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Have We Become Like God, Knowing Good and Bad?

Updated on September 9, 2011
Do we really need to read and follow the bible to make our way successful in life?
Do we really need to read and follow the bible to make our way successful in life? | Source

“You won’t die!” the serpent replied to the woman. “God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.” The woman was convinced. She saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her.”Genesis 3:4-6a.

From day one we are told to acquire vast amounts of knowledge. In doing so, we can be labeled “smart”, “genius,” “intelligent” or “intellectuals.” Some put their knowledge to great use and make incredible medical, scientific and technological contributions to the world. Others put their knowledge to use to engage in elaborate scams and diabolical crimes. We spend over 15,000 hours acquiring knowledge from first grade to twelfth grade. We have created billions of books and billions of web pages to reference information. We have life coaches, psychologists, philosophers, gurus to help us along in life. Yes knowledge is everywhere! But have we acquired so much knowledge that we can say “there’s no God”, or “do we really need a God?” After all, the devil convinced Adam and Eve that God was actually holding things back from them and by them becoming all seeing and all knowing, they wouldn’t need him. So have we truly become like God, knowing good and bad? Do we really need a God to guide us and direct us in life?

Well the devil was half right. Adam and Eve did receive knowledge once they partook of the tree. But knowledge in itself was never enough. And while it’s true that man has great amounts of knowledge, what man lacks most, is wisdom. Wisdom is putting knowledge to good and practical use. Therefore, many people are intelligent, but very few people are wise. Knowledge is virtually useless when it is not used properly. And this is the problem man has been having. For the 6,000 years, though man has contributed much by way of science, medicine and technology, individuals in those same fields have created weapons that can totally wipe out the existence of mankind on earth. Inventions that have made our life convenient have also cause harm to the earth and the atmosphere. Morally we have not changed. We are still lying, stealing, murdering, and cheating on each other. One would think if we could become like God knowing good and bad, we would know what to do to solve these problems. Perhaps that’s because, we truly don’t.

God did give us the gift of free will and the right to make choices in our lives. Everything we do did not have to go through Him, but there were obviously things we needed his guidance and direction in. I think of a child who has some knowledge but limited knowledge. They still need their parents’ direction, and there is some information a parent would not tell a child so as not to burden him unnecessarily. Parents want kids to enjoy their childhood without worry about the responsibilities of adulthood, thus, they don’t share information with their kids about paying bills or adult struggles. I do believe God held some things back from humans for that reason. Too many of us suffer from information overload. Too much knowledge, so much so that some find it extremely difficult to make decisions in their lives because it’s too much to sort through and they don’t know which direction to go it. Then some suffer with panic and anxiety because they don’t know what to do about situations that God said he would take care of if we just rely on him. Or brains were not designed to be overloaded with anxiety, helplessness and indecisiveness. We cannot function to the best of our abilities like that. Therefore we see the wisdom in just relying on God to guide us instead of trying to do it solely by ourselves. So have we becoming like God knowing good and bad? Partly we have, but definitely not enough to govern ourselves successful away from His wisdom.


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