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Haunted Cemeteries of Arkansas

Updated on August 27, 2016

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery, also known as Judsonia Cemetery, has almost 3,000 interments dating back to at least 1873. Some of the markers are so worn the dates cannot be read. Evergreen is one of 169 cemeteries in White County.

There is a large, beautiful statue of a young girl that marks the grave of Laura Lee Henson, an 18-year-old that was killed in a fire on Nov. 25, 1914. The story is that if you go into the cemetery at night and stand beneath the statue her eyes will look right at you and sometimes appear to glow red.

Another story is of a group of migrant American Indians who were passing through and had a very sick child with them. They stopped at a house along the way to ask for help. They said she needed “a white man’s doctor.” The family told them to take the child into the nearby town of Judsonia. They did, but the little girl died anyway. The Indians buried her just outside the Evergreen Cemetery on the north side.

Years later when construction began on a new highway the grave was discovered. A fence was put around the gravesite to protect it and a tombstone was erected there which reads: “The Unknown Baby Girl, in death she belongs to all of us.”

Hundreds of passersby drive by her grave every day and some claim to see a small girl standing by the grave.

Picture by Arkansan on
Picture by Arkansan on

Shady Grove Cemetery

Shady Grove Cemetery is located on Bald Knob Lake Road in White County and has approximately 3,000 interments.

There are several reports on this cemetery. One is that grasshoppers and crickets are completely absent within the boundaries of the graveyard. When you pull up in your car, flash your headlights three times. Ghost children will put their tiny little hand prints on your car. There have been many reports of disembodied voices, especially on Halloween.

A young man told a story of going to Shady Grove Cemetery late at night with some friends. They started walking and the further into the graveyard they got the colder the air became. He heard a little girl’s voice say, “You need to get out before he knows you’re here.” The boys got back in their truck, but it wouldn’t start. The windows started fogging up and then they saw writing in the condensation: “Plz get out”. He tried to start the truck again and still nothing. His friend got out and looked under the hood. The battery cables were disconnected. He hooked them back up and then the truck started. They started back out the driveway and a little girl was standing in the middle of the road. She was only there a moment and then she disappeared.

Old Philadelphia Cemetery

Old Philadelphia Methodist Church and Cemetery was built in 1858. It is one of the oldest still standing churches in Arkansas. Located in Izard County near Melbourne, it is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has approximately 500 interments. The ghost stories here date back almost to the beginning of the church.

One legend is of a family that was travelling west when their little girl became sick and died. They buried her in the church’s cemetery and made an arrow out of rocks pointing west so her spirit would know what direction she needed to go to find them. Apparently she didn’t go, because she is often seen at her grave facing west and crying brokenheartedly.

Strange lights are seen here often along with blue orbs. There is also the ghost of a Confederate soldier floating around.

Keller's Chapel Cemetery

Keller’s Chapel Cemetery is located near Jonesboro in Craighead County. There are roughly 1,200 interments, 75 of whom were Kellers.

Nine of the Keller graves were babies which could explain why the sound of babies crying can often be heard here. Odd shapes are sometimes seen moving around in the cemetery and strange sounds come from inside the chapel late at night.

There have also been crosses made of wood with animal skeletons hanging from them and also perfect rings of burnt ground. These two things sound more like live people performing some sort of occult ritual than ghosts.

Picture by "The Golden Rule" on
Picture by "The Golden Rule" on

Monette Memorial Cemetery

Monette Memorial Cemetery is located in Craighead County and has almost 4,000 interments. Monette is a small town with about 1,500 residents.

Years ago a part of the cemetery was known as Christian Cemetery. At one time this cemetery had a mausoleum made completely of glass. Of course, after some time had passed the body began to rot. The city covered it with concrete and then painted it. The man can be heard crying at night. No one knows who he is because there was no name or dates on the glass mausoleum. On some occasions a man is seen walking around the cemetery with a lantern. No one knows if it is the same man.

Hudson Family Cemetery:
90 US-79, Rison, AR 71665, USA

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Hudson Cemetery

The Hudson Family Cemetery is located in Pine Bluff in Jefferson County. There are 56 graves, mostly members of the Hudson family. The oldest grave is William Laurence Hudson’s, dated 1846.

The ghost here is known as “Old Widow Hudson.” She and her family lived in the house near the family cemetery. No one knows how or why, but she killed her entire family and then went outside and hung herself from an oak tree in the front yard. A ghostly figure has been seen swinging from the tree, during both the day and at night. In the 1980s the house was torn down and the Old Widow Hudson moved to the cemetery.

