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Haunted Colorado Locations

Updated on March 7, 2014

Here is a photo of the Hotel Jerome in Aspen Colorado.

Hotel Jerome, Aspen, Colorado
Hotel Jerome, Aspen, Colorado | Source

Hotel Jerome Ghosts - Most Haunted Hotels in Colorado USA

The Haunted Hotel Jerome In Aspen Colorado

The Hotel Jerome is said to be haunted by the ghosts of its former guests who have passed away and by other persons associated with it. As with most locations where paranormal activity or ghosts occur there have been incidents that happened that would lead one to believe that there is the possibility of a ghost or ghosts occurring at the location.

Room 310 Which Overlooks The Hotel Pool

It is in the area of room 310 that one of the most popular ghost stories occurs. The story goes that a family with a 10 year old boy was staying at the hotel in 1936 and that the young boy who was not a good swimmer drowned in the deep end of the hotel pool and his mother almost drowned. She was pulled to safety by two women who had to restrain her from going back in the water. By the time someone was able to get the young boy out of the pool he could not be revived and died there beside the pool.

The Ghost Of The Boy Who Drowned In The Hotel Swimming Pool.

Almost as soon as the drowning of the young boy occurred hotel workers and hotel guests started noticing something strange was going on. People staying in room 310 will often call down to the office and complain that a wet young boy in a red bathing suit is in their room. Or has been in their room. Of course there is no wet young boy in a red bathing suit ever found. It has always been told down throughout the years that the 10 year old boy who drowned in the hotel pool was wearing a red bathing suit.

Other people tell of walking out of room 310 and there will be a set of wet footprints of a young child in front of the door of room 310. Other people have been horribly frightened when they have watched wet footprints suddenly appear pool side at the pool.

What often happens is that people who have rented room 310 which overlooks the hotel swimming pool will see a young boy in a red swimming suit looking out the window down at them. They complain that a young boy is in their room but when the room is checked no one is there.

The Sobbing Ghost Wanders The Halls Of The Hotel Jerome

Over the years many people have reported that an older looking man with a handlebar mustache is often seen wandering the halls of the Hotel Jerome and he is often reported to be crying or very upset and red faced. Most people think the sobbing ghost is Henry O'Callister who was a broke down on his luck prospector who dug up a 1500 pound silver nugget.

With his new found fortune he moved into the Hotel Jerome and fell in love with an heiress from back east named Clarissa Wellington. Her father would not allow them to marry and the father shipped Clarissa back east. Henry wasted his money and died as broke as he was before he found the 1500 pound silver nugget. It is now often reported that Henry wanders the halls crying for his lost love.

The Maid Katie Kerrigan Is A Popular Ghost At The Jerome Hotel

There was once a maid at the Jerome Hotel named Katie Kerrigan who was treated cruelly by the other maids at the hotel. The made jokes about her and one night they told her that her beloved kitten had fallen through the ice on a near by pond. Katie ran out onto the pond to try to save her kitten which really wasn't there and fell through the ice and nearly drowned. A week later she died from the pneumonia she came down with from falling into the cold water.

Today maids at the Jerome Hotel will go to clean a room and it will already be clean. Maids have told that even rooms they knew were dirty will be spotless with the beds made. They think it is the ghost of Katie Kerrigan cleaning the rooms. If so then she is a very busy ghost indeed.

The Best Place To Stay In Aspen

It is said that if you can afford it that the Jerome Hotel is the best place to stay in Aspen. Travel writers and guides alike heap praise on the Jerome. They say that the hotel staff is very friendly and willing to do anything to make a guest happy. Ask them if they have a haunted room you can stay in and they just may fix you up. Try to book room 310 if you can. Just maybe you might get to meet a ghost. Even if you don't meet or see a ghost I bet you'll have a wonderful time.

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Osgood Castle In Redstone Colorado

Osgood Castle In Redstone Colorado Is Said To Be Haunted By Its Builder.
Osgood Castle In Redstone Colorado Is Said To Be Haunted By Its Builder. | Source

John C. Osgood Built And Had Built Osgood Castle

John C. Osgood was the one who built Osgood Castle and it is said that his ghost still haunts the halls and rooms of the house that he loved so much. It was in January of 1926 that John Osgood returned to the castle and he died shortly there after of cancer and was cremated. His ashes were scattered through out the valley down from the castle which he had loved so much.

Many people believe that the ghost of John C. Osgood is still around because he does not like what has happened to the home and area that he loved so much. Many of the buildings that were there at one time were torn down or moved to other locations. Osgood is often seen looking out the upper windows of the castle down at the grounds of the home that he loved so much.

Some people have claimed that a man described as John C. Osgood would have been in life has run them out of the house screaming at them for them to get out of his house. Other people have told of seeing the ghost of John C. Osgood walking on the property. Maybe he is just walking around so he can see what has happened to his beloved home.

