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Haunted Cemeteries in Montana

Updated on December 4, 2016

Montana became the 41st state in 1889. There are 1,371 documented cemeteries in an area of 147,164 square miles. That is only one cemetery per 107 square miles. There are some very haunted places in Montana, but few of them are cemeteries. Here are seven of the cemeteries that are haunted, plus a bonus.

Original stone column gates
Original stone column gates

Missoula Cemetery

Missoula Cemetery is also known as Missoula City Cemetery and is located on Cemetery Road at Russell Street. There are about 30,000 interments going back to the 1840s. It was officially established in 1884. There are three U.S. Congressmen buried here.

There are no named ghosts in this cemetery. There are several cold spots in the older section of the cemetery. Disembodied voices are sometimes heard at dusk and at dawn.

Visitors have reported an uneasy feeling of being watched and sometimes hearing footsteps behind them.

Multi-colored orbs and white or black mists have also shown up in photographs.

Photo Credit: Treestump Lady
Photo Credit: Treestump Lady

Avon Cemetery

Avon Cemetery is located on Highway 141 in Powell County. There are a little over 300 interments with the oldest dated one in 1876. Avon is a small town with a population of about 125.

There are typical haunted cemetery happenings occurring here, always after midnight. There are no named ghosts here, but the ghosts of school age children have been seen walking between the nearby elementary school and the cemetery.

Photo Credit: Tom Todd
Photo Credit: Tom Todd

Benton Avenue Cemetery

Benton Avenue Cemetery is in Helena in Lewis and Clark County. It was established in 1870 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. There are around 3,200 marked interments going back to 1861. The majority of graves are unmarked.

This is one of the most haunted cemeteries in Montana. There are many tragic stories here.

The Connor family mausoleum was constructed in 1908 after Albert Connor drowned in a Malta lake. The whole Connor family can be seen and heard late at night.

Another ghost here is that of Gussie Bach who died in childbirth in 1889. This was the third child she had lost at birth. She can be seen wandering the cemetery as if looking for something.

Other ghosts are T.J. Holihan who died in 1898 in a mining accident and William Child who committed suicide in 1893 after losing his fortune. Mrs. Dumpy and two children she was nursing died from diphtheria in 1885. A local doctor, Ira Maupin died in 1873 when he was thrown from a horse.

The cemetery also has extreme cold spots and many different colored orbs are seen.

Mount Moriah Cemetery

Mount Moriah Cemetery is located on Montana Street in Butte in Silver Bow County. It was founded in 1877, but there are graves going back to at least 1833. Congressman Albert James Campbell and Senator Lee Theophilus Mantle are both buried here. There are approximately 27,000 interments.

The city of Butte was a thriving mining town back in the day and is known for having many ghosts. Many of the 168 miners who were killed in 1917 at the Granite Mountain/Speculator Mine Fire are buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery.

The first stories of ghosts here were reported in the 1970s by two police officers who were patrolling the cemetery late one night. The front gates were locked, but they both claimed to see a man in a wheelchair go right through the gates. The officers rushed to the gate to see if the man needed any help, but they found nothing. There were not even any wheelchair tracks in the new fallen snow.

That was the first sighing of the wheelchair-bound ghost, but it was nowhere near the last. Through the years people have reported seeing the man in his wheelchair all over the cemetery, not only at night, but also during the daylight hours.

Bannack Cemetery

Bannack Cemetery is located on Bannack Bench Road in Beaverhead County. There are around 140 interments dating back to 1862.

Bannack is now a ghost town with many ghosts. Not all of them are buried in the cemetery. Prior to 1864 the sheriff of Bannack was Henry Plummer. Not only was he the sheriff, he was also the leader of a gang of highway robbers. The gang committed dozens of robberies and at least 102 murders.

One early morning in January of 1864 Plummer was “arrested” by a group of vigilantes. They dragged him from his home with a plan to lynch him. He tried to talk his way out of the jam he was in by offering to take them to his gold cache. They wanted no part of it and hung him without a trial.

Bannack lies within the boundaries of the Bannack State Forest Park and the gallows they used to hang Henry Plummer still stand. They are about 200 yards from the cemetery, but he is not buried there. He is buried in an unmarked grave near the gallows.

The ghosts of Plummer’s victims are said to be seen all over the state park.

Custer National Cemetery

Custer National Cemetery is also known as Little Big Horn National Cemetery. It is located in Crow Agency in Big Horn County. There are close to 8,500 interments here. Hundreds of them are fatalities of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, also known as Custer’s Last Stand.

There are many stories here from employees and visitors alike about the restlessness of the cemetery’s occupants. Indian warriors are seen and heard on horseback galloping through the cemetery. People have claimed to see the actual battle taking place.

Sudden drops in temperature are reported followed by the sound of whispering.

A psychic from Colorado visited the cemetery in August of 1987 and claimed to feel the restless presence of Custer’s men.

Employees have also witnessed Indians and soldiers in battle and many say the spirits are around the area constantly.

Photo Credit: MT1950
Photo Credit: MT1950

Marsh Cemetery

Marsh Cemetery can be found on Marsh Road in Glendive in Dawson County. There are about 94 interments going back to 1912.

The Marsh Cemetery is small and was used by families in the area. The dominate surnames are Gaub and Siegle.

There have not been any reports of apparitions here, but there have been many claims of all sizes and colors of orbs.

Most Haunted Place in Montana

Deer Lodge is a town in western Montana in Powell County with a population of around 3,000 people. It is known for being the location of the Montana State Prison, which is located just west of town.

The Old Prison is located at the southern end of Main Street. Its official name is the Montana Territorial and State Prison. It was founded in 1871 and was in operation for over a hundred years. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Today the prison is the Old Montana State Prison Museum.

During its century as a prison there were many riots, executions and all manner of violent deaths. Ghosts have been seen everywhere in the building. The solitary confinement area was located underground and is considered to be particularly active. Visitors report being touched by invisible hands and some claim to have been pushed hard enough to almost be knocked off their feet.

The Old Montana Prison is best described as just plain creepy. The architecture of the place looks like a cross between a mental institution and a castle. Employees and visitors alike have witnessed all types of paranormal activity since the museum opened. The strange footsteps, shadows, and whispers are quite unsettling but basically benign.

The fear sets in when the activity becomes more threatening. Objects such as books or pictures will suddenly fly off shelves or tables, striking shocked visitors or workers. Some have even reported being attacked or choked by invisible hands. Scratches from unseen fingernails have shown up on arms and hands. Many people have expressed almost unbearable feelings of sadness and incredible dread.

Many paranormal investigators have visited the museum/prison and all have verified the existence of ghosts here. There have been so many deaths here, both natural and unnatural, that it is no surprise that the Old Montana State Prison is the most haunted place in Montana.

Haunted Cemeteries & a Prison in Montana

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