i think that would have something to do with it but i also have a little boy and girl haunting me and brother. the little girl has been around us for about 8-10 years, weve seen her since we were 8 and 9. shes dressed in a cream nighty with long brown hair and she carries a doll around with her i don't know who she is but whoever she is shes always been to shy to speak to us but the little boy has spoken to us hes said " i like the one who is older" and " come outside" so yeah

    • profile image

      GhostBuster 3 years ago

      I talk to demons, because they like me, ritual is in few weeks, im going to turn into a demon

    • profile image

      davidparker 3 years ago

      I think im being followed demons/evil spirits. I see movement from the corner of my eye, temperatures drop rapidly and all of a sudden its normal, noises coming from my attic all the time, i get calls from private numbers, theres knocks on my walls and doors always in groups of 3. This is been happening for 3 months now. I called my priest, he told me to pray and throw holy water on the walls of the house. It didn't work. Please help me

    • profile image

      shanna 3 years ago

      I don't know where to go to found out more about what has happened to me last night . Often weird things have happened but not quite this intense where it has effected me. I was sleeping at my friends place where i started to dream it took me back to my room where i feel most energy, or where ive seen some odd ordeals . i have a peace sign that's rather big that hangs above my head when i sleep. In the dream the sign had lifted and was against the roof , no longer hanging, as if there was something underneath it. It then became dark and i was back in the house i was sleeping i felt conscious i tried to open my eyes but there was something covering my face i couldn't get it off, i felt stressed scared and a massive adrenaline rash. I COULD NOT SEE! i tried eventually i stopped struggling.i don't know it seemed calm again.(as if i was dreaming again and i had control) I was handed a book in the room by what I don't recall, i had moved it under my pillow or next to my bed as if it would protect me. after hearing cupboards bang. the book was lifted and throw to the corner of the room. After that i remember struggling to breath and next minute i was asleep i woke up this morning and found the only pillow i had in the corner where the book was thrown. sweating head to toe with a sore back and neck. allot more happened that is rather explainable. if someone can relate or maybe explain what it was or might have been please email me

    • profile image

      noghostbuthuman 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Kotuku 3 years ago

      I woke early this morning. It was still dark. I got up to go to the toilet and felt like I had a large lead weight in my stomach. I emptied my bladder but still I felt very heavy in my lower torso. I went back to bed feeling weighed down and exhausted. Next I was awoken by the telephone. It was my cousin calling to tell me my Aunt had passed away at 5am. I had meant to visit her Sunday with my father but he instead went Saturday when I was away. Then I was going to go on Monday with my Mum but she text to say my Aunt was sleeping and we would go another day. My Aunt had battled cancer for ten years. In her final weeks she was having fluid drained from her stomach daily as her body could not get rid of it. I feel she visited me this morning. I was aware at her time.

      I went to see her after the call. She is at peace now.

    • profile image

      Rekha 3 years ago

      Since last few week. I am able to see spirit nearly every night. They are not of my parents or any know person. But these are random spirit, all of sudden i wake up at night and then i see some one watching over me while i am sleeping, every time there is different spirit as they are dressed differently. I stay alone but they never scare me. After few secs when i am fully awake they just disappear. But my life has changed positively since this is happening. I got good job, people are appreciating me. I am getting help from all possible quarter. And most importantly every day i wake up happily

    • profile image

      Adilene 3 years ago

      my friend has had weird dreams with this old lady trying to speak to her, and her and her cousin were in there room and hands started coming out from the bed and a face just right beneath the bed and it just disappeared i don't think it may be a ghost i think it may be a demon trying to posses my friend.

    • profile image

      ray bowie 3 years ago

      I have been noticing someone out the corner of my eye but when i turn my head nobody is their. Also i feel some thing touch me at night i think theirs a cat on the bed but no cat .

    • profile image

      Kris 3 years ago

      My daughter is 12. She has been complaining about seeing a dark shadow. Almost a year ago she had to be separated from all her family. She is a sexual assualt survivor and a offender. In the last couple of months this dark shadow has been manifesting more and more. She is terrified. The last time she seen him she was committed to a hospital by her request. I tell her that it cant hurt her. Is this manifestation due to her denial about the abuse or is something following her and its getting worse to where it will hurt her.