Haunted Cemeteries of Eastern Arkansas

Evergreen Cemetery:
1200-1280 Evening St, Judsonia, AR 72081, USA

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Shady Grove Cemetery:
477 Bald Knob Lake Rd, Bald Knob, AR 72010, USA

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Old Philadelphia Cemetery:
Co Rd 15, Violet Hill, AR 72584, USA

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Keller's Cemetery & Chapel:
2401 Kellers Chapel Rd, Jonesboro, AR 72404, USA

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370 S. Reeves, Monette, AR:
Monette Memorial Cemetery

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34.06186, -92.19838:
Hudson Family Cemetery

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33.43810, -92.79640:
Jones Cemetery

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Jones Cemetery

Jones Cemetery is located in Camden on County Road 65 in Ouachito County and was established in the late 1800s. There are approximately 100 graves here. There is a haunted house across the street from the cemetery called Burkett’s House.

There was a young girl who lived in the Burkett’s House, possibly named Drucilla, and was routinely beaten by her parents. Eventually they locked her in an upstairs bedroom until she starved to death. She was supposedly buried at the Jones Cemetery in an unmarked grave.

People driving down the street between the house and the cemetery have reported awful noises coming from the house. Cars also tend to have mechanical problems on that stretch of road.

Visitors to the cemetery have car troubles too. Sometimes cars won’t start when they are ready to leave and there have even been cases of mechanical parts simply disappearing.

35.47720, -93.65810:
Opossum Walk Cemetery

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Opossum Walk Cemetery

Opossum Walk Cemetery is located in Coal Hill in Johnson County on Highway 164. The population of the town hovers around 1,000. There are 33 interments. The oldest is the grave of George Washington Weir. He was a sergeant in Company F of the Georgia Infantry CSA, and died August 1, 1874.

There are several stories about this cemetery. One is that the gates always feel hot to the touch even in the dead of winter. There is a trail that goes all the way around the graves. No matter what time of day or night the path is walked it always sounds like you are being followed. You may also hear random grunts and whispers. Sometimes you actually get a glimpse of someone from the corner of your eye, but when you turn around there is no one there. A few orb sightings have also been reported.

Mount Holly Cemetery

Mount Holly Cemetery was the first cemetery in the Quapaw Quarter in downtown Little Rock. It sits on eight acres and contains over 5,000 graves dating back to 1843. It is the final resting place of several Arkansas dignitaries: Dr. James Dibrell, founder of the University of Arkansas Medical School; John Gould Fletcher, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet; William Fulton, governor of Arkansas; Frank White, governor of Arkansas; and William Woodruff, founder of the Arkansas Gazette.

There are several occurrences of ghostly behavior inside and outside of the cemetery. Some of the statues appear to be moving at times, and some of them have actually been found outside the cemetery grounds. Actual ghosts are seen and a flute can be heard playing from time to time.

Avon Cemetery

Avon Cemetery is in Sevier County north of Avon on Highway 59. There are around 400 interments. The graves date back to the early 1900s.

The ghost associated with this cemetery is a woman that can be seen running near the remnants of the old church which burned down. There is a well in the center of the cemetery and if you drop a stone into it at night you can hear a baby crying.

There is a legend that the woman was drawing water from the well and she sat her baby on the edge. I guess you know where this story is going.

Conway Cemetery State Park

Conway Cemetery State Park covers 11.5 acres in Lafayette County of what used to be a cotton plantation owned by James Sevier Conway, the first governor of Arkansas. It became a state park in 1986. The park includes the old homestead and the Conway family cemetery. The cemetery contains 46 graves at the present, the oldest being from 1845.

Voices can be heard on nights with a full moon. They seem to be coming from a tree that was used to carry out hangings.

Haunted Cemeteries of Western Arkansas

Jones Cemetery:
568-698 Ouachita Rd 65, Camden, AR 71701, USA

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Opossum Walk Cemetery:
AR-164, Hartman, AR 72840, USA

get directions

Mount Holly Cemetery:
1200 S Broadway St, Little Rock, AR 72202, USA

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Avon Cemetery:
100 Old Dierks Hwy, Lockesburg, AR 71846, USA

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33.10191, -93.68316:
Conway Cemetery State Park

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    • profile image

      Tony stewart 

      13 days ago

      The story or bullshit lie yall tell about jones cemetery is nothing more than a lie that is an all black cemetery no white people drucilla was an 80 somerhing year old black woman

    • Sarah Jewel profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori Gross 

      3 years ago from Nashville

      Thank you! I appreciate the positive feedback.

    • Laurinzo Scott profile image

      LJ Scott 

      3 years ago from Phoenix, Az.

      Very good hub, as I am fascinated with this subject...


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