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Haunted Cemeteries in Vermont

Updated on October 24, 2016


Vermont was first explored in 1609 and the first settlement was established in 1666. It became the fourteenth state of the United States in 1790. The sixth smallest state, it covers 9,614 square miles. There are 2,068 documented cemeteries here. With such a long and rich history I expected to find an abundance of haunted cemeteries. Many of the cemeteries have interesting histories, but I found very few to be truly haunted.

Photo Credit: Diane Blair
Photo Credit: Diane Blair

Burke Green Cemetery

Burke Green Cemetery was started around 1803. It is located in Burke in Caledonia County and is one of the two haunted cemeteries in the area. There are around 100 interments. It is a small, well-kept cemetery, but many of the tombstones are broken and some have weathered so much as to be unreadable.

There is an unknown entity here that is constantly watching people, not just visitors to the cemetery but also passersby on the street outside the cemetery.

Movement has been reported all over the cemetery at night. It is quite constant and occurs almost every night.

Photo Credit: Barb Destromp
Photo Credit: Barb Destromp

Burke Hollow Meeting House Cemetery

The Burke Hollow Meeting House was built in 1825 for use by four different congregations. It has not been used regularly since 1870. The cemetery has about 400 interments with dates ranging from 1820 to 1947.

Visitors to this cemetery also have intense feelings of being watched. Apparitions are seen on a regular basis. Footsteps and other unexplainable noises occur frequently.

Photo Credit: D.J. Goldman
Photo Credit: D.J. Goldman

Green Mount Cemetery

Green Mount Cemetery is located in Montpelier in Washington County. It was started in 1854 on a hillside. It is quite famous for its beautiful funerary art. The cemetery has graves dated as far back as 1799. With over 3,000 interments, there are several famous people buried here including four Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, two Congressmen, one Senator and a Civil War Union Brigadier General.

The most famous legend here is Black Agnes. Black Agnes is a large statue created by Karl Bitter, an Austrian-born sculptor famous for his memorials and architectural sculptures. He named the statue Thantos, which is Greek for death. The monument marks the grave of John Erastus Hubbard. He was a wealthy businessman in Montpelier who died in 1899.

The legend is that anyone who sits in the lap of Black Agnes will suffer. What and how much they will suffer is up for debate. Depending on who you ask, the outcome will be a lot of bad luck, three strokes of bad luck or death within seven days. Another version is you have bad luck, but if it is a full moon you will die. Also, if you just sit it will be bad luck, but if you lie down it means death.

There is an old story about three teenage boys who sat on Black Agnes one night just to prove how brave they were. The next week one of the boys went canoeing in the Winsooki River where he capsized and drowned. That same week one of the boys was in a terrible car accident and the other one fell and broke his leg.

Black Agnes is not the only story here. There is also a little girl about eight or nine years old. She is seen all over the cemetery. She appears very real and visitors are startled when they speak to her, she smiles, and then vanishes instantly.

Photo Credit: Gregory Speciale
Photo Credit: Gregory Speciale

Middlebury Cemetery

Middlebury Cemetery is also known as West Cemetery. It is located in Middlebury in Addison County. There are over 3,000 interments here dating back to the late 1700s. There are several famous interments including Congressmen and a Congressional Medial of Honor Recipient.

There is also an Egyptian aristocrat buried here named Amun Her-Khep-Esh-Ef. He was the son of the third King of Egypt, Sun Woset. American collector Henry Sheldon purchased the mummy in 1866 to display in his museum, but it was in such poor condition that it was never shown. After Sheldon’s death, museum curator George Mead “rescued” the mummy and in 1945 had it cremated and buried at the Middlebury Cemetery.

This cemetery does not have any named ghosts. In fact, it isn’t very haunted at all. There are a few reports of orbs and strange mists, but no claims of any apparitions.

Saxtons River Cemetery

Saxtons River was settled in 1783. In 1810 a meeting house and the cemetery were built. Located in Windham County, there are over 800 interments. The oldest is dated in 1806.

There are no particular hauntings here. The only consistent reports are from visitors who claim to feel a great deal of negative energy. Some have even become ill from the encounter.

Photo Credit: Eric Anderson
Photo Credit: Eric Anderson

Williamsville Cemetery

Williamsville Cemetery is located in Williamsville near the Newfane Town Forest in Windham County. There are over 600 interments dating back to 1793.

There is only one ghost story here and it is more sweet than scary. Depot Road runs through the cemetery. A woman died and her husband had her buried in the Williamsville Cemetery. Several years later he also died but ended up being buried on the other side of the road. Every year on their anniversary in late fall their ghosts meet in the middle of the road.

Haunted Cemeteries of Vermont

Burke Green Cemetery:
2-398 Burke Green Rd, East Burke, VT 05832, USA

get directions

Burke Meeting House & Cemetery:
2614 Burke Hollow Rd, West Burke, VT 05871, USA

get directions

Green Mount Cemetery:
250 State St, Montpelier, VT 05602, USA

get directions

Middlebury Cemetery aka West Cemetery:
848-862 VT-30, Middlebury, VT 05753, USA

get directions

Saxtons River Cemetery:
Cemetery, Bellows Falls, VT 05101, USA

get directions

Williamsville Cemetery:
294 Depot Rd, Williamsville, VT 05362, USA

get directions


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      2 years ago

      I live down the road from Burke Green, and would love your opinion on this one in particular. Do you feel it is truly haunted? I have some interesting pictures of the place that may pique your interest. Feel free to email me at


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