    • profile image

      BS KIRAD 3 years ago

      Hi my name is BS kirad, living in Delhi India. Presently I am pacing a problem. Actually i am living on 4th floor. There is a one door on the stares to enter the 4th floor then a open space, after that main door for my room. So if lock the door on stares, then no one can enter the 4th floor.

      Actually on 26/04/2014(Saturday) in the morning when i weak up and open the main door of my room, i found some blood drops at the entrance. I shocked to see the blood because nobody can enter there.

      On 03/05/2014(Saturday) when I was sleeping , early morning at 4 o'clock , i heard that my neighbor's wife calling by my name and saying his daughter is ill , so please open the door. She lives at the 3rd floor. So I weak up, heard the same voice again with the knocking sound of my door. I think there may be some emergency, so I go there to open the door, as I open the door but nobody was there. So I call the neighbor on his cell phone but no ans. Then 8 o'clock I go to my neighbor's home asking for why she was calling. But she told me that she was sleeping and was weak up at 7 o'clock.

      Then on 04/05/2014 at 3 o’clock noon, when I was sleeping I saw my neighbor’s wife was stand in my home near the kitchen.

      Again on 07/05/2014 at the mid night when I was sleeping, I heard the voice of my made and she is knocking the door for open.

      Now I am afraid by all these activities. I don’t know what this is happening in my house. If anybody knows about this, Please help me for solving all these. Please mail on my email given below.



    • profile image

      Mandy Jennings 3 years ago

      I grew up with a foster family but made contact with my biological grandfather about five years ago he unfortunately died 2years later. I fell pregnant with my daughter around about the time he died and have always felt like she was a gift sent by him I recently went to visit his grave on the anniversary of his funeral with my daughter who is now 3 and 6mths old and whilst talking to my grandfather and introducing him to his great grand daughter she said my Angel I have never taken her there before and found this odd could any body tell me could he be watching over her.

    • profile image

      Johnk741 3 years ago

      I've been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I'll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site? akkeddefeead

    • profile image

      YOLANDA 3 years ago

      My daughter was murdered January 28. 2012, 2 days later I'm asleep, I'ts 7 o', clock in the morning, I feel a tap on my head, I open my eyes and I see a beautiful angel smiling at me, he is in a beautiful cloud, was this my daughter that's telling me it's OK, she didn't say goodbye to any of her children or myself

    • profile image

      LisakH 3 years ago

      In our family the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter has one kind of gift or another. My maternal grandmOther had what she called her knocks, she should hear a knock on her window for three consecutive nights, a short time like within a couple days someone we knew would pass. My mother the oldest daughter had premonitions. I am also the oldest started with premonitions as a young child until my teens. I was viciously attacked just after I turned 17, as I was fighting my attacker,.two friends I had gone to school with that died a little while before that night and also my grandfather who died about 3 years prior, came to me and told me to fight and I would be ok. I fought but lost consciousness and was going into a peaceful tunnel of light, suddenly it was like I was quickly pulled back out and came to. I got to safety and he was caught a short time later, I knew him from high school.I have experienced so many spirits over the years, I've encountered many things good and bad. I know that I'm protected. Demons can cause trouble but can be banished, ghost mean no harm. I never am alone in my home because there are many who pass through. My father passed in January and his ashes are on my mantle. I was struggling with some things the last couple months and I'd find myself waking up talking to someone but am home alone my animals have seen and let me know someone was here too. If you experience something that is frightening ask for the Holy Spirit to protect you, will. Funny thing, I have three sons and they're all sensitives.

    • LisaKH profile image

      LisaKH 3 years ago

      I have a home that attracts a lot of spirits. I've seen, heard, and photographed several here. We've also had some activity that I believe to be evil, or demonic. I had experiences experiences even as a young child when you are still without tainted thinking. My children have too.

    • LisaKH profile image

      LisaKH 3 years ago

      There are some things I would like to ask your thoughts on. I can be emailed at

    • profile image

      arushna 3 years ago

      ghosts do exist , but they don't hurt us. it's true , it's real and i believe in it.and don't say them "ghosts" call them "spirits" because it hurts them. THINK: if anyone say us "idiot" it hurts , but if anyone says "your sweet" OR "your so kind" we become happy right ?

