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Have We Lived before.

Updated on November 21, 2010



When We Were Young

Most times when people remember a former life, it is because they are hypnotised. For children however this is not the case,as they remember so many details Strangely by the time they reach 6 or 7 most of the memories are gone.

Many different reasons are given for believing people have been reincarnated. Quite often it is memories of a past life, or as simple as similar actions and even handwriting. There are even cases of babies being born with birthmarks that at a later date are seen to be replicas of wounds or scars of people who have died.

Christianity does not support the idea of re incarnation, yet a lot of people who consider themselves Christian hold the view that this might be possible, and a lot of people with no religious view also hold that opinion. Many give the reason for their belief in the idea that for living a good life you would be able to come back as a higher life form, and for leading a corrupt life you would come back as a lower life form.

The strange thing is, that throughout all the research, people only seem to remember previous lives as other human beings. They also seem to know how they died. If they don't remember there is normally evidence somewhere such as birthmarks resembling fatal wounds (link above). Is it possible that the part about lower life forms is not right and we just come back as the same species again and again. Or is it that when we are here as animals, our brains are not developed enough to remember it.

There is a theory that we don't come back as animals if we have once been human, but that we do come back with people from our previous lives. Sometimes we have the same relationship with them, but sometimes the relationships are never as close. There have not been reports of people having inappropriate relationships such as married couples in this life time being brother and sister in a past life.

But do we come back as the same gender time after time. Is this why some men seem to have a feminine side and woman a masculine one? Do some people treat member of the opposite sex with more respect as they have previously been that gender themselves? Dr Ian Stevenson believes that this is an explanation for homosexuality,

Homosexuality is a natural human trait that is the result of a person of a particular gender reincarnating as a person of the opposite gender. Such people must adjust to their new gender and sexuality at an early age. Former girls who are reborn as boys may wish to dress as girls or prefer to play with girls rather than boys. Former boys who are reborn as girls may wish to dress as boys or prefer to play with boys rather than girls. Former men who are reborn as women will be attracted to women and will therefore be lesbian. Former women who are reborn as men will be attracted to men and will therefore be gay

It was also his view that many people inherited the traits and talents of the people they had previously been which would explain child geniuses.

So far, I cannot remember a past life, and have not been aware of people I may have met before, but like the idea that I will be reunited back on earth with those who have already passed. My main hopes are that they do not have to go through the pain and illness that they did in this life, and the ones whose time here was cut short can have a longer stay next time.


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