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Haunted Montona

Updated on May 2, 2012

Old Montana Prison

Old Montana State Prison
Old Montana State Prison

Over the time the prison was there being used to hold inmates for the state of Montana the inmates produced over 1.2 million hand made bricks for the prison they were in. The prison shower room was in the basement and it had one spigot at ceiling level where inmates were required to bathe in cold water only once a month.

The very first prisoners were admited to the prison on July 2 1871. Many movies have been made over the years at the prison and it continues today as a tourist attraction and the people doing the tours say they hear and see unexplained things all the time.

At least one of Butch Cassidys Wild Bunch was locked up at the prison and 141 men were executed by hanging at the prison. They were all buried in a graveyard on Prison Grounds as at that time in Montana when you were executed by the state the state kept your body. So it is only natural that the graveyard is reported as haunted also.

People are seen all the time walking in the graveyard and many evp's have been recorded there over the years. Orbs are very active in the prison graveyard at night.  

Old Montana Prison Deer Lodge, Montana

Built by Inmate labor the old Montana State Prison is now a museum open to the public every day. And here is also one of Montana's most haunted spots. Ghost Hunters who have investigated the site say its one of the most haunted paranormal hot spots they have ever seen. Inside the old prison doors bang , orbs streak around and people scream. In the solitary confinement area there is a very dark ghost that has been known to pinch and bite people and has even shoved some people down. It is also from the solitary confinement area where people say they hear horrible screams of mercy coming from.

Prison Cell Number 1 is haunted by the ghost of Turkey Pete Eitner who was sentenced to life in prison for murder and he spent 49 years in Cell Number 1. He was a crazy old man at the end who thought he ran the prison. He could make the exact sound of a turkey gobbler after looking after the prison turkey flock for many years. People swear they hear a turkey gobble in the area of cell number 1 all the time and there have not been any turkeys at the prison for many years. People also see Turkey Pete Eitner setting in his cell. When they walk closer he vanishes.Pete died in 1967 in cell number 1 at age 89 after spending 49 years in cell number 1.

Haunted Garnet Montana

Garnet, Montana in the 1890's.
Garnet, Montana in the 1890's.

Garnet, Montana: Ghost town

Garnet Montana

Haunted Garnet Montana

Garnet Montona is a Ghost Town located in the central part of Montana. As you might have guessed Garnet has a reputation of being haunted. At one time in history the town was very busy place with a morning and an evening stage. And a lot happened over the years in Garnet.

A woman Sandy McDougal was hung in Garnet in 1856 for killing two men in her house. She shot them both to death in her living room shooting one man from the front and the bullet went thru him and killed the man behind him. Both were Pinkerton Agency Detectives and they had followed Sandy McDougal from New York City where she was wanted for murder. She was found guilty of murdering the Pinkerton Men and was hung for her crime. Her ghost is seen often walking around the main street area of Garnet. Her head is twisted over to one side and many people say she says please don't kill me.

Other ghosts are also seen in Garnet often including ghosts of horses. Orbs have been caught in the area often at night. And a burning man is seen often running down the street. No one knows who he is or what happened to him.

The old hotel is supposed to be haunted and several ghosts are supposed to be in residence in the hotel. Something or someone falls down the steps inside the hotel often and people hear it. An old black woman is seen often on the stairs in the hotel.  

Missoula Montana

Missoula Montana 1890's
Missoula Montana 1890's

Missoula Montana

Missoula Montana has had some very dark things go on over the years and many people including paranormal investigators say it is because American Indian graves have been disturbed over and over in Missoula. One Psychic said that their was a very angry American Indian spirit in the area and that he will never be at rest as long as white men remain in the area. Several people every year claims that something attacks them in their homes by holding them down and scratching them. No one knows what it is but it has happened for many years.

The ghosts of Native Americans are seen often in the town and the beat of drums is heard by some people in the area. A wolf is also howling in town when there is no wolf. The Native American Spirits may indeed be very restless in the area.

Many ghost hunters say that Missoula is indeed a paranormal hotspot with all kinds of weird strange things going on in Missoula.  

Why Not Post Your Comments Below About Haunted Montana.

Why Not Post Your Comments Below About Haunted Montana.

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