    • profile image

      nimmy 3 years ago

      ya, she's right

    • profile image

      caroltyler 3 years ago

      Is it possible that if you keep thinking about someone who has died that the person is trying to contact you or tell you something?

    • profile image

      Katrina 3 years ago

      I was not a believer of life after death,well i never experienced anything that would make me believe! My boyfriend of 2 years passed on May 29,2014......nd ever since the the day after his passing I've been experiencing alot of weird things happening with my phone ! I was in the middle of a conversation with someone nd out of nowhere it was like someone was gurgling in water tryna get air or sumn then it was like a sound as if they was holding the phone out a car window with heavy winds ! I kept trying to end the call but it wouldn't hang up ! I had it on speaker phone so my niece could hear wat i was, because i had been telling her about lil incidents that were happening! She believed wat i was saying after that !

    • profile image

      Bella 3 years ago

      Some times I here scratches at nihgt and at night when those scratches wake me up and I see a old man holding a headless baby I live by a a banded house were I heard that a old women killed her husband and baby

    • profile image

      David 3 years ago

      i have had this happen to me but it is trying to hurt me are something i ask for help but ppl can not see it ppl think im crazy help me someone anyone

    • profile image

      @StevenANieves 3 years ago

      I was a D.Driver for my friend, and It was about 3:40am and I look and see a person in the road, pointing and I look and I see a dear on the right side of the road; The spirit totally was saving me from hitting a dear. I was so SCARED that I started crying and felt the moment in time saving me and my friend moments before something bad could have happened; The figure looked like a man, he was wearing a faded orange colored jacket and he had jeans, this wasn't a real human because we were going so fast that my friend would have said "omg your gonna hit that guy" only I could see the person, and they were pointing and I started crying afterwards and started praying.

    • profile image

      Gen 3 years ago


      Just recently I've noticed the smell of tobacco (not cigarette smoke) around me. Like someone's rolling their own cigarettes or packing a pipe. I've noticed it inside a restaurant (non-smoking restaurant and) and at work (in an office). I've asked my friends if they can smell the tobacco also but they can't smell anything. Even when I ask them to smell me - if I smell of tobacco. And they say, all they can smell is my perfume and the soap on my clothes and hands.

      Also, when I'm at home by myself I often find myself seeing movement in my peripheral vision but when I turn no one/nothing is there. I don't have any pets. It was suggested to me by a colleague that it sounds like a ghost is following me around. I'm not certain and was hoping someone could shed some light on what's been happening.

    • profile image

      Misty 3 years ago

      I have been getting sprits of missing people tell me things. I write the info Down and find proof of the information. It's cool. I don't know these people or the purpose of the information. What's the purpose.

    • profile image

      ghostesk 3 years ago

      I am afraid of the Big Bad Ghost, Hatman, Slinderman, Shadowman, Snowdenman, Nuclearman, the Little Girl Ghost, Alienman, Demonman, the crew of the Bell de glockakakamen, My X'smen, Catmonsterman, Jackelman, ShoopaDoopa Chupracobraman, Mothfknman, Badlandsman, Batshtman, Exorcisman, Devilman, Gregaldman, Invisibleman, Skepticman, Septictankman, . . .

    • profile image

      demondwells 3 years ago

      Wow this post is sooo old hope someone can help me. I keep thinking I just have very bad panic attacks, well once explaining my symptoms to a therapist she said "I think you may be sensitive". I bought a book on being sensitive yes I am. Well does this also mean I am sensitive to ghost or spirits? I get very weird aura migraines, which are pretty rare, and its like your having a stroke pretty much, I am very light sensitive, I am electricity sensitive, I can actually hear ringing sometimes from my phone charger, or the router etc.... Also sometimes I touch a light switch the light blows, sometimes things turn on but its only when I am home alone which freaks me out! I am always dizzy, I always see 333. Uhmmm I heard whistling a little bit ago which had me google and find this posting! I smell weird smells all the time either burning or cologne sometimes other things i dont recall off hand, I do think I see things out of the corner of my eye, I have never heard voices though. Uhm So could I not have anxiety and just be very sensitive to things around me? Also if someone is always angry it makes me very anxious. Or when I first walk outside I feel completely over whelmed but I have been told I am agoraphobic. I am just really confused and dont know whats going on. My hands and feet tingle a lot? Is that anxiety? I don't want to sound crazy I am being dead serious with all this! I just want some kind of help, the reason I think it may not be anxiety is because I used to do evps when I was younger thinking back it seems my anxiety always got worse after doing so. I haven't done it in a long time, and I am just feeling worse and worse each day but also I was on stupid celexa a ssri so maybe its the withdraw still I quit them 9 months ago. Any advice will help?

