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Hauntings - An Experience In An Old, Historical Building

Updated on August 24, 2011

First a little history about and description of the building in the story I am about to tell. I work in an old, historical building that was once the officer’s club for the Air Force. The building has been, up until a few months ago, constantly changed and remodeled to fit in more offices and cubicle spaces. The office where I work is one of the spaces that were not touched (as far as I know). One of the doors to my office leads into a hall leading to the men’s restroom and a door leading to the outside. The other door, on the other side of the office, leads into a hall leading to the women’s restroom and into a large waiting area type space with another door leading to the outside. A co-worker had been told a little bit of history about our office building, telling me that our office was the coat-check area. The offices across from us is now in what was the banquet/gathering hall area that is now divided by multiple cubicles. It makes sense as there are three large double-doors leading into that space. Although my experience has nothing to do with either my office or the offices across the way, the history plays a role in my understanding of what happened and why.

I had just left the office when I realized I needed to use the restroom. I was already on the freeway heading back home, but after seeing the traffic, knew I should turn around as I would probably be sitting on the road for at least another 45 minutes. We always leave a key in the inside of the door as there is no doorknob, there is only a deadbolt. After getting into the office, I left the key in the door as usual and made my way through the office to get to the women’s restroom.

I had just sat down when I thought I heard someone enter the restroom behind me. It didn’t bother me as there are many offices in the building and often there are people working later than usual. I had happened to look down when I noticed a black shoe pass the door. I thought it was strange as it didn’t look like a woman’s shoe, but didn’t pay much attention to it. I thought it was strange that I didn’t hear any footsteps, but brushed it off when I saw a shadow move on the wall next to me (It was like it reflected off of something and under the door as the shadow was nearer to my feet). I ignored it as I figured someone came in to fix their makeup or something. I continued to hear a rustling sound as if someone were pacing around in the restroom, almost like she was looking for something. I leaned over to see who it was through the gap between the door and the divider wall when a black shadow passed. I sat there, stunned, because the entire figure was black. There was no skin color what-so-ever – it was entirely black. I looked under the door and saw nothing. I quickly got up and flew the door open, but of course no one was there. Then I realized this figure wasn’t heading towards the door, the other stalls, or even to the powder area, it was headed towards the wall I was next to. I quickly washed my hands and made my way out of that restroom as fast as I could as I’ve always been told shadows were nothing good. I don’t even remember locking either of the doors to the office or the doors leading to the outside. When I got in the car, I sat stunned for a moment. I wasn’t scared, I was angry that I was disturbed while using the restroom. I had to collect my feelings before I made my way home.

After remembering the history of this building, it made me wonder if the entity I was seeing was actually someone who attended one of the many events held in the room across the way. It could have been a man dressed in a suit as the shoe looked like a formal shoe. But why would a man be wandering around the women’s restroom? I’m not sure about that. There could be the possibility that the women’s restroom was once the men’s restroom. It could also be that the gentleman wandering around is looking for someone (and quite possibly I reminded him of someone he knew, possibly the person he was looking for). Or maybe he just wanted attention and seeing as I may have been the only person in the building at the time, he came to me? Whatever the reason may be, and although I had seen shadows moving around the building before, I can now say I have experienced this shadow person firsthand.

I have had more experiences than I probably remember. A couple of my experiences happening while I was in the restroom, but none of them having an entity so intent on getting my attention. Now whenever I need to use the restroom at work, I tell it to leave me alone for the few minutes it takes me to do my business, and when I’m done, if it needs me so badly, it should know where to find me (the logo on my shirt should give it away).


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