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Haunted Cemeteries of Missouri

Updated on December 30, 2016

Introduction to Missouri

Missouri became the 24th state in 1821. The name comes for the Sioux Indians and roughly translated means “river of the big canoes.” The population of Missouri was around 6 million in 2014. There are 17,516 documented cemeteries in 69,709 square miles. That’s an average of one cemetery in every four square miles.

Photo Credit: Margaret VanPraaq
Photo Credit: Margaret VanPraaq

Doniphan Oak Ridge Cemetery

Doniphan Oak Ridge Cemetery is on County Road 160 at the end of Spencer Lane in Doniphan in Ripley County. There are a little over 2,500 interments here dating back to 1870.

The legend here is about a statue of an angel. It’s the one of a grown woman, not a child. During the “witching hour,” between midnight and one o’clock, on nights of the full moon, the statue cries bloody tears. Walking through the cemetery during this time visitors report hearing the sound of whispering coming from all directions.

There is another story here about a woman ghost. She has been seen entering the cemetery by passing through the back wall. She is seen walking around and crying sadly while carrying a headless cat. The legend is that she lived alone with her cat in the late 1920s. The cat always stayed indoors, but one day she escaped and the woman ran after her. She grabbed her up in the middle of the middle of the street just as a beer truck was driving by. They were both killed instantly.

Photo Credit: Brent Gillespie
Photo Credit: Brent Gillespie

New Lorimier Cemetery

New Lorimier Cemetery is a fairly large cemetery with nearly 7,000 interments. It is located on North Fountain Street in Cape Girardeau. The graves date back to the early 1850s and it is still active today. Congressman Robert Henry Whitelaw is buried here.

This cemetery is haunted by what is aptly named “The Tapping Ghost.” Visitors report being tapped on the shoulder by an unseen hand. The ghost is relentless and many visitors end up leaving just because it is so annoying. He, or she, has also been known to pull the hair of women with long hair.

Photo Credit: E.D. Seevers
Photo Credit: E.D. Seevers

Woodlock Cemetery

Woodlock Cemetery can be found on Crabtree Road in Davisville near the Red Bluff Campground in Mark Twain National Forest. This Crawford County cemetery only has twenty interments. The graves are dated from 1878 to 1979. There are only ten different family names here, eleven of the twenty graves are from the Woodlock family.

This cemetery is located on top of a small hill and can only be reached by the stone staircase leading up to it. The graves are arranged in a circle, except for one that is set apart from the others. There is also a grave with a supposed pentagram on the tombstone. It belongs to Dosie Alexander, nee Woodlock, who died in 1968. Further research shows this is not really a pentagram, but an eastern star symbol, which is used by the women’s side of the Freemasons.

People have claimed to see full-bodied apparitions and there have been many reports of a ghost horse. He is seen often, but sometimes just the sound of his hooves are heard walking around.

One man told the story of visiting the cemetery in the daytime and seeing a pipe rising up from one of the graves. He picked up a stick and pushed it down into the metal pipe, but it would only go down about five inches. As he was wondering what could be blocking it, smoke began to come out of the pipe. He promptly left.

Springfield National Cemetery

Springfield National Cemetery is on East Seminole Street in Greene County. It was established in 1876 due to a need for a burial spot for the soldiers who died during the Civil War Battle of Wilson’s Creek. There are 1,514 Union and 566 Confederate interments. 719 of the Union soldiers are unknown and practically all of the Confederate soldiers are unknown. Today, there are close to 15,000 interments.

This cemetery is said to be haunted by many, many Civil War soldiers. Both Union and Confederate soldiers can be seen walking all over the cemetery looking lost and confused.

Some orbs and glowing tombstones have also been reported.

Photo Credit: Kristi Loyd
Photo Credit: Kristi Loyd

Peace Church Cemetery

Peace Church Cemetery is on Peace Church Avenue off Schifferdecker Avenue in Joplin. This Jasper County cemetery has a little over 1,000 interments, dating between 1823 and 2003. The cemetery is no longer in use. There is an infamous killer buried here who is said to haunt the grounds. William Edward Cook, Jr., known as Billy, was buried here in 1952 after being executed in the gas chamber at San Quentin Prison in California.

