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Haunted Colorado

Updated on November 5, 2012

Haunted Colorado

Below you can read stories and more about Haunted Colorado. Be sure you read all the paranormal stories we have for you.
Below you can read stories and more about Haunted Colorado. Be sure you read all the paranormal stories we have for you.

The Haunted Palace Hotel

The Pioneer Women of Cripple Creek, Colorado

The Palace Hotel in Cripple Creek Colorado began its life as, The Palace Drug Store. The original Palace Hotel did not survive the fire that happened in 1896 but it was rebuilt soon after the fire occurred. Way back then the stagecoach stopped every day at the Palace Hotel and it unloaded a diverse selection of humanity including some very shady characters. The Palace Hotel is a casino today and its most famous ghost is Kitty Chambers who has been seen often. She always appears with a lighted candle. Candles in the Palace Hotel have been known to light themselves.

People in different parts of the hotel say they feel like something is watching them in the hotel. A very short fat man is seen often and many people don't realize he's a ghost until he vanishes in front of their eyes. Orbs and streaks of light are seen in the hotel often.

Hotel St. Nicholas, Cripple Creek Colorado

Cripple Creek Trip Pt 2 Haunted Hotel

Cripple Creek Trip Pt 4 Haunted Hotel # 2

Hotel St. Nicholas used to be, The St. Nicholas Hospital back when it first opened back in 1898. There are sections of the Hotel that was once used for wards for the Mentaly Ill. Many violent crimes , murders , and suicides have taken place in the building over the years.

Believe it or not but there is a ghost named Stinky that haunts the back stairs of the hotel today. He was also there when it was a hospital. People say if you ever smelled him you would know why he's called Stinky. The ghost of the lower half of a man is often seen walking around the hotel.

There is the ghost of a little boy that is known to take things and move things around. He is often heard to laugh when people start looking for the missing items.The ghosts of Nuns and a priest are often seen in the hotel. The priest is often seen on the second floor.  

Buffalo Billy's Casino, Cripple Creek, Colorado

Old Abandoned House in Rural Colorado

Buffalo Billy's Casino, Cripple Creek, Colorado

Buffalo Billy's Casino is haunted by a 6 year old little girl who likes to draw on the walls among other things. Her name is Lilly and her drawings are often found on the walls of the casino today. She is also seen setting on the back stairs holding her rag doll on her lap. She has been seen in the building by various people for well over 100 years now.

Other ghosts are also seen in the Casino from time to time and even the ghost of a golden red cat is seen in the casino. Many people have seen the cat run up the bacl stairs but no one can ever find it.

Be sure you watch the Blizzard Mountain Ghost Story Video. It is quite an interesting paranormal story.  

Victor Hotel, Victor Colorado

Cripple Creek Mining District, Colorado, October 2006

Gold town cemetery - Victor, Colorado

Victor Hotel, Victor Colorado

The Victor Hotel was built in the late 1880's. At one point in time the upper floors were used to store bodies of people wjo died in the winter because graves could not be dug in the winter in this area. Today the elevator sometimes starts up by its self and even though it has been checked many times it still continues to run by its self.

Screams come from one of the upper floors but no one can ever find out their source. A man was murdered on the 4th floor in a very brutal way and a lot of people say it is him screaming as his legs and arms are cut off.

Footsteps and other odd noises are heard in the hotel often. Orbs often dance through the hotel and have at times scared people right out of the building. And this has happened even in recent times.  

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      4 years ago from East Coast , United States

      There have been ghosts and paranormal experiences reported at the Rochester Hotel.

    • SJ Hope profile image

      SJ Hope 

      4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I stayed at the Rochester Hotel in Durango several years ago and when I was in the room by myself I closed my eyes to take a nap. Right after I closed my eyes I felt the presence of someone walking over to me and leaning over me to get a close look at my face. The presence was so strong, I was too scared to open my eyes. It was less than 30 seconds later that this presence went away. I know this story isn't as "convincing" as some others who actually see or hear things, but without a doubt I knew someone was in that room with me. Even 7 years later I still remember that scary moment. Have you heard of the Rochester being haunted?

