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Haunted California: The Ghosts of Santa Clarita

Updated on December 8, 2011

Santa Clarita is one of the largest cities in California. The history of the city dates back to ancient times, but it only became incorporated during the 1980s. You might not want to tell that to the Santa Clarita ghosts, as many are older than the city itself.

The Egg Plantation

According to locals, the bar at the Egg Plantation is haunted by a somewhat menacing presence. While sitting at one of the seats arranged around the bar, guests see movement from the corner of their eyes. Of course when they turn, there is no one there.

The Cottage on Walnut

Located near the Egg Plantation, the Cottage on Walnut dates back to around 1857 and once served as a private residence. Employees and guests have heard the sounds of people and things moving around the building. Before it opens, some have heard loud noises and people inside.

Space Ordinance Systems

The Space Ordinance Systems has an odd history. Though it once served as a set for a television show, it also had other uses. At one time, a company used large concrete devices and mixed military-grade explosives. During this time, employees often experienced problems with explosions. Locals claim that many workers were killed, disfigured, or otherwise injured during an explosion. Some claim that the ghosts of the dead workers saved others from a similar fate. There are also stories of odd noises and lights coming from behind a locked gate and fence.

Sand Canyon Road

Sand Canyon Road is supposedly haunted by a group of teenagers. Around 1985-1986, the teens were driving down the road, celebrating the big prom that night. Warm Springs Road runs into Sand Canyon Road and the car crashed near this spot. Many locals claim they saw the ghost of one of the victims, trying to get help for her lost friends.

Hart Mansion

William S. Hart was a major star of the silver screen and owned the house now referred to as Hart Mansion. According to local legend, Hart lived in the house with his sister and several dogs, none of which moved on. Some smell freshly brewed coffee, which Hart loved. Supposedly, Hart will only materialize if he likes the person standing in his former home.

Lake Elizabeth

Lake Elizabeth, located near Santa Clarita is rumored to have its own sea monster. Local legend says that the monster would come from the lake and eat crops and animals, when Spaniards first settled in the area. Many people claim to have an odd feeling when standing near the lake or in one of the nearby houses. There are also stories of a strong rotten egg smell coming from the lake.

Six Flags California

Most amusement parks have haunted tales attached to them and Santa Clarita’s Six Flags California is no exception. The park has a caller ID system on its telephone lines, letting security guards know where every phone call made from inside the park comes from. Story says that guards often get phone calls that originate at the Goliath ride and always after closing. No matter how fast they investigate, the ride is always deserted.


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    • profile image

      Jami 5 years ago

      it's 'ordnance' - not 'ordinance'... look up the definition

    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 5 years ago from The High Seas

      I can pretty much see 6 flags from my apartment!

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 6 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      Very interesting. I love ghost stories. Voted up!


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