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Haunted Cemeteries in Utah

Updated on January 9, 2017

Introduction to Utah

Utah became the 45th state in 1896. Utah gets its name from the Native American tribe called Nuutsiu or Utes. In their language Ute means Land of the Sun. In 2014 the population was 2.94 million. There are only 743 documented cemeteries in Utah’s 84,977 square miles of land. That’s only one cemetery in every 114 square miles.

Photo Credit: God Bless Sandra
Photo Credit: God Bless Sandra

Logan City Cemetery

Logan City Cemetery is located at 1000 North 1200 East on the Utah State University campus in Cache County. There are nearly 18,000 interments here dating back to 1847. Actress Leora Thatcher was buried here in 1984.

The legend here is about the statue of a Weeping Woman. She supposedly cries during the nights that are an anniversary of her dead children. The story says that a man had a very large family and he cursed them as he died. He said his wife and all their children would die, one every six months.

The story is not true, but it does have some basis in fact. The couple were Olaf and Julia Cronquist from Scandinavia. Olaf outlived Julia by 13 years and erected the monument to her and all the children they had lost. Of their six children only one survived into adult. The other five all died before their seventh birthday in a span of five years.

Photo Credit: Utah Tombstone Lady
Photo Credit: Utah Tombstone Lady

Aultorest Memorial Park

Aultorest Memorial Park can be found at 838 36th Street in Ogden in Weber County. It is known as Leavitts Aultorest, Mountain View and Mount Ogden. It officially opened in 1929, but graves in the Mountain View section date back to the 1830s. There are nearly 13,000 interments here, include two Union generals from the Civil War.

This cemetery does not have any named ghosts, but there are several unnatural things that occur here. There are some tombstones here that have been seen glowing in either blue or green and others that stay warm throughout the winter.

Visitors have reported seeing and hearing large numbers of ravens cawing and making rattling sounds incessantly.

Shadow figures and orbs often show up in photographs.

Ogden City Cemetery

Ogden City Cemetery is on Monroe Blvd. It was established in 1851 and has over 42,000 interments dating back to the 1840s.

The legend here is about “Flo’s Grave.” Supposedly if you flash your headlights upon her tombstone three times, the 15-year-old will rise from the grave and come to you.

There are two versions as to how Flo died. One is that she was hit and killed by a car while waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up to go to a school dance at Ogden High. The other version says she choked to death on a piece of candy.

The truth is Florence Louise Grange died in 1918 from the Spanish flu. Also, she was not called Flo, but went my her middle name, Louise.

The background of the legend may be faulty, but the appearance of her ghost has been reported numerous times.

Photo Credit: John Warnke
Photo Credit: John Warnke

Bountiful Memorial Park

Bountiful Memorial Park is also called Bountiful City Cemetery. It is Located on South 200 West in Davis County. There are over 13,000 interments here going back to the 1830s. Major League Baseball Player Ed Heusser and actor Keene Curtis are buried here.

Disembodied voices are often heard here. Strange sounds and odd smells are also reported. There is one tombstone that is always warm.

Salt Lake Cemetery

Salt Lake Cemetery is located at the northeast corner of N Street and 4th Avenue. It covers 250 acres and is the largest city-operated cemetery in the United States. The first burial was of a child, Mary Wallace, on September 27, 1847. She was the daughter of George Wallace, one of the Mormon pioneers that settled in the Salt Lake Valley. There are around 120,000 interments here.

Photo Credit: Anonymous Child
Photo Credit: Anonymous Child

One creepy story here is the grave of Lilly Gray. Besides her name, birth and death dates, it also says “Victim of the Beast 666.” The cemetery staff claims that Lilly’s husband was a “colorful character” and it must have been a joke. Lilly’s husband, Elmer, was said to have been plagued by mental health injuries throughout this adult life. He is also buried in this cemetery but far away from Lilly.

Photo Credit: Crimson Eric
Photo Credit: Crimson Eric

Another legend here is that of the “Grave of Emo.” If you walk backward around his grave three times carrying a lit candle and then look inside his crypt you will see his ghostly face. The grave belongs to Jacob E. Moritz, an early Utah politician and founder of the Salt Lake Brewery. In 1910 he became very ill and returned to his homeland of Germany. After his death he was cremated and returned to Salt Lake City.

Photo Credit: John Warnke
Photo Credit: John Warnke

Pleasant Green Cemetery

Pleasant Green Cemetery is also known as Magna Cemetery. It can be found in Salt Lake County at 9200 West 3500 South in the Oquirrh Mountains above Magna. There are a little over 1,300 interments dating to the 1860s. It sits on a little over ten acres and is the second oldest cemetery in the Salt Lake Valley. Many of the earliest leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are buried here.

For some unknown reason, many of the tombstones glow green when a train goes by. There have been reports of full-bodied apparitions as well as strange lights and sounds.

Haunted Cemeteries of Northern Utah

Logan City Cemetery:
1000 N 1200 E, Logan, UT 84341, USA

get directions

Aultorest Memorial Park:
838 36th St, Ogden, UT 84403, USA

get directions

Ogden City Cemetery:
12th Ave, Ogden, UT 84401, USA

get directions

Bountiful Memorial Park:
S 200 W, Bountiful, UT 84010, USA

get directions

Salt Lake City Cemetery:
200 N St E, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, USA

get directions

Pleasant Green Cemetery:
9200 W 3500 S, Magna, UT 84044, USA

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Photo Credit: Lee Drew
Photo Credit: Lee Drew

Alpine City Cemetery

Alpine City Cemetery is located at 300 North Grove Drive in Alpine in Utah County. There are around 2,000 interments going back to the early 1850s. Professional football player Todd Christensen and Major Leaguer Nick Willhite are buried here.