    • Raine Sky profile image

      T S Sky 3 years ago from Saint Louis, MO.

      Hi, this is Raine Sky. I think you are sensitive and I don't think you should be afraid, just accept who you are and remember that with comes with being a sensitive you will experience things that you don't want to experience or things that may scare you but if you have your faith and beliefs in order you should be fine. I don't know if you believe in Jesus or not but I find that when I'm experiencing things I don't want to experience I lean on Jesus and it makes me better able to handle those difficult situations. I hope I was some help to you. If you'll like to have someone to talk to about it you can always send a message my way. Thanks for reading and be blessed.

    • profile image

      demondwells 3 years ago

      Thanks very much, I was going down the wrong path, I've had doubts at times then had weird things happen that helped me believe again, I was actually getting into wicca my therapist told me be careful cause she believed I was sensitive, well I am back on my road to god and jesus, and I am still scared, I always pray theyll give me the strength to be able to go outside whenever I want again :(

    • Raine Sky profile image

      T S Sky 3 years ago from Saint Louis, MO.

      I'm so glad that you are finding Jesus again because He is the one and only true light. Doing witchcraft will make you experience more of the things you don't want and will scare you, so please stay away from doing witchcraft. I'm praying for you and I hope you do well. The key is to not be afraid. I know it is hard to not be afraid and you're experiencing things you cannot understand why it's happening to you but God gave you a gift because He knew you could handle it and you can handle it. God doesn't give us no more than what we can bear. I've seen spirits, demons, angels, and I've been attacked by demons all of my life. I have psychic visions and I am really good at picking up on energy. I don't know if that makes me a sensitive or not but it probably does. I've experienced weird things all of my life but the key to fighting and winning is being courageous and knowledgeable. Whenever I get attacked or experience something weird I just focus on God. It was hard to do at first but with practice I have gotten better and I'm not afraid anymore because I understand that God gave me the authority of them, just like God gave you the authority over them too. They should be afraid of you because you are the child of the Most High God Jehovah Almighty God. I know it may sound cliche but the key to winning is not being afraid and the key is believing you are more stronger than whatever that is trying to scare you. Focus on God, whatever image you have in your head on how you believe God looks, focus on Him and that image everything you get afraid and talk to Him and ask Him to deliver you, to save you and help you on your journey in this life. He will help you. Jesus will help you. Learning prayers to say is helpful too. Don't be sad. Be happy and blessed for having the life you have. You may not have everything that you want or things may not be going your way but your living and your breathing and that counts for something. If you need someone to talk to I'll always here. Send me a message and I'll respond.

    • profile image

      Tyler 3 years ago

      Hi. I'm 13 and have experienced something that I can't explain. Yesterday when I walked into my room there was a yellow light that flashed, flew toward me, pushed me hard enough to make me fly back, shoot across the room to the other side of my bed, and disappear with a flash and ding sound. Does anyone know what this means?! Please help, as I am also seeing shadows and I heard a weird voice say my name about 30 min ago.

    • profile image

      Aimee 2 years ago


      I am 22 years old and have had quite a few experiences on different occasions one of the main one for me being at work one night with a colleague who had her video camera on it was my 21st birthday at about 3am working a night shift, you can see me and my friend having a conversation and clear as day over the top of our voices you hear a voice wisper my name though the wisper seems loud, before noticing this voice we heard a different voice behind us but knew there was no one there unfortunately we only managed to pick up the voice saying my name in the video. I believe it was possibly a loved one trying to communicate especially as it was a big birthday for me but the not knowing leaves me feeling very uneasy as I grew up with my mum who is a medium and have experienced unwanted apparitions as well. Could this be harmless?

    • profile image

      allen 2 years ago

      I can see them all the time in the streets in houses they try to get me to do thing for them.

