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Haunted Georgia

Updated on December 29, 2014

Haunted Georgia

The Ghosts Of Georgia

The Peach State has all kinds of things to offer from its professional sports teams in Atlanta to its beautiful ocean shores along the coast. If you've never been to Savannah you should plan a trip there one day. It's a wonderful historical city with ton's of history and all kinds of things to do and see. The movie, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil was made in Savannah. And down thru history Savannah has been home to Pirates, Murderers, And more and many of their spirits are still here today. If your skeptical a visit to the Pirates House Restaurant just might turn you into a true believer in ghosts and all kinds of things paranormal. Yes there are ton's of spirits still wondering around Georgia's oldest cities and if you're in the mood for a ghost hunt be sure to check out the ghost tours available in Savannah. Below you will find all kinds of great ghost stories from Georgia.

Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield 144th Anniversary

The Ghosts Of The Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield

The Battle at Kennesaw Mountain, north of Atlanta started on June 27th , 1864. More than 3000 soldiers were killed in the next few days and most of them were Union soldiers. The battle at Kennesaw Mountain was one of the most bloody of the Civil War. Almost as soon as the Battle was over the Ghost Stories started. People visiting the area would see soldiers on the battlefield and hear screams and gun shots. Recently people have saw whole groups of soldiers and thought a Civil War reenactment was going on.

Housing sub divisions have been built on part of the battle field and people have saw the ghosts of Civil War soldiers walking in their houses and yards. Another interesting thing about the battlefield is that on the anniversary of the battle you can see smoke from the battle that was fought there over the battlefield. Many paranormal investigators have investigated the site and say the area is a hot bed of paranormal activity.

A man and his son were driving thru Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield one night recently when they saw a Union Calvary Officer on a horse galloping thru the park. They watched him come down the hill towards them and when he and the horse he was riding came to the edge of the paved road just down from their car the Union Calvary Officer and his horse simply vanished. This story is most likely a residual haunting which is often seen where great trauma and death have occurred. Paranormal activity is usually great around these type of sites.

Ezekial Harris House , Augusta, Georgia

Ghosthunting -- Ezekiel Harris House Nighttime Investigation

Ghosthunting -- Ezekiel Harris House Daytime Tour

Ezekial Harris House Augusta, Georgia

The Ezekial Harris House in Augusta Georgia is supposed to be one of Georgia's most haunted houses. People have claimed to see a man's head roll down the steps and an old black lady is seen rushing around the house. She is sometimes seen on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors. Sometimes she simply walks across a room and out thru a wall. A young man and woman dressed like in the plantation days are often seen setting on the front porch. A little girl in a white dress is often spotted by people looking out one of the upstairs windows. Other people who have been in the house after dark say that you can hear a knocking and thrashing sound coming from upstairs.

The Pirates House , Savannah Georgia

A Great Place To Eat In Savannah but also said to be haunted.
A Great Place To Eat In Savannah but also said to be haunted.
The entrance to the tunnel beneath the Pirates House.
The entrance to the tunnel beneath the Pirates House.

Ghost in Savannah, GA

We were looking for a good place to eat in Savannah and several people told us to try out the Pirates House and boy were we glad we did. The food and service were excellent and our waitress told us of her own supernatural experiences in the restaurant. The restaurant gets its name from the fact that back in the day the pirates who roamed Georgia's coastal waters liked to hang out at the Pirates House. There is a storage room above the main dining room and many times people in the dining room have heard some one walking up there in that room. The staff in the restaurant have reported items in the storage room fly off the shelf's when they have entered the storage room.

There is still an entrance to a tunnel that used to exist under the Pirates House Restaurant. The tunnel used to go from under the Pirates House out to the banks of the Savannah River which is only a short distance from the building. The tunnel was used for two reasons. One was for the Pirates to escape in case their was trouble from authorities and the tunnel was also used to shanghai drunken men from inside the Pirates House. They were taken thru the tunnel to ships that needed crews and forced to work on the ships. It is said that many men and a few women were also killed in the Pirates House and then they were taken thru the tunnel and thrown in the Savannah River to dispose of their bodies.

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The Dinning Room Inside The Pirates House.
The Dinning Room Inside The Pirates House.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My grandma was a server at the Pirates house and she always said there was something off about that place...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      A great new place to check out with documented paranormal activity close to where I live!

      Great stuff!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      has anyone ever seen a tv special from the 80's about georgia ghosts? It might be called "Great Georgia Ghosts"???

    • profile image

      Samantha Stiles 

      8 years ago

      Pretty interesting and I cant wait till i get to visit Savannah soon !! so stoked about the trip and visit:)

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      I will do that and thanks for the information. Some spooky stuff there for sure. Georgia is a hot bed of paranormal activity.

    • Mike the salesman profile image

      Mike the salesman 

      8 years ago from birmingham alabama/sherwood oregon

      Here in Georgia most little towns have ghost stories.. angst from the civil war, etc..But one of the most bizarre and well documented,, (Ghost hunters are soon going there) is the true story of corpsewood manor.. 2 gay satainists from Chicagomoved to rural Georgia in the 1980s They were murdered and the rest is unreal..Google corpsewood gor the story! Thanks for the read!

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      9 years ago from West By God

      I am glad you enjoyed it.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      9 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Nice site there. I enjoyed it.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      9 years ago from West By God

      Some other ghost stories and place you may want to write about are: Massaponax, VA, Gettysburg, PA and Cassadaga, Florida. I found something that you may be interested in while skimming my MSN Group before they take it down permanently--have you heard of the Shadow People?

      Here is the official wbsite for you to browse:


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