    • profile image

      Edith & John 

      7 years ago

      Several years ago, being newcomers to Co.,we decided to take a trip to Royal Gorge. something strange happened to our van and the whole wheel came off in the middle of nowhere on this dirt road. Cell phones didn't get signals in the mountains, so I accepted a ride to Victor with a familywith a baby. they were very nice and dropped me off at thr only garage Victor has. The tow truck was busy so I went to look at the hotel,in case we had to spend the night. While waiting for my husband with the van, I checked out the hotel.

      I was given a key for a room on thr upper floor and tried to open the door, but it only opened a small way and I had to force my way in. Room looked nice in victorian deco. I told managers we liked it if we had to spend the night getting a part for the van, and oh yea the curtains were blowing from a coming storm. Managers said the windows were closed!! I chose another roon and didn't tell my husband about the first one. That night, he swears someone shook his leg really hard while he was sleeping. Scared him to death. I dreamed Eddie, the guy that died in thr elevator shaft, covered my shoulders with the blanket and said he would take care of me. I slept like a baby that night, I have insommia and that was strange. also i had lost some keys and was looking all over the house.Eddie said he put them in my hand. When we got home the next day, I went straight to the missing keys. My insommia was gone for about a month!!! Thank you Eddie

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My husband and I stayed at the Victor Hotel this past weekend. This is the only hotel around Cripple Creek that accepts dogs. We were in room 410, right across the hall from the birdcage elevator. Things started getting a little odd around 11 when we went out to get a soda from the machine next to the elevator and then take the dog for a walk. First off, as we walk out our room door, it instantly felt electric, for lack of any other word I could use, the dog would not leave the room, we pulled him out and he ran right back. When we tried to get him out again, we literally had to drag him hard. We get to the elevator, and there is no way in hell he will go in there, shaking, growling, showing his little teeth, and again, will not move anywhere near it. In the dogs defense, that thing was giving me the heebie jeebies also. We decided to pick him up and carry him down the stairs instead. We found the very small town all closed except the bar/pizza place, so we decide we'll go in and have a beer. The people there were very pleasant and loved to play with the dog. We head back feeling fine until we walk to the elevator, no way were we getting in that thing and ran upstairs again. We got back into our room and got settled in laughing at ourselves for being such sissies. A while later we decide it's time for bed, lights and tv off, we start hearing noises in the hall. Then all of a sudden I feel something on the bed between my feet, like someone sat down, I screamed and jumped up. I got back back in bed and curled up into a little ball as close to Sin as I could, In the meantime, the dog is growling at the door. Eventually we start to dose off, only to be awoken to the elevator moving and ringing it's bell. Just a few times at first, then the thing didn't stop going up and down for an hour and 45 minutes, starting around 3:10am (that's when I decided to see what time it was) going until 4:55am, only stopping to open the doors. Although we never heard any voices, we did see shadows through the large cracks in the doors. Sin kept telling me to calm down, it's just other people staying at the hotel. (Yeah, people that have been stuck there for a hundred years!) Until we heard the first bang on a wall outside our door. Then all three of us were shaking and hiding under the covers. We heard footsteps in and out of our room and a few more bangs, we even talked about leaving, but decided it was safer in the room under the covers than it was in the hall. It all stopped close to 6, when we heard people talking outside. We tried to sleep, but eventually just got up and left. The dog was still afraid of the hallway and the elevator, so I held him while Sin took a picture inside the elevator, which shows a misty shadow now near the buttons, we found when we downloaded all the pictures we took. No wonder the dog wasn't gonna get in there! Although I was terrified and said I'd never go back at the time, we would like to back with a fast camera set up in the hall with a remote so I can snap pictures off while I hide under the covers!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I had a Ghost encounter that went on for 4 days in the Victor Hotel until I thought I was having a heart attack as i couldnot even breath. I felt the presents of someone on the elevator, saw the carpet being indented behind me in the shape of shoe prints. had a towel moved from the bathroom clear across the room to the top of my suitcase. heard unexplained noise and got trapped in the birdcagged elevator.


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