Pioneer Park, also known as the Henry Webber House

Pioneer Park, also known as the Henry Webber House
Pioneer Park, also known as the Henry Webber House | Source

Pioneer Park, also known as the Henry Webber House

The Henry Webber House is located on West Bleeker St. in Aspen Colorado. Henry Webber was a shoe merchant that became wealthy from his mining investments during the period of the silver mines in the area.

The house known as the Webber House is said to be haunted by the wife of Henry Webber who died under mysterious circumstances. In 1881 Harriet Webber died of a overdose of strychnine which was sold at that time over the counter as a tranquilizer. Her last words which were assumed to refer to her husband were, " Henry Will Know ". There were rumors in the community at the time of her death that her death was either a murder or a suicide. Some people told the tale that Henry was sneaking around with Harriet's much younger niece at the time of her death. In the end her death was ruled accidental and Henry Webber was free to do what ever he wanted to.

But it is reported that almost at once the ghost of Harriet Webber began to haunt the house and it is said that over time she drove her young niece out of the home and that she drove Henry mad. Even into modern times Harriet is said to haunt the house she most likely was murdered in. She is often seen looking out the front door or walking along the street down from the house. Some people who have studied the case think there is a possibility that the young niece of Harriet Webber may have been the one that poisoned her aunt so that she could have Henry. There is a story that a few months after her aunts death that she packed up and left the house because her aunt Harriet kept appearing to her at various locations in the house.

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is a 140 room hotel in Estes Park Co.
The Stanley Hotel is a 140 room hotel in Estes Park Co. | Source

The Stanley Hotel In Estes Park Co. Is One Of Colorado's Most Haunted Places

The Emperor And Empress of Japan, President Theodore Roosevelt, and HMS Titanic Survivor Margaret Brown are among the many famous people who have stayed at various times over the years at the Stanley Hotel.

Steven King and his wife once stayed at the hotel for a while just before it closed for an extended period of time and it is said that he based the story and book , The Shining on the Stanley Hotel. The hotel is located with in sight of the Rocky Mountains National Park and it is said to have some of the most wonderful views in the world. It is also said to be one of the most haunted locations in the world.

Many people including the hotel staff believe the hotel to be haunted and some of the staff have even reported hearing a party going on in the hotel ballroom when the place was empty. Over the years many people have heard the piano in the hotel ballroom being played only to find no one playing it when they go to investigate.

Many guests over the years have reported seeing a large man in their rooms and almost at the same time something belonging to the guest like luggage, jewelry, or car keys will be gone. Some people tell of smelling a pipe being smoked while other people have told of a horrid smell of decay.

Some paranormal investigators who have been to the property say that there is something evil at the property. Something very dark and evil. Some have made the claim that they have seen the ghost of an ancient Native American Shaman on the property. Some have claimed it is the Shamans spirit that is the evil thing that some people feel on the property.

Stephen King got the ideal for his book , The Shining after staying the night in room 217 in 1973 when the hotel was almost empty. Maybe if you get a chance to stay at the Stanley Hotel you can ask for room 217 and maybe just maybe you will have your own paranormal experience.

In 2013 The Stanley Hotel hosted an independent horror film festival which was held at the hotel between May 2 - May 5 2013. It was known as The Stanley Film Festival and was a huge local success.

T.A.P.S. and Ghost Adventures have both done episodes on the Stanley Hotel and both organizations say that there was paranormal activity detected while their show was being filmed at the Stanley Hotel.

Does A Ghost Play This Piano At The Stanley Hotel

There is the antique Piano in the Ballroom of the Stanley Hotel. A ghost is said to often play this piano. Maybe if you get to stay there the ghost will play the piano for you.
There is the antique Piano in the Ballroom of the Stanley Hotel. A ghost is said to often play this piano. Maybe if you get to stay there the ghost will play the piano for you. | Source

The Stanley Hotel (Most Terrifying Places in America)

Cripple Creek Colorado

Welcome to Cripple Creek Colorado
Welcome to Cripple Creek Colorado | Source

Cripple Creek Colorado Imperial Hotel Haunting

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The Ghost Of Maggie At The Colorado Grande Hotel In Cripple Creek Colorado

It is said that the ghost of Maggie haunts her room on the third floor of the Colorado Grande Hotel. Many people who have seen the ghost of Maggie say that Maggie is a real pretty woman dressed like a saloon girl would have been in the late 1800's. She is often seen just walking through the wall from the room next door. At one time thee was a door there but it was walled over years ago. Of course ghosts don't know that.

Many people have said that Maggie will walk towards them and try to shoo them out of her room. Maybe she doesn't even know she is deceased. She is said to always be well dressed, about 25 years of age, and if you don't see her you smell her distinctive rose perfume which people have been smelling for years.

And Maggie is not the only ghost seen in Cripple Creek. It is said that at one time there was a homicide a day for many years. Anywhere that you have that much anger and death your going to have paranormal activity. There are said to be many residual and intelligent hauntings in the Cripple Creek area.

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