One story about this cemetery is an old tombstone called the doxy seat. If you sit on it at midnight during a full moon one of two things will supposedly happen. You can feel all the pain and loss of the spirits of the cemetery, or, even worse, you will become possessed by the devil.

A dark figure is often seen running across the grass. EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) have been recorded of a young girl’s voice.

Photo Credit: Cheryl
Photo Credit: Cheryl

Highland City Cemetery

Highland City Cemetery is located at 6100 West 11000 North in Highland in Utah County. There are around 450 interments dating back to 1965. The locals call the cemetery Talking Tree. The reason for this is that breezes will start up suddenly and people claim the trees begin talking to them.

There is also a rock chair here that if a person sits in the chair the inhabitants of the cemetery will begin to whisper things that only the person in the chair can hear. It is said to be quite a disorienting experience.

Photo Credit: Penny G. Douglass
Photo Credit: Penny G. Douglass

Mercur Cemetery

Mercur Cemetery is near Highway 73 southwest of the ghost town of Mercur in Tooele County. The cemetery was in use from 1894 to 1915 by pioneer families. There are a lot of marked graves but only one with a stone showing who is buried there, Annie Jones. She was almost six months old.

Paranormal investigators have begun to pay attention to this cemetery in recent years. They have documented the ghost of a little girl who is very pleased that visitors leave dolls at her grave. It may be 6-year-old Lucia Rose Detomasi who died in 1902.

They have also had nice conversations using an EMF (Electromagnetic Field) meter at the graveside of an immigrant miner from Italy. But on the other hand, they have heard things on digital recordings such as, “You don’t belong here.”

Spanish Fork City Cemetery

Spanish Fork Cemetery has nearly 15,000 interments dating back to the early 1800s. It can be found at the corner of South 300 East and East 400 South.

The legend here is about the Weeping Lady tombstone. The statue kneels at the graves of Laura Daniels Fereday and her husband, Horace. She died at the age of 33 in 1929. Horace didn’t died until 1972 when he was 79. According to the legend if you walk around the cemetery with your eyes closed you will hear the statue weeping.

Photo Credit: Richard Jackson
Photo Credit: Richard Jackson

Ephraim Pioneer Cemetery

Ephraim Pioneer Cemetery is on Pioneer Cemetery Road 1.5 miles north of Ephraim in Sanpete County. It was established in 1854. There was a flood during the early years of the cemetery that washed away some of the headstones. Others are broken or too worn to read. There are over 1,000 interments here.

This cemetery came into existence when a settler at Fort Ephraim died and was going to be taken to a nearby settlement, Allred, to be buried in its graveyard. Before that could happen there was a warning that an Indian attack was imminent so he was hurriedly buried just outside the walls. Dozens more joined him after a massacre.

Visitors to the cemetery heard the heartbreaking wails of parents and children’s voices pleading, “Take me home!”

Photo Credit: Sherril Henrie
Photo Credit: Sherril Henrie

Widtsoe Cemetery

Widtsoe Cemetery is off Johns Valley Road southwest of Widtsoe in Garfield County. There are over 100 interments here dating back to 1913. The cemetery is still active. Widtsoe was settled in the late 1800s but was pretty much a ghost town by 1925.

Of the 110 graves with dates 37 are children, including 21 babies. That probably explains the sounds of women weeping and children playing that are often heard here. Apparitions are rarely seen here, but when they are they are almost always women holding babies. Orbs and mists are seen occasionally.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Doomen
Photo Credit: Jeanne Doomen

Silver Reef Catholic Cemetery

Silver Reef Catholic Cemetery can be found on Bonanza Flat Road west of Leeds in Washington County. There are three graves here with tombstones, two more with known information, and fifteen with unknown markers. The oldest is from 1878. Silver Reef is a ghost town now, having been abandoned in 1891.

Apparently the Silver Reef Catholic Church was a very powerful church in the area and for some reason it held a prejudice against the Chinese population in the area. The cemetery is said to be very haunted, especially by an unknown little girl. There are voices of other children asking to be taken home.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Gibbons
Photo Credit: Kimberly Gibbons

Grafton Cemetery

Grafton Cemetery is another cemetery of a ghost town. It is located on 250 South in Washington County. Grafton still have some buildings remaining from the pioneer period plus some movie sets that were constructed for the classic 1969 movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The cemetery has about 80 interments going back to the 1860s. Many of the dead here were killed in Navajo Indian attacks. The townspeople set aside an area in the southeast corner of the cemetery and also buried the Native Americans who were killed.

The cemetery is said to be haunted by the apparitions of both the townspeople and the Native Americans buried here. Footsteps are heard as are whispers too soft to be understood.

Haunted Cemeteries of Southern Utah

Alpine City Cemetery:
300 Grove Dr, Alpine, UT 84004, USA

get directions

Highland City Cemetery:
6100 W 11000 N, Highland, UT 84003, USA

get directions

Mercur Cemetery:
Unnamed Road, Utah, USA

get directions

Spanish Fork City Cemetery:
Cemetery Roads, Spanish Fork, UT 84660, USA

get directions

Ephraim Pioneer Cemetery:
Pioneer Cemetary Rd, Ephraim, UT 84627, USA

get directions

Widtsoe Cemetery:
Forest Rd 133, Antimony, UT 84712, USA

get directions

Silver Reef Catholic Cemetery:
578 Bonanza Flat Rd, Leeds, UT 84746, USA

get directions

Grafton Cemetery:
250 S, Springdale, UT 84767, USA

get directions


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