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Haunted Paranormal Stories

Updated on September 19, 2016
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I am a photographer, published artist and writer. I am a makeup artist student, and studying herbs. I love to write and share my view points

Stories from you!

As I mentioned in the introduction, I use to write for Squidoo for years actually and my main niche was writing about the paranormal and different hauntings in different states. One of my articles that became very popular was Scariest Places on Earth. At first I wrote this article to highlight the television series, but soon the article took a life of its own.

Scariest Places got so large, I had to divide the article up and created a page just for my visitors stories. I like to believe my article helped some people to open up and share their stories, but better I hope in some small way I helped them to feel not so alone.

It is a horrible feeling living in a home that is haunted. In a way it makes you feel either your imagination is running away from you or in some cases it can make you feel like you are losing your mind.

From my own paranormal experiences, I can tell you that it is not easy to talk to other people about paranormal things you are experiencing. What I personally did not want was to be made out to be a loony, nor a liar. So I kept a lot of stuff to myself for a lot of years like most other people.

This is a collection of stories that my visitors left me. They either openly share them in the comment section, and/or they sent them to me via email. Regardless, even though I have full permission to share their stories, I am keeping their identity private.

Story #One

I have a haunting story for you. My son was not quite 2 when we rented an old farm house. One day he told me there was a man in the kitchen. We shared the basement with the neighbors so I thought he was just hearing his voice downstairs. He continued to tell me that there was a man in the kitchen and even told my friend who was visiting one day that there was a man in the potatoes. This went on for a couple of weeks, he was so persistent but didn't have the words to explain much. Then, a few weeks later, the neighbors were in the woods behind the house collecting firewood for the furnace when they found a dead body. Of course the police, coroner etc came - the man had wandered in the woods and had been dead for about 6 months. Once they took away his body, the man wasn't in the kitchen anymore.

Story #Two

Hi whiteoak50

I to love to watch scariest places on earth and I to have lived all over the U.S. ,and I have lived in three haunted houses, but the most scariest one I lived next door to in the backwoods of Alabama in a small area called Marcoot, Alabama.

The old man and woman that lived in the house died there about a year apart, and my brother and I were friends with their grandson. We would camp outside in the backyard in the summertime, and once we were trying to get in out of the rain at about 3 o'clock in the morning.

Since I was the smallest one of the bunch I had to crawl through the window, and as I was going in the window, a black mass rose up from the corner of the room! I was trying to back out the window and my big brother was trying to push me through. It scared me so bad that I ended up kicking back and breaking my brothers nose, and busting my head open on the window seal, and ever since that night I have always believed in ghosts, and always will.

Story #Three

I live in Kansas I have lived here all my life. Most people hear about ghostly encounters but I live them every day. I hear my name being called see shadows walk through the houses I live in. I hear walking in the house even when all the doors locked doors and windows opening, things moving by themselves and even seen something that looks like a gremlin which I took a picture of and believe me it looks strange if anyone would like to see the picture just let me know.

Story #Four

A ghostly story for you:

I used to live in a house where we would see ghosts. They were seen at different times by my son, one of his friends and me.

My son was able to see the top of the stairs if his bedroom door was open and one night he woke up and saw three people on the stairs. He moved his bed to the other side of the room the next day!

Then another time a friend of my son was terrified in the middle of the night because he said he saw a ghost. I thought nothing of it until a couple of weeks later I woke up and saw a smiling head looking at me. Just a head. He had long hair, a moustache and a goatee beard. I instantly recognised the style as belonging to a cavalier, which was the fashion during the reigns of King Charles I and King Charles II - which was during the 1600s.

The head smiled at me and then disappeared through the wall into the adjoining bedroom - which is the room my son's friend had been sleeping when he saw it. However, up until I mentioned it to my son, after I had seen it, I did not have a description from his friend. My son told me that what I had seen was exactly what his friend had seen.

Another time I woke up to the sound of horses galloping down the road at 2 in the morning.

We did some research and discovered that during a the English Civil War between the Roundheads of Oliver Cromwell and the Cavaliers who supported King Charles I, there had been a battle in our town. We also discovered that there was a mass grave nearby of victims from the Black Death, which ravaged the country in 1665.

Story #Five

When I was approximately 9 years old, my Girl Scout troop visited this museum. It was a house that kept all the same furniture, structure and appliances as it did in the 1800's. It didn't seem creepy to visit this place until I had been inside for 10 minutes or so. At that time, I was only just starting to realize I had abilities (or something simply odd; about me) that others didn't seem to possess. I knew I had felt and seen ghosts and spirits before, but being so young, I didn't think too much of it.

It was the visit to this museum that changed things for me. I was lagging behind the group because being such a curious creature, I fixated on certain things I saw. I remember staring at the old stove, furniture and old décor. Each room we toured through was interesting, but I couldn't help but feel someone behind me or beside me when there was no one in plain sight.

The room that stood out the most for me was the parlor room. As the group was exiting to visit! Another area of the house, of course, I lagged behind. At that point, I was becoming a bit dizzy and I recall the hair on the back of my neck and my arms standing up. I smelled a strong cigar odor but knew no one was smoking; especially because we were all females and most of us were 9 years old. I asked my best friend (who is still my best friend today) if she smelled it. She said no. Now I knew I wanted to leave. As I turned back to look at the room once more, I saw a man standing against the back wall in front of a family portrait. That was my cue. I was outa' there! I asked my troop leader if it was ok that I go outside and sit on the front steps until the tour was over. She agreed as long as I promised to stay on the steps.

A few years later when my mom realized I had some sort of ESP ability, she took me to the library to check out some books about the topic so I (we) could better understand it. When we came out of the library, Mom asked me if we could go across the street to that museum. I flat out refused and told her I'd never go back there.

To my knowledge, the museum has never reported any type of haunting or paranormal activity.

Do you have a haunted story yourself? Would you like to share it? Do you have a Link?

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Haunted Alabama

© 2015 Eva Thomas


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