    • profile image

      witchywoman 2 years ago

      I dealt with the paranormal all my life. We recently moved into a house that was built in 1905. I love the house and right away I felt something which is fairly normal for older places. We had been her for a while, I let my dog out for the evening. With in a few minutes a black mass in gulped my face. It was cold, humid, and void of air. It was dance black you couldn't see through I couldn't breath in or out. I looked away I saw my yard looked back it was the black mass again. I did this a couple times then it pulled away. I said out loud what do you want. It didn't say. In the house few moths later doors started slamming. Through meditation and scrying found her name to be Tammy Lee Thompson. She told me she was from Canada. The year of her death. She said there where others here. Just recently I was able to get her to move on. It took me a long time for me to understand why I see what I see and hear what i hear. I was always afraid of the dark now finely I get it.

    • profile image

      Im about to sr 2 years ago

      Were is,she,i need,to talk to her I cant believe the pwoole qould do thT to her for pictures

    • profile image

      heaven's arround you 2 years ago

      No such thing as ghosts just spirets

    • profile image

      Kelly 2 years ago

      My son works at a bus company and works nights every night he has lightbulbs thrown at him and for the last five nights he has had a lightbulb left on his car door does anybody know what that means? His friend that works with him also experiences the same things he has told me there's nobody else in the bus yard but him and his friend and the lightbulbs come from nowhere they go to run and check in nobody's there I'm more concerned with the fact that there's a lightbulb left on his car door . Can anyone help me

    • profile image

      Carolyn 2 years ago

      My towels in the bathroom keep falling to the ground even though I make sue they are firmly in place and balanced on the towel rack.

    • profile image

      Robin 2 years ago

      I have gone through this for so many years that now, it's really taking a toll on me. I was born being able to see spirits, but as I grew, my parents discouraged it in every way they could, they would even ground me if I came to them about a spirit that might have scared me a little. And they'd tell me, "The Bible says we're not suppose to communicate with spirits! And if you to come to us ONE MORE TIME with this, bla bla bla..." Anyway, I just started ignoring it, and then by the time I reached H.S. I found my own ways to block them out even more. Anyway, since 2009 or 2010, SOMETHING is trying desperately hard to get me to understand something but I can't. I don't understand. I know, or at least I THINK the name they use is "Jay" because that is what I see ON EVERYTHING. Something scratches it into the walls, on my desk, even in places that can't be reached. At first I accused my husband of doing it, because frankly, it's destroying everything by putting that name everywhere. I've seen LARGE dark figures dart by out of the corner of my eye, and then one night, that figure didn't move, it stayed right there in my dining room door way. From where I was at, it looked like a woman with a long dress on, and shawl that wrapped around her arms and hands, but it also covered half of her face. She just stood there staring at me, and I just sat there, staring at her IN FEAR. It scared me because something didn't feel right. After about 10 minutes of me just sitting there trying to process this (as I'd NEVER seen one just stand there and stare, and she was SO very clear), what broke my thoughts of "what do I do? Run or sit here?", one of the lightbulbs right above my head BLEW, and I don't mean just went out, it exploded glass and black stuff all over my desk and the surrounding floor. THAT was when I jumped up, and I THOUGHT that my sudden movement would've made that woman disappear, but when I got to doorway of the room I was in, she was still there, staring at me, AND THEN one of the lightbulbs in the chandilier that was hanging behind HER, did the same thing that the one in my office did. At that point, I walked SLOW up to her, taking pictures the whole time (cause I still couldn't believe it). I got halfway there and froze, looking at her and her at me, and she reached out her hand, but I still couldn't actually SEE her hand. Anyway, as I slowly got closer to her, I looked down for a second, and what I saw as feet on her SENT ME RUNNING LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN! That woman had hooves for feet. I never saw her hands or the rest of her face, only her eyes. But I"m not even kidding you, I even left my purse here, I ran to the door, grabbed the keys off the table and went to my friends house who lives 30 miles from me. I stayed there until it was time to come home and get the kids off the bus, then we left til my husband got home. My husband gets mad when I tell him stuff like that so I didn't tell him, we just continued on with life. But when I went to my friends house, I DID show her the pictures. She was speechless, she even ran and got her husband and showed him. HOWEVER, before I could get a chance to download THOSE, they just disappeared. I have other good photos though to, but those were extraordinarily clear and very vivid - you could even see the ruffles around her V-neck line of her dress, and the colors. THAT happened a few months ago, but since then, everytime I walk into a room, the lights start flickering, no matter what room, and when I walk by a TV, the TV goes to that white noise, no picture, just scrambled looking picture, electronics, cell phones, etc... hasn't worked too good around me lately, and it's getting worse. I only THOUGHT I was at my wits end before, NOW I REALLY AM. I can't figure this out. Whoever it is, leaves written messages all over the place, I just can't make them out. I had found ONE guy who was actually able to make it out and AS SOON AS HE DID, he had a brain aneurysm, and has been a vegetable ever since. He was 23 at the time. I feel oppression though, and alot of illness. It's not anything positive BECAUSE of how sick I continue to get. Now I just stay in bed because I'm SO TIRED of this merry go round that I can't figure out. But even then, it has ways to get me up out of bed - like today, I awoke to smelling a sweet burning smell, but it was burning my throat and lungs SO BAD. I seriously thought that something was on fire BECAUSE of how badly my throat and lungs were burning, so when I got up - there was no fire or ANYTHING for that matter, but it lingered a couple of hours at least. NOW I feel like my throat is blistered, it hurts. Everytime I tried to get some sort of help with what's here, whatever IS here, blocks it from happening. You'd be surprised at what a spirit can keep from being accomplished AND HOW THEY DO IT, but then THAT is another aspect of it that is NOT fun to go through. I've stopped living, now I only exist, waiting. Life is not fun anymore and I can't get rid of this oppressive feeling that has taken a hold of me. I know it's not me, THIS is not me. Maybe one day it'll go away, right? But I've tried for years now, and THIS ONE is very determined with it's intentions.

