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Haunted California: The Ghosts of Bakersfield

Updated on December 8, 2011

Bakersfield High School

Begin your trip through haunted Bakersfield with Bakersfield High School, which has three haunted spots. The first is the area known by students as the Quad. According to school legend, the Quad sits atop a former makeshift graveyard. A hospital once stood nearby and employees buried individuals that died underneath the Quad.

Another Bakersfield ghost resides at the Harvey Auditorium at Bakersfield High School. The story says that a construction worker died while working on the building. He somehow fell off the rafters and crashed through several stories. His ghost now haunts the place where he died.

Also at Bakersfield High School are the ghosts of two former students. No one knows what happened to the couple, but they are always seen together. The boy still wears his letterman jacket, while the girl wears an old-fashioned formal gown. Many people see the figures standing on the bleachers and others feel cold spots in the area.

Other Haunted Schools

East Bakersfield High School is also haunted by a former employee. A faithful janitor worked in the building for years and was dedicated to his job. One night, he died on the job after falling from a ladder and breaking his neck. Several people heard him repeating his last steps, including the fatal fall.

Westley Anderson Hall at Highland High School is also haunted. The ghost here is something of a prankster. He likes rearranging the sets, messing with the costumes, and generally being a pain. There are also stories told of people seeing a teenager on stage, wearing old-fashioned clothing.

If the story behind the ghost of Standard Middle School is true, it is a sad story. Legend says that a student celebrating his middle school graduation, stood near the open windows for a photograph. A gust of wind came through the window, caught his robe and dragged him out. Some students claim to see the ghost hanging out of the window.

Bakersfield California Newspaper Building

The Bakersfield California Newspaper Building is home to the ghost of a poor dog. Supposedly, the German Shepherd faithfully came to work by his master’s side every day. Even though both he and his master are now dead, he still wanders the building, looking for him. Many people working in the building have seen the ghosts of an old editor and a former security guard, still working after death.

Central Park

The ghost residing at Central Park is that of a woman in white. She is always seen early in the morning or before daylight, walking near the canal. The woman’s body was supposedly discovered during renovations to the nearby foundry. Locals claim that the woman was shot and now walks the area, looking for help.

Kern Realty Group Building

The Kern Realty Group Building dates back to 1911. The former house has the ghost of a past owner, who dislikes everyone and everything, including renovations to his home. There is also an older female ghost and the ghost of a construction worker that died there. Stories of paranormal activity in the building include footsteps, people talking, things moving, and something playing with the doors and lights.

Club Paradise

Club Paradise is home to a malevolent ghost that especially dislikes employees. The ghost enjoys locking the doors of the storeroom, trapping people inside, pushing people around, moving things across the bar, and even inappropriately touching employees and customers.

Melodrama Musical Theatre

The Melodrama Musical Theatre is a building that dates back to the 1970s, when a man constructed it as a toy store. As the area went downhill, his business started dropping off and within a few years, he lost the store. Actors refer to the ghost as Harry and claim that he makes things move in the female dressing rooms and wanders around the stage area.

Garces Circle

Garces Circle has been the site of multiple car accidents over the years, many with tragic consequences. According to legend, the statue in the center of the circle has a sixth sense regarding those accidents. Many claim that the statue whispers a prayer or moves slightly, just before an accident.

Kern County Museum

The Kern County Museum in Bakersfield has several ghosts. The Pioneer Village is haunted by the remains of a former birthday party. Visitors hear the sounds and see apparitions of the former parts guests near Weill House. The Norris School, also located at the museum, is haunted by either a former student or teacher.


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      siren 2 years ago

      Scary to here this form a town i live in and grew up in

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      natahliasierra 2 years ago

      Add Your Comment..ghosts are very weird i hear ghosts sometimes at night when i try to sleep.

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      daisha millar 2 years ago


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      Hunter 5 years ago