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Haunted Cemeteries in Oklahoma

Updated on January 5, 2017

Introduction to Oklahoma

Oklahoma became the 46th state in 1907. The Oklahoma came from a combination of two Choctaw Indian words, “okla” meaning people and “humma” meaning red. In 2014 the population was 3.9 million. There are 5,901 documented cemeteries in Oklahoma’s 69,960 square miles.

Kulli Tuklo Methodist Church Cemetery

Kulli Tuklo Methodist Church Cemetery is off Kulli Road on N4660 in Idabel in a tourist area known as Kiamichi Country. This McCurtain County cemetery has around 240 interments, the oldest dated 1899.

The church and its cemetery are both haunted. Sometimes at night the church bell rings all by itself. People have claimed to hear laughter and singing coming from the empty church. The church doors will also open and close by themselves.

There is a full-bodied apparition that is seen walking out of the cemetery and toward the church, but it disappears before reaching the church.

Photo Credit: Debbie
Photo Credit: Debbie

Tucker Cemetery

Tucker Cemetery is five miles outside of Comanche in Stephens County on Tucker Road. There are about 100 interments here dated from 1899 to 1984. Only about 50 of the graves are marked.

The legend of this cemetery is that in the late 1800s an old man named Tucker went crazy and killed his mother, his wife, and all his kids. He buried them in the cellar under his house and then committed suicide. After their deaths the property was used as a cemetery.

There are several tales told about the hauntings here. One is that tombstones have a tendency to fall over and then to right themselves. Another is a claim that unseen hands will grab visitors’ legs as they walk by.

One paranormal investigation group said the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) readings were so high that the EMF detector was knocked out of the hand of one of the members. Immediately afterward they saw a shadowy figure about 20 yards away and all their equipment went dead.

Photo Credit: Laura Jackson
Photo Credit: Laura Jackson

Violet Springs Cemetery

Violet Springs Cemetery can be found at the corner of East 1410 Road and N3500 Road near Konawa and Asher in Pottawatomie County. It lies right next to the Konawa City Cemetery which is right over the county line in Seminole County. There are around 400 interments here dating to the early 1900s.

The haunting in this cemetery is an incredibly sad story. Eighteen-year-old Katherine Cross died in 1917. Her tombstone reads: Daughter of J.T. & M.K. Murdered by human wolves. The human wolves referred to by this tombstone were her husband and the abortionist that killed her. Her spirit is seen wandering the cemetery and sometimes she is seen sitting and holding a ghost baby on her lap.

Visitors have also claimed to hear growling noises near her grave.

Blanchard Cemetery

Blanchard Cemetery is located at the corner of NE 25th Street and North Council Avenue in Blanchard in McClain County. There are almost 5,000 interments here dating back to the early 1900s.

According to locals this cemetery has not always been haunted. Reported ghost sightings did not start until the 1990s, almost 100 years after the cemetery started.

There is one ghost here who is seen quite frequently. He is a young man wearing black plants and a white shirt. He motions for visitors to come to him, but people believe doing so could cause demonic possession.

There are also strange lights and noises present here after dark.

Photo Credit: Ann A.
Photo Credit: Ann A.

Imo Cemetery

Imo Cemetery is on N2800 Road north of Drummond in Garfield County. There are around 50 interments dating back to 1897.

There is supposedly a tombstone here that glows at night, but as you get closer to it the glow slowly dims until it goes completely away. There is also a headstone that appears to have scratch marks on it caused by animal claws.

There is an old Native American Indiana burial ground near the back of the cemetery where strange voices are often heard.

Photo Credit: Greg Moore
Photo Credit: Greg Moore

Floral Haven Memorial Gardens

Floral Haven Memorial Gardens is in Broken Arrow at 6500 South 129th East Avenue in Tulsa County. There are almost 30,000 interments here dating back to the early 1900s. There are three professional athletes and a Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient buried here.

This cemetery does not have any reported ghosts but it does have a very strange phenomena. There have been many people buried here that seem to have just disappeared, grave, tombstone and all. Visitors have gone to the cemetery to pay their respects to a loved one and been unable to locate the grave. When these people go to the cemetery office, thinking they may just be unable to locate the precise location, they are told the person they are looking for was never buried there. This has happened on numerous occasions.

Timber Ridge Cemetery

Timber Ridge Cemetery is on Highway 412 six miles miles east of Catoosa in Rogers County. There are a little over 500 interments with dates going back to the early 1900s.

The ghost here is that of a young boy who was hit by a car on the road outside the cemetery. There are three young boys, aged 12 to 15, buried here in the 1930s. It could possibly be one of these three. He was buried here and roams the entire cemetery and the road where he was killed. People sometimes see him with his bicycle just outside the gate.

Some people have also reported that they thought they had hit something with their car, but when they get out to investigate, they find nothing. A few people have claimed to see bloody hand prints on their bumper.

Several caretakers here have quit their jobs after seeing the front gate opening and closing by itself.

Many people, both inside the graveyard and just outside, report sudden nosebleeds.

Photo Credit: youtube user: ole jeff
Photo Credit: youtube user: ole jeff

Hillside Mission Cemetery

Hillside Mission Cemetery is also known as Hillside Cemetery. It can be found at the corner of Hillside and N3944 Road across the street from the Skiatook Gospel Tabernacle near Skiatook in Tulsa County. There are around 2,000 interments dating back to the 1880s. The last leader of the Cherokee Nation, Chief William Charles Rogers, was buried here in 1917.

There is a strange looking tombstone here that is said to mark a witch’s grave. But maybe it should be called a warlock’s grave because there is a man buried here.

This is the grave of Abel Parkhill, nicknamed Jack. He died on Valentine’s Day in 1930 when he was 70 years old. One side of the tombstone has his name and the other side says: Can’t bring him back again. I shall go to him. She shall not return to me.

His wife Jennie had died in 1925 at age 77 and is buried nearby alongside her son, Jesse Eldridge, who was from a previous marriage. He was only 59 when he died in 1940.

Disturbing things have been reported here and in the surrounding area. People who have tried to tamper with the grave have suffered what appeared to be demonic possession.

A teenage boy who wrecked his car at a nearby bridge in the 1970s is said to wander the area outside the cemetery.


Jesse Creek Cemetery

Jesse Creek Cemetery is east of Jesse Creek in Section 23 near Circle Mountain south of Bartlesville. This Washington County cemetery has 71 interments. Seventy of them have dates from 1883 to 1945. The last interment was in 2001.

This cemetery has the typical paranormal happenings associated with hauntings. The most prevalent thing is that electronic devices absolutely will not work here. Orbs, mists, and gray shadows are seen. Crying and giggling are heard at times.

Haunted Cemeteries of Oklahoma

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A markerKulli Tukalo United Methodist Church Cemetery -
N4660, Idabel, OK 74745, USA
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B markerTucker Cemetery -
S Tucker Rd, Duncan, OK 73533, USA
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C markerViolet Springs Cemetery -
41328 N3500 Rd, Konawa, OK 74849, USA
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D markerBlanchard Cemetery -
11000-11214 NE 25th St, Blanchard, OK 73010, USA
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E markerImo Cemetery -
6022 S Michael Rd, Enid, OK 73703, USA
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F markerFloral Haven Memorial Gardens -
6500 S 129th E Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, USA
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G markerTimber Ridge Cemetery -
30356 S 4130 Rd, Catoosa, OK 74015, USA
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H markerHillside Mission Cemetery -
186th St N & Hillside, Skiatook, OK 74070, USA
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I markerJesse Creek Cemetery -
393051 W 2100 Rd, Bartlesville, OK 74003, USA
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