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Hatman, Grim Reaper, Shadow People and Other Creatures of the Night. What, or Who are They?

Updated on October 20, 2018
Dean Baron profile image

Dean is a research maniac when it comes to finding out the truth. He is interested in unexplained mysteries of the paranormal.

 "Specter" of the Night, Shadow Person
"Specter" of the Night, Shadow Person

My Personal Experience With the Devil, A Trip Down Shadowy Lain...

***Attention*** Please read this hub only after a prayer for protection. If you are sensitive to the Paranormal or under the influence of a mind altering drug then please read when sober. Thank you, and God bless.

As a small child I was plagued by a "hooded" figure that would come into my room and paralyze me only to speak to me telepathically. This creature of the dark would literally "climb" out of our hall mirror that hung on the wall in between my parent's room and my own. It would then freeze me just by it's evil glance. The words that it spoke to me haunt me to this very day. "I'm going to kill your parents kiddo, and there's nothing that you can do about it." It would say. It would then play games with my emotions, and try and make me cry. I couldn't speak in order to cry out for help. I was at it's complete mercy. Usually, I would pass out from the fear or I would finally be able to yell loud enough to wake my mother. This three night a week occurrence went on for at least two years. I was officially diagnosed with epilepsy and placed on medication.for my "seizures." The medication didn't work. I was still being visited by this strange entity almost nightly. My mother started praying for protection for me in the name of Jesus. At the time I only had heard about this "Jesus" once or twice but I just knew that He would protect me! Mom told me to scream the name of Jesus if the thing came back. Well, as you can imagine, it did come back, and boy was it angry. The last night that this being revealed itself to me it did everything in it's power to scare me. As usual I was paralyzed and it was taunting me, trying to make me fear for my parent's lives. However, after what seemed like an eternity the spirit did something new. It "floated" at breakneck speed towards me as I was lying in bed. I could see it's glowing red eyes and a ruby red oval stone necklace right in front of my face as it came to a complete stop just inches from my bed. I tried to scream for help but couldn't. Then I remembered Jesus. I tried to yell Jesus' name but couldn't make my vocal cords work. So, I thought "Jesus help me!" Instantly the being floated backwards as fast as lightning. The Grim Reaper never came back. And I was "cured" of my epilepsy.

"Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing by any means hurt you."

— Jesus--Luke 10:19 Holy Bible

The Who's, What's, and How's. An Introduction to the World of "Shadows"

As you can imagine, I am having a hard time writing this hub. Even though I haven't witnessed anything like the above in over thirty years it still freaks me out some. In fact, whenever I began working on this hub my laptop froze up. After two reboots it finally allowed me back online. Then, as I was typing in the text capsule, the whole article completely disappeared! Do not fret though, This hub will be written no matter what tricks they play! So, just who are these "terror's" of the night? From my extensive research into the subject, I have came to the conclusion that these creatures are none other then the "Djinn." The Djinn reign from the Middle East and are the same entities that the word "Genie" came from. According to the ancient text of the Holy Koran God created these beings before mankind. At one time these beings roamed the earth calling it there home. God gave them great powers allowing them to "shape shift" into any creature of creation they pleased. They are first and foremost a spirit type being. Meaning that they could be active in both world's and taking on whatever body that they pleased. I believe that originally, before the fall of mankind, we humans where more like the Djinn, having abilities like theirs. I believe that after the fall of Lucifer, many of these beings chose to side with him instead of God. According to the Book of Enoch these beings had a choice to make. Either assist Adam and his offspring, or pay the consequences at the end of days. God offered this as a way to show who truly loved Him, who could be trusted, and above all else, who would do His Holy will. According to my studies, once a creature decides to turn away from God, it becomes "dark" or takes on an evil persona. Kind of like us humans do when we turn away from our creator. When a being turns away from God, God cuts off it's "soul" to the rejuvenating flame that feeds all of creation, (this is where we get our spiritual energy) the darker the entity gets, the more dark energy it needs to stay alive. Think energy "vampire." These beings then stalk people that are of "low" vibrations such as themselves. They feed off of humans that have mental health issues, that have low self esteem, that are drug addicted, and believe it or not, a child's fear. Ever seen the movie Monsters Inc? Yep, just like that.

"You shall not be afraid of the terror at night, Nor of the arrow that flies by day."

— King David--Psalm 91:5
The Djinn, energy Vampires
The Djinn, energy Vampires

A Interview With a Teen Age Girl, A Hatman Witness...

As promised, I will include an interview with a twelve year old girl. For privacy we shall call her "Jane."

Me: Well hello there. Your name is Jane, correct?

Jane: Yes that's me. Are you the one my mommy talked about? The one that was going to ask about the man that lives in the closet?

Me: Yes, that's right. My name is Dean. Is it OK if I ask you a couple questions?

Jane: I guess. I don't like talking about him.

Me: I understand. Lets start off easy. How about you just tell me what you feel comfortable telling. Is that OK Miss Jane?

Jane: Hmm. Well, I first seen him one night while mom and dad were arguing. I was scared cause I hate it when they fight. I was sitting on the edge of my bed and then I saw him just floating there staring at me.

Me: OK. You are doing great! Can you tell me what he looked like, the best you can remember?

Jane: Hmm. He was wearing a black cloak or long coat. He had a Willy Wonka hat on. He looked mean, but sad too. I felt sorry for him. His eyes were so red and sad.

The interview ended there with Jane in tears. I found out later that this entity had been visiting her almost nightly. Her brother even witnessed it a couple of times. When trying to interview her brother, I was turned down by the mother of the two children...


This topic is gaining popularity lately. More and more people are seeing these beings, all over the world. So why the increase? I believe it to be do to the fact that Judgement Day is very near. I think that these fallen creatures are doing there best to get as strong as they possibly can before our Lord comes back. I do not believe these to be "demons" but rather a once powerful creation of God, that left Him and went on there own way. Eventually following Satan. They are the Djinn, the first of all creation to inhabit our earth. They are many of the Djinn that are in fact, good and helpful. Better known as "spirit guides" in new age literature. It is said that each person alive have one guardian angel, and one Djinn assigned to them at birth. The angel's job is to protect and to serve, to guided there assigned person down the right path. The Djinn is there to be a "catalyst," to try and steer the person off the right track. Having first hand experience with these guys I known just how deceiving they can be. But just remember, do not show them fear! Use the Name of Jesus Christ and watch them run! Also, remember that they are not their to "hurt" you, but to feed off your negative energy and fears. This is how they survive.

© 2018 Dean Baron


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    • profile image

      Adrian Eilers 

      19 months ago


    • Dean Baron profile imageAUTHOR

      Dean Baron 

      19 months ago from Lewiston, Idaho

      Fallon. I have found that the only way to rid yourself of these entities is to "change" your vibrations from low to high. Do this by meditating and prayer, especially before bed time. And remember, they feed off of your fear, so don't be afraid! They haven't hurt you yet, and they never will...

    • Fallon Cowger profile image

      Fallon Cowger 

      19 months ago

      I have been plagued with these my entire life.


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