In the course of a two week spree Billy carjacked the Mosser family and forced them to drive cross country to Joplin. Around two o’clock one morning he became alarmed at a passing patrol car and killed the parents, three children aged three to six, and the family dog.

After dumping their bodies he kidnapped an Oklahoma police officer and stole his car. After that he kidnapped Robert Dewey and forced him to drive to California. Once they reached California he killed Dewey. He was later recognized by the Santa Rosaria police chief and was captured. He received a 300 year sentence for killed the Mosser family but was convicted of the Dewey murder in California and sentenced to death. He was buried in the family plot at Peace Church in an unmarked grave.

Billy haunts the entire cemetery but particularly the area aruond his family’s plot. Many visitors have reported being scratched hard enough to draw blood while in this area.

Photo Credit: Kevin Casey
Photo Credit: Kevin Casey

Saint Boniface Cemetery

Saint Boniface Cemetery is located on Steamboat Avenue in Brunswick Township in Chariton County. This cemetery is still active and has a little over 300 interments dating back to the 1860s.

There is no particular ghost here but visitors have reported seeing multiple apparitions in all parts of the cemetery.

Photo Credit: Neil B.
Photo Credit: Neil B.

Bone Hill Cemetery

Bone Hill Cemetery is actually called Ebenezer United Church of Christ Cemetery. It is also called Levasy Cemetery by locals. It is not near the actual church and sits atop a hill on East Bone Hill Road just before North County Road H. This Jackson County cemetery has around 350 interments going back to the 1890s. This cemetery is still active.

There are two legends associated with this cemetery. One is that this hill was used by Native Americans to stamped buffalo, causing them to fall to their deaths. Ghosts of the buffalo are seen grazing in the areas around the cemetery.

The other legend is about buried treasure. Originally owned by a farming family prior to the Civil War the farmer built a stone wall all the way around his property. In 1862 when the fight for land was at its most vicious the farmer sold his land for gold. he buried it somewhere along the wall and promised to return in seven years. Seven years later a light was seen hovering above the wall, but the farmer never returned. Ever since then a light is seen hovering over the wall every seven years. The gold, if there ever was any, has never been found.

Photo Credit: Brenda Sanders
Photo Credit: Brenda Sanders

Pitcher Cemetery

Pitcher Cemetery is on the Blue Ridge Cutoff in Independence in Jackson County. It is inside the Phil Roberts Park. There are roughly 60 interments dating back to the late 1830s. It was started as a family cemetery for the Thomas Pitcher family.

There are three mass graves here: one for Revolutionary War soldiers, one for Civil War soldiers, and one for a large group of pioneers in 1850 that died of cholera.

A floating apparition has been seen here along with different colored orbs and strange noises.

Photo Credit: Addie Mae Buttercase
Photo Credit: Addie Mae Buttercase

High Creek Church Cemetery

High Creek Church Cemetery can be found on Highway B in Atchison County northeast of the town of Watson. There are roughly 1,700 interments going back to the mid 1860s.

This is a beautiful, well-maintained cemetery sitting behind the High Creek Baptist Church. But apparently the residents here do not appreciate having visitors at night.

After dark footsteps are heard everywhere. Visitors report a definite feeling of not being wanted here. Laughter is heard and it’s not the funny kind. Dark figures have been seen darting in and out among the trees and tombstones. There have been claims of actually being knocked down from behind when headed out of the graveyard. There has been one report of a man’s gruff voice saying, “Get out!”

Haunted Cemeteries of Missouri

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A markerDonivan Oak Ridge Cemetery -
801-899 County Rd 160 E-2, Doniphan, MO 63935, USA
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B markerNew Lorimier Cemetery -
802 Penny Ave, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, USA
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C markerWoodlock Cemetery -
39-43 Crabtree Rd, Davisville, MO 65456, USA
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D markerSpringfield National Cemetery -
1702 E Seminole St, Springfield, MO 65804, USA
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E markerPeace Church Cemetery -
3302-3526 N Peace Church Ave, Joplin, MO 64801, USA
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F markerSaint Boniface Cemetery -
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G markerBone Hill Cemetery -
626 N Co Rd H, Sibley, MO 64088, USA
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H markerPitcher Cemetery -
3306 Blue Ridge Blvd, Independence, MO 64052, USA
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14996 State Hwy B, Watson, MO 64496, USA
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