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Haunted Oscars at The Roosevelt Hotel

Updated on January 28, 2018
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Todd is a full-time clinical research administrator by day and an avid consumer of weird fiction and esoteric knowledge in his spare time.

The Roosevelt, LA Glitz and Glamour

On May 15, 1927 the doors opened at what would become one of the most iconic locations in Hollywood. The Roosevelt hotel, named after the 26th President of the United States, would go on to become a favorite stay for stars ranging from Charlie Chaplin to Marilyn Monroe. Just two years after it's opening, the hotel would become famous for something other than it's posh rooms and five-star service. The very first Academy Awards ceremony was held in the hotel and it continued to be the location for this vaunted Hollywood tradition up until the completion of the Dolby Theater in 2001. These days, the hotel is still considered one of the best places to stay in Los Angeles, and it's still famous for it's A-list guests... both living and dead. As we approach the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony, let's take a look at the place where it all started, and some of the spirits said to inhabit the hotel.

A beautiful view of the facade of the Roosevelt.
A beautiful view of the facade of the Roosevelt.

"These days, the hotel is still considered one of the best places to stay in Los Angeles, and it's still famous for it's A-list guests... both living and dead."

Famous Guests

In the heyday of the Roosevelt it was a favorite place to stay for an entire who's who of Hollywood's most famous, and some of the real-life stories within it's wall's rival the silver-screen antics of it's guests.

Wikipedia mentions that a young Marilyn Monroe lived in the hotel during the early years of her career. In fact her first commercial photo shoot occurred by the hotel pool. Marilyn even supposedly met her first husband, playwright Arthur Miller, in the hotel's "Cinegrill" nightclub. Monroe was apparently so enamored with the hotel that she still visits even today. Guests report that Marilyn can still be seen in the full-length mirror that once adorned her suite. While the mirror is no longer in the same room where Marilyn stayed, her spirit apparently moved with the mirror and can still be glimpsed in reflection to this day.

According to some accounts, world famous actor and world class rake Errol Flynn was also a frequent guest at the hotel. In fact, he's said to have cooked up his own recipe for bootleg gin in a tub in the hotel barbershop! In fact, paranormal investigator Peter James claims to have detected the presence of Flynn in the hotel bar... the man liked his drinks!

According to one article, actor Montgomery Clift, who filmed From Here to Eternity in the hotel haunts room 928 and is known to play tricks on guests, such as rearranging their luggage in the night. Clift's apparition has also been spotted wandering the halls rehearsing lines from his movies or playing the trumpet.

Montgomery Clift is said to be one of the spirits inhabiting the Roosevelt Hotel
Montgomery Clift is said to be one of the spirits inhabiting the Roosevelt Hotel

"Room 213 is so haunted that many guests check out in the middle of the night due to extreme paranormal activity."

Other Hauntings

While the Roosevelt may be most famous for its celebrity ghosts, the most active site in the hotel is attributed to an anonymous spirit. Room 213 is so haunted that many guests check out in the middle of the night due to extreme paranormal activity. EVP sessions have yielded spectral evidence that someone may have been murdered in the room. So, who was it? Hard to say. The ghost in 213 is apparently headless! According to many investigators, 213 is easily the most haunted room in the hotel.

Perhaps the saddest of the ghosts to haunt the hotel is that of a five-year-old little girl named Caroline who wanders the hotel looking for her mother.


So, is the Roosevelt Hotel haunted? There are many eyewitness accounts and evidence collected by paranormal investigators that seem to indicate yes. Regardless, the idea of a famous hotel known for A-list guests, both living and dead, certainly is a romantic notion.

Do any of you have experiences with this hotel, or other celebrity hauntings? i would love to hear about them.


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