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Short Story: Hating is: Fighting your own self!

Updated on February 26, 2012

Hating is: Fighting your own self!

Come on! What on earth could make you or anyone for that matter even think that way, boiling up inside, making you want to say you don’t like this one, and you don’t like that one, what is that hatred for? You are an adult now; Mom and Dad no longer have to show you how. If the one you hate is like you, a human being, do you have any idea, or do you really know what you have just done, and what all this could mean?

Man you have just declared war! What did they do to you that were so bad that could make hate them so much that you want to destroy them? What exactly would you be fighting for? If you don’t like someone, and even if they don’t like you back for not liking them, how do you expect them to be comfortable in your presence? They won’t! Would you? Not even our children when we try to tell them the correct thing, they rebel.

But if earth was to be under attack, and those same people you do not like, for no wise reason whatsoever. Nothing but the Evil you have surrendered your heart to. But here now is that same man which you hate, he has the means , he has the know how to save you from eminent defeat, and instant death . I am wonder if your ignorance will be so overwhelming factor, and that you would again show the Hatred that exist in your mind, would allow you to feel that the only way you can get this much needed life saving knowledge, would be to apologize sincerely? Fight them for it even while knowing it’s is instilled in his intelligence?

Would you change your hatred into love, or would you let your pride overpower , and take command of what little wisdom you may have left ? Would you choose to die?

I don’t know what you would do, but I am telling you that when hatred has been allowed to jester and fester and eventually takes over, it’s a disease that lasts for generations. The Most High God knew this, he saw this, and hence the reason he sent his Son, to give hope in times of despair. Those same people you hate will feel that despair, but they know that God has promised them that he would not leave or forsake them, so based on that unbreakable promise, they can withstand your abuse and your hatred.

But it's not all for nothing , you would see that God keeps his word, and he is all powerful. The choice is always yours. Keep on hating and disliking and abusing and playing smart, but not being clever, I call on you to clean your mind, cease and desist from your evil ways.

It is for those wicked reasons, folks like you will get always be attacked, and will be forced to know that the source of your attack and hatred, will be you and your evil ways, because you have not as yet learn to live and let live.

Any wise entity would know that a people divided can never stand. They will discuss among themselves, and it's obvious. Why not allow them to destroy each other? Do the work for us and when they are all worn out and tired, we would step in and pick up the pieces.

If I am coming to get you am angry at you , and I meet someone destroying you. And it turn out to be you destroying yourself. Of course I will sit back and claim the victory. You may even think I set the whole thing up!

How can you declare war on someone or on anything that is living, expecting for them to turn around and love you, when any minute now can come your attacks, and with that type of anticipation, only a fool would turn around give you his back. Well I don’t know about any attack that earth can withstand, that would come from anyone but its evil ruler Satan. But I do know of the coming of the Most High, when he will be forever defeated, including all who followed his evil ways like Hating for no reason whatsoever!

Hating is: Fighting your own self!


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      If you did not have the alibI that you told me sometime ago , which I also used to answer other peoples questions , then I would have said NO!

      But I always listen carefully to what others say , before making assessments.

      How could I have someones comment in front of me and respond negatively, in error ? I will ask another question. But I have seen on here some things that have now helped me so greatly, that I am now so strengthened.

      Think about this why lie?

      We are the same humans , lighter shade , darker shade , shorter ,taller same beauty .

      God is great ,and all this is for his glory , I am only the messenger.

      10 k out of A gazillion I have only just begun. Same road.

      Bless brethren.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

      What a great hub.. I think this one will propel you into the 10K land..huh? Lol see.. I could hate you for passing me but no I stand taller to see my friends move on.. it makes me feel good :) Frank