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Haunted Military

Updated on July 19, 2015
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My one and only goal in writing is to increase the likelihood of intellectual thought coupled with critical examinations of societal trends.

Strife and Ghosts

There are many places people would consider haunted in today's world. Asylums, prisons, and graveyards are just a few of where most would expect some type of ghost or spiritual entity to reside. While the internet seems to be brimming with ghostly experiences in these types of locations, there is one place that seems to but very under rated and almost never talked about. In my opinion, Military barracks seem to be one of the most haunted areas of our time. The reason that I do not think that it is discussed as much as could be is due to the uncomfortable feeling that many military personnel feel when sharing their encounters of ghost, spirits, or demons with anyone no matter what the setting is. A military members mental state is something that is taken very seriously in today's armed forces and should be given the nature of their occupation. That said, where a normal person would only receive chuckle or a raised eyebrow in response to saying their house was haunted, a military member may be subject to a psych eval which could lead to them being removed from their present position. Here is one story that I know of that has always made me curious about the paranormal since the day I first heard it when I was a child.

My father is retired Navy. He by no means is spiritual and would not be classified as religious by any means. One night during his first enlistment, he laid alone in his small barracks room. He said the room was dark save a small amount of light coming in from under the door. While he attempted to fall asleep, he felt a rush of inexplicable fear wash over him. He was scared beyond belief in a room that until that moment he had become very accustom to. He no longer felt alone in the room and noticed that there was an extremely dark corner in theto th left and in front of him that seemed to standout against the rest of the blackness. A voice came out of the dark corner saying " I am here.". there was no form from which the words came and the voice was eerie and rough. Frightened, my father picked up a small chair next to his rack, yelled and through it at the corner before rushing out of the room. If you could meet my father you would laugh at the idea of him being frightened or screaming in fear just as I do to this day. As he stood in the hall collecting his thoughts after running out of the room, he noticed a small puddle of blood leaking out from underneath the doorway that was right next to his. In that moment, the other other person that was assigned to the room next to my father had slit his wrists and died.

That story has stayed with me for years. While is it seldom spoken about, there are many many places with military history that have been reported as having paranormal characteristics. One of the more famous place would be Gettysburg. Some have said that they can still hear the war cries of fallen civil war soldiers and loud blasts from cannons that no one can see. I myself have experienced some strange things in the barracks while in the Marine Corp. For those of you who have lived in a barracks, you know as well as I do that there is an abundance of strange and sometimes downright disturbing things going on, most of which are not paranormal in slightest. Many of the old barracks's have dark stories that many young military personal are completely unaware of until they come in contact with it.

If you support the thought that paranormal activity such as poltergeists and hunting are intense manifestations resulting from aggressive or passionate emotions, then what better place is there for such things to occur? The raw emotions of hate, anger, and pain that could be found in war torn areas is immense. Many military personnel bring those emotions back with. Many of my brother still see people that passed in war in there rooms at night. Some have sad that they have even seen them in their cars looking at them silently from the back seat. I do believe that post traumatic stress disorder may have a hand in this, but can it explain all the cases?

A close friend of mine got angry at me for pray next to his room a few years back. Knowing that my friend was a christian like me, I asked him why. He refused to tell me for a moment until finally I convinced him that I would not think that he was being crazy or tell anyone. Uncomfortably, he told me that there was something in his room. Something that would open his wall lockers, throw his cloths as well as stand over his bed at night. He said that what ever it was, it did not like prayer and would be angry and bother him if I continued to pray. Marines are known for being prideful and believing that we can handle just about anything. Often times we exhibit this tendency by never showing honest fear to one another. My friend was no exemption to this, and it was not until one night after he had loosened himself up with the help of far too many beers that he began to cry and tell about how much he hated the being in his room. He said that the same thing was happening to his brother who lived over a thousand miles away. His brother had also served in the military was now being plagued by the same type of strange entity.

Maybe, because of the sadness and intense emotion, something is being attracted to these places. Perhaps it is something much more disconcerting than that. What if it brought back with these young men and women. that would the be a party to the idea that war attracts such activity and follows those involved. In another article I will share my experience with a child that followed me from Afghanistan and more of the strange things I have witnessed in this life. I would like to know about your experiences. What is the history of place in which you had your experience? Do you believe that there is any connection between that and what happened to you? As always I will answer any questions given to me. I will be writing again soon.

Sharing what you have seen does not make make you crazy. Believing you are the only one to experience the strange and darker side of this beautiful world will drive you insane.

This not just for those who served...

Have you ever had a strange or paranormal encounter on a military base or in a war zone?

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