    • profile image

      im not telling you my name 2 years ago

      I was sitting in the middle of a burning field because my grandpa was burning the field so that the text will go away and I just sat down and I heard a girl say to me he's coming for you he's coming for you he's coming for you it really scared me to the wind started howling louder the river started to go faster the fire started to crackle more then she was gone and then whenever I stood up it felt like my feet 400 pounds and the rest of me was just a pillow I was really frightened by what I had found and then one night I was sitting in my bedroom and something said to me do you want to talk I covered my head and under the pillow and said no leave me aloneand then I said one thing I need to ask you and then I just heard a weird noise it sounded like a growl I said can I tell something about you not something somebody about you in that night my dream man I couldn't see his face stood there and said no you are not allowed to tell anybody this I woke up and I was scared I haven't told my parents cuz I'm too scared to I'm afraid you're trying to hurt me a total my friends and all that day I was here and he's coming for you he's coming for youhe scared I was just really scared really really scared

    • profile image

      Jodie Parker 2 years ago

      I have heard thumping like things hitting the wall or door. My back door opens and closes itself. I have seen things out of the corner of my eye yet no one is there. I also have items come up missing insignificant items so I know it's not a random theft. I also will occasionally hear someone say something to me yet no one has. My husband has witnessed some of the same. How do I tell if it is a good ghost?

    • profile image

      Theresa Murphy 2 years ago

      In 1977 my grand mother my mother and aunts uncle take turn going to take him out for a meal. MY husband and I was ask by mom to take him out in steady we got him a meal then we played card at 9:47 frank got up to us the bathroom my g-papa and me were talk I look at him because I could smell rose I did say anything. Mom had to take that day for someone I told her what happen and I did not say anything to g-papa so that night it happen at 9:47 mom look at the clock and dad had went bathroom g-papa told mom about that last night and mom told him what I said. It was mom g-mama let know she was there.

    • profile image

      Liam 2 years ago


    • profile image

      Mikester 23 months ago

      My grandpa just died and I want him to visit me

    • profile image

      Talisha 15 months ago

      Last year, my Uncle was staying with us in PA. He was from NY. He was staying in the computer room, and I, on the couch. My grandma was in her bedroom and she woke up, yelling for her husband, whom was in the back bedroom (my old room when I lived with them).

      Instead of getting up to see what was wrong with her, I stayed sitting on the couch and glanced over to the doorway that leads to her bedroom and saw a figure glide past.

      Later that day, my Nana told me she saw my Uncle standing over her but he was still in the computer room. And I told her what I saw going past the walkway.

      A few weeks later, after my Uncle went back to NY, he died.

      kind of freaky.

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