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Haunted Texas

Updated on May 7, 2013

Haunted Texas And Texas Ghost Stories

Welcome to our haunted Texas Hub Page. We hope you enjoy the tales of the ghosts of Texas.
Welcome to our haunted Texas Hub Page. We hope you enjoy the tales of the ghosts of Texas.

The Lady In White At White Rock Lake

The Lady In White At White Rock Lake

There is a woman dressed in a white evening gown who will flag you down on the road to Garland at White Rock Lake Texas. When you stop to pick her up the white evening gown is dripping wet. People who give her a ride but as you drive along and start talking to her she simply vanishes from your car leaving you with a wet seat and a lot of questions you'll never get a answer to.

In 1951 a young woman drove her car into White Rock Lake and committed suicide. When she did so she was wearing a white evening gown as she had been at a party in Garland Texas that evening. And ever since that night her ghost has been trying to get a ride back to Garland Texas.

The Anson Texas Ghost Lights

The Anson Texas Ghost Lights

People who stop at the crossroads near the Mount Hope Cemetery see a strange mysterious light that dances and spins in the air and then simply vanishes. Many people claim it has a human shape and a few people have claimed it is a woman's spirit. No one has ever offered any explanation for who it may be. It has been seen there as far back as 1931 and it is seen more often when it is raining. The TV Show Unsolved Mystery's did a show about the light and many Paranormal Investigations have been done over the years. But no one has ever been able to explain the light.

Fort Phantom Lake Texas

Strange Orb in the air
Strange Orb in the air
Ghost Photo
Ghost Photo
Ghost Photo In The Circle
Ghost Photo In The Circle
Very Strange Orbs In The Air
Very Strange Orbs In The Air

Fort Phantom Lake Texas

Several men were hung here and you can see their ghosts in the photos above. The five men who were hung for murdering a family were later proved innocent. They were hung in 1841 and ever since the ghosts of the five men have been haunting the area. Great tragedies have always seemed to produce paranormal activity.

Also seen often in the area is an apache indian brave on a white horse. He appears riding from east to west and then simply vanishes. When people think about it they remember they hear the sounds of the horses hooves but later remember that the horses hooves were not touching the ground. Quite a paranormal tale there.

Victorian House Inn, Weatherford Texas

Victorian House Inn, Weatherford Texas

The Victorian House Inn was built in 1861 by a wealthy grocery store owner and it was a private residence until 1982 when it was transformed into what has become a very popular Bed and Breakfast. Paranormal tales have been told about the house all back through history and the house is supposedly home to several ghosts. The ghost of a young woman in a wedding dress is seen often downstairs and on the stairs. Many people have saw strange orbs of light floating around the house. Footsteps are often heard on the steps when there is no one walking on them. Furniture in the upstairs rooms is often moved around. In several rooms people have claimed that something jerks the covers off you in the night.

Ghosts Of The Alamo San Antonio Texas

The Battle Of The Alamo
The Battle Of The Alamo
The Alamo
The Alamo

Ghost Stories: Alamo Spirits

San Antonio Texas Ghost Hunt

Ghostly activity was reported only a few weeks after all the defenders of the Alamo were killed. When General Santa Anna left San Antonio after dealing with the rebels in the Alamo he later sent word to the men he had left in the town for them to destroy the Alamo completely. When the Mexican soldiers went to carry out his orders six spirits appeared out of the rubble of the Alamo and chased the Mexican soldiers away. One more attempt was made but a giant spirit appeared and threw fire balls at the Mexican soldiers. No other attempt was made after that. Some people claim it was the ghosts of the Alamo defenders who had been killed only days earlier protecting the building from being destroyed by the Mexican soldiers.

In 1846 after Texas became part of the USA the US Army did major repairs to the old Mission and to the barracks and started using the buildings. Soldiers began to tell tales of ghosts walking around the complex and the sound of bugles being played when no one was playing one. Even today people tell of strange paranormal activities going on at the Alamo.

Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas

Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas

Baker Hotel

Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas

The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells Texas is considered by many people to be the most haunted loaction in all of Texas. The Baker Hotel was at one time considered to be the greatest Health Spa and Hotel in the south. People such as General John J. Pershing and Roy Rogers stayed at the Hotel.

The Hotel is quite haunted today and there are many ghosts who still live at the Baker Hotel. A ghost is often seen looking out the 7th floor windows. It is said to be the ghost of a young woman who once jumped to her death from one of the 7th floor windows. A woman walking in high heels and laughing is often heard in the lobby. People have shot some of the best orb photos in the Baker Hotel ever shot.

Even the ghosts of gangsters Bonnie and Clyde are said to haunt the hotel. They stayed here several times during their crime spree. People see them all the time in the Hotel and when shown photos they always pick out Bonnie and Clyde.

So maybe Bonnie and Clyde are still together haunting the Baker Hotel in Mineral Springs Texas. We also have provided you with several videos about the Baker Hotel and the strange paranormal things going on there.  

Dead Famous - Bonnie & Clyde, Very Interesting Video. Watch it and place a comment about it below.

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Bonnie And Clyde. Supposedly their ghosts haunt the Baker Hotel.
Bonnie And Clyde. Supposedly their ghosts haunt the Baker Hotel.

Have A Comment About Haunted Texas. Why Not Post It Below Now.

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    • profile image 

      5 years ago

      People have seen the same woman or girl on Military Rd. in South Pharr, Hidalgo, and Mission Texas.

    • profile image

      nessa perez 

      6 years ago

      i believe in ghost ive always felt their energy around me and it started when i was a lil girl am 27 now and i can still feel them around me and ive seen some with my own eyes. also i have a 10 year old that never meet my grandfather or saw a picture of him and she told me she saw an old man white beard so i went to my grandmothers and looked for a photo of him and i showed my daughter and she had goos bumps all over her and told me that was the old man that's in the house.....

    • profile image

      t'anna Morris 

      7 years ago

      I believe in ghost, i saw a my grandmpa once when i use to a little girl, his name is clifford joe Sanders

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      On a farm road outside Blanket, Tx in the 70's frat guys and I drove out to an abandoned 2 story farmhouse. You had to drive past it as a neighbor farmer before the house would allegedely fire his shotgun at anyone there.Drive past and then turn around and come back and park. Coming to house there were no windows at all. Door was open and immediate staircase to upstairs. We went in with smell of death.Behind stairs was a dead bull-no head and no genitals-horn was sticking up where genital was to have been.We all felt an eery sense of being and left imediately. NO returns for us. Another house was going from Brownwood to Bangs across road from r-road track. House with fallen in front porch.had to squeeze in between porch and house.When got in house pictures were laying everywhere(black n white) counters,old table,etc.Red liquids in large empty pickle jars.Then bedroom with icebox with beware-do not open-open at your own risk,etc--then chained and locked. Now really unnerving---fresh press clean black robes hanging in the closet-not dusty,etc. Needless to say we left and never been back-this one was in the daytime.So we clearly could see!

    • profile image

      Ja y Dees 

      7 years ago

      I watched one episode of this show late one night (I was born on Halloween). I saw more History than Mystery. And the supposed recorded voices sounded more like a running garbage disposal to me. No matter how hard I tried, I could discern no actual "voice" and yes...I have seen a ghost.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is really. Good I like it cool too

    • outdoorsguy profile image


      8 years ago from Tenn

      thanks.. great hub. Huntsville Texas has a few great Ghost storys, and around the Houston area you have the Blue light Cemetery, the ghosts in old town spring, The white lady who roams the banks of the San Jac and a slew of others.

      and theres storys of the San Jacinto battle ground being haunted by those who fought and died there. as well as ghost storys about the Battleship Texas.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i grew up in the abilene area and have experienced a few things here and there... growing up with the odd bunch of friends that i did...we were always looking for something to do and one night we all came up with the idea of ghost hunting... and it became a passion for all of us...we did reasearch, we wents to the sites, houses, or roads that were alleged to be haunted and sometimes we got our hopes up for nothing ...but sometimes we got the crap scared out of us !!!! anson lights was always our favorite.... and the sunrise cemetery thats located down a long long dirt road out near lake fort phantom.... it was always something different.... but it was always interesting... your web site made me miss home and my crazy friends ... ive moved away from home and was researching about abilene and things around abilene and just happened to stumble onto your website... thank you for the surge of memories :)

    • KCC Big Country profile image


      9 years ago from Central Texas

      I have added a link to this site from my hub about Waxahachie Texas where I talk about my favorite place there. The Catfish Plantation has been featured as a haunted